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My personal heavy recoomendation. French Sludge/Doom bastards from Oruga band became stronger and now sound more exclusive and original. Nice EP. I hope to hear more in the nearest future. Here you can find their first demo

Oruga (Fra) - 2011 - Oruga

Hallelujah. This is pretty original one concept. Good stuff for relax.
The band are called The Clauberg Opera and their second album - Church.

Genres: Drone, Amibent, Soulful, Gospel, Electronica, Avant-garde.

Interesting stuff: Parts of the album were recorded in several
different churches found in North Yorkshire, England. This has given
the record a unique spiritual vibe. The cover - St. Ethelburga's
Church - is one of those churches.

The album also includes unique sounds created by Throbbing Gristle's
GRISTLEISM machine (TG are cited as a major influence).

The Clauberg Opera Web
The Clauberg Opera - 2011 - Church

Yes they're from Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, this is the same Toad that goes on the B side with Drone Throne LP.
Nowadays they became less noisy, more metal oriented. Good try. but i will miss their early material - pure piece of dirt. Listen. Support. Eat the riffs!

TOAD is a 6 piece band from Phoenix, Arizona that has crafted a sound of their own that cannot easily be classified. The album I am sending you is entitled "Rotten Tide" and was tracked live to analog tape. For this album, TOAD teamed up with recording engineer/producer Bob Hoag (Hour of the Wolf, Recover, the Bled, Life in Pictures etc.). All vintage gear from the 60's and 70's was used to get a true rock sound. The serious snarl of the vocals are accompanied with horrifyingly distorted organ scattered throughout, which provides a new unique sound that TOAD has coined as their own. TOAD has played with well known national acts such as Coliseum, Deafheaven, the Funeral Pyre, Burning Love, Early Graves, Hour of the Wolf, Across Tundras, and Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, to name a few.


Toad - 2011 - Rotten Tide (Wav)
Toad - 2011 - Rotten Tide (320 kbps)