MORBID WIZARD - 2011 - Lord Of The Rats


The band you've probably heard somthing about before. If not, you should probably write down "Morbid Wizard" logo on your hand. Cover with tatoo Ink then.
So this is an allstar sludge/doom/noise/whateverthatisawesome band.
There're five wizards in the band: Bing, Stearns, Kling, Branca and Duncan. They're living in Ohio, US. Needless to say that guys are making great heavy tunes for a long time. They have played in such bands : Rue, Sollubi, Ancient Sickness, Pennsylvania Connection, Fistula, Necrodamus, Sons of Jar El, Railsplitter...and the list goes on and on
Scott Stearns being one of my favourite artists as well as musicians. And big thanks to Scott for sending cds. U Rock!
Jesse Kling also runs mighty Land'O'Smiles records.

back to the record :
this morbid candy is covered in a cool DVD case and goes for 7 sick downtuned tracks.
It's pure underground sludge sickness. If you like bands from the Fistula crew - you know what to expect.
Play this record to your children and they will be obedient as mouses during the Christmas eve...

New Morbid Wizard E.P. called "Necrosis of the Eyeball" will be released in 2012. 

BIBILIC BLOOD - 2011 - Blood Butterfly

Sick and twisted duo Suzy & Stearns). 3rd album. The same psyched-out voices and heavy primitive melodies. What else do you need after LSD pill under your tounge ?
"Something Wicked " sounds like an old Door's cover, hehe ? maybe I'm mistaken. Good jam anyway.

you can purchase both albums here: