long live

Here is the tribute to one old goodfellow Sergey Tzarapkin (R.I.P.)
The top three from this prog-lover hippie. long live good taste in music...

East of Eden - 1971 - Jig-A-Jig

Glass Harp - 1972 - It Makes Me Glad
Gracious - 1970 - Gracious

This is sludge...to Hug You!

Before listening to them you should firstly grow mustaches. Watch some Charles Bronson movies. Here comes Fister. Sludge with the good sarcastic sense of humour. All of you boys and girls surely loved the first Fister's album with the pink horse on the cover called "Fisted Sister". So, yep. this is the new one. "Bronsonic". there will be 30 tapes. release show on this friday. January 21st / 8:00PM: St. Louis, MO @ The Firebird with: The Fuck Off And Dies, Everything Went Black, The Disappeared, Better Days

I was waiting for this album. so I was suddenly surprised when Kenny from the band has sent me the link.

Dead Space
Good community of sweet sounding bands http://pissfork.net/
We knocked out 7 songs in one day. Eat shit, Metallica.