Three different drummers. Three different sets...

This is for you, stoned fellas.

After years of toiling away in obscurity, followed by years of escalating interest during their hiatus, the legendary Florida band Floor reunited for a handful of shows in April 2010. Three different drummers. Three different sets. Over two hours of material spanning their early dirgey/noise singles to their landmark psych/drone/pop self-titled masterpiece. Filmed over two nights at the EARL in Atlanta, Georgia, "Sight & Seen" is truly something that needs to be seen to be believed.

A multi-camera performance coupled with professionally recorded and mixed audio, "Sight & Seen" is an enveloping, droning wall of guitars. Floor's two guitarists, Anthony Vialon and Steve Brooks (of TORCHE fame), spend over two hours on stage with their various drummers. Their three drummers, Betty, Jeff and Henry, rotate through the band's lineup: crashing through their early singles, smoking the viewer with their mid-period haze and ending with the cathartic and anthemic final album.

Disc #1 of "Sight & Seen" also includes a 20 minute featurette that documents the band's history with never-before-seen live footage, photography and interviews.

Disc #2 is intended lure in both massive fans and completists alike. A data disc (which means you pop it in your computer), it includes:

--high quality audio files of both Atlanta shows (not just the one shown on disc #1)

--the complete and edited film of Floor that ended up on the cutting room floor (which clocks in at over 2 hours of video)

And in addition to this, the band has opened up their video vaults to include:

--over an hour of archival footage spanning Floor's career from 1993 at Churchill's in Miami to their final shows in 2002.

"Sight & Seen" is also housed in an elaborate package which was initially used on Chunklet's landmark "Anthem" 2xDVD release by Harvey Milk in 2006. All designed by Chunklet's in-house designer, Henry H. Owings.

Mail order copies will be available on a few different 'colors' (in editions of 50...at no additional cost) and "Sight & Seen" is a one-time release of 700 never to be reissued.

I've uploaded only .avi & mp3 files just for pre-view. Hope you'll make the right decision.
The DVD sounds and looks much better.

Buy this masterpiece at http://www.chunklet.com
this antique factory made this happen http://www.interrobangletterpress.com/
Here is an example of how the magic is done Harvey Milk LP

Floor - 4-3-2010 - The Earl Atlanta GA_SET1
Floor - 4-3-2010 - The Earl Atlanta GA_SET2
Floor - 4-3-2010 - The Earl Atlanta GA_SET3

Floor - 4-4-2010 - The Earl Atlanta GA_SET1
Floor - 4-4-2010 - The Earl Atlanta GA_SET2
Floor - 4-4-2010 - The Earl Atlanta GA_SET3

Floor_4-4-10_Bettys Set
Floor_4-4-10_Henrys Set
Floor_4-4-10_Jeffs Set

Enter the Ethereal World...

It's really hard to write a review, because I know these guys well for a damn-long period of time. Decade is the word. Responsible and friendly godfellas through all these years.
I was really wondered when guys started to play. About 2 years ago there was a project that consisted of Max & Stonezilla. They've tried different musical genres from brutal grindcore to acoustic blues songs. A little bit later SAF (Stonezilla's brother) started to play bass and joined them. So, that's how the core of Ethereal Riffian was created. The main goal was to create good sounding conceptual product. And they did it well.

Here is my view on a concept of "Shaman's Visions":

This is a solid tale about Shaman's journey out of his body and back. He is not young nor old. He feels a wisdom of a hundred-year old man. During the flight Shaman meets different creatures. Some of them are dark and evil, others are kind and light, the rest is ether. The man's rhythmic voice-vibes are bringing spirit into the core of the Universe. He understands a whole truth. Coming down into the body. The silent smile fades above the blown up beard.

I should say really big respect to all the ER crew. The really hard work is done.
Max the artist also made great debut.

Don't wana write any similar bands/styles/genres...listen and decide for yourself !
Write your own review in comment section. All constructive critics, lovers, haters are welcome.

Nowadays Ethereal Riffian is looking for a drummer. He should be at least such a kind of personality (inside the body at least :)) :

If you really enjoyed the stuff and wanna buy a physical copy (which is more awesome) write to this mail riffianrockmusic@gmail.com
We're thinking of making some more catchy ER merch soon...Playing gigs are also needed.

Some more info about CD :

10 Euro/15$ - for Shamanic Digi pack (Only 50 were made, handmade, hand played)
9 Euro/13,5$ - for simple kick-ass digipack (ltd. to 250)
shipping cost is included.

Be fast as Flash Gordon to catch shamanic digi. it goes really fast now...And for sure it worth each penny you will spread on it.

I hope that Robustfellow blog will have some kind of little distro-shop soon with some nice titles and low-as-we-can prices.



Enter the Yax Imix Che

Pure Bearded Fury

Are you ready for the loud-stoned-alco-party ?
Gay Paris came here to fill your mouth with cheap booze, bring you some fire to burn a joint, and finally to punish your ears with nasty, loud, cathy, foxfucking fresh anekdotes.

GP has their own row dirty sounding face in modern Australian scene. Deep punk, stoner, r'n'r roots are detected. I'm really much into their epic rock moments when the music goes quiet down and then overflows into mosh-dance hit. Pretty damn good for debut.
Someone will call this somekind of brutalized version of Clutch's "Impetus" era, and a lot of more good catchy bands...

this is what others are thinging about GP

catch these dudes on tour right now if you can


Keep your Eye on gayparicasts

Play it loud. Buy a CD. Write a comment or die! )

Let your neighbours turn into foxes!
(Huge fat thanx to Michelle)


Sent by the bands...from so far away

Lock up your daughters! because AVER will be at her friend's house party screaming obscenities, hogging the stereo, breaking laws and vomiting in the swimming pool. Having just self-released their first album in April 2011, These unsigned 21-year-olds from Sydney, Australia have started out with a bang. Sounding like a radioactive Mudhoney took acid, smoked meth and played a gig underwater, this is Space/Stoner/Grunge for the thinking man, featuring didgeridoo, djembe and a scream that could strip paint. A style that defies genres. Spacey as shit, Heavy as fuck, No bullshit and No surrender. Get the headphones out for this one.

Aver's Facebook
Aver (Sydney, Australia) - 2011 - Aver

Side A:
Band Info: Myosis is a band from Karachi, Pakistan that plays a
painfully slow variety of doom metal a la Goatsnake, Melvins,
Eyehategod and Iron Monkey. The band is made up of Karachi Metal veteran
Asadullah Qureshi and the vocalist, Agha Majid, making his debut in the

Side B:
Band Info: From humble beginnings as a bedroom guitarist, J from
Singapore eventually progressed beyond music making and assembled his
own home studio. Releasing a few covers in 2008, J gained sufficient
experience to finally record, mix and produce his first demo,
Apotropaic, in 2009. Heavily influenced by funeral doom and sludge
such as YOB, Colosseum, The Funeral Orchestra, Esoteric etc, J sets
out to enshroud Singapore and Asia within a nebulous cloud of funeral

Myosis' Facebook Page
J's Facebook Page
Myosis (Pak) + (Sgp) J - Schism of Precepts (Split Album)

1 track makes it all.

"I'm currently living in Los Angeles and have been producing electronic music since 2001. Studied classical piano and guitar for eleven years and found my sound drifting to simpler...more meaningful territories. I realized through this development a necessity to house these 'newer' sounds under a different alias.Swenlo is now used for my downtempo/psychedelic productions

After many months on the calendar and well over a year in the works, 2009-2011 was spent digging for material that would fit Part I of this mix series (Generators of Evil). I figured what better time to launch my own imprint than with the release of this mix, something I invested a lot of energy and soul into. Spirit Charity was born.. "Vadim (Swenlo)


Swenlo - Generators of Evil. Part I