Robustfest 2011

Greetings Everybody!

It's really big joy for our team to announce Robustfest vol.1.

Date : 10/09/2011
Place: Kuznya (Forge), Frunze 69 str., Kiev, UA

line up:

Tombstones (Oslo, Norway)

After listening to this trio you can honestly say - that's how the real stoner-rock should sound.
Keep your ears open for sniff good dose of hellfire doom.
Tombstones released their "Volume two" album like half a year ago:

"Volume II" is a 9-song-long manifestation of how heavy rock should sound like in 2010. The album is recorded live and analog, and will kick-start rock-hearts with a weakness for warm and tube-driven distortion. The sound of Tombstones is crushingly massive, suggestive and down-tuned, and has references to the best milestones of heavy-rock through time. The collaboration of Billy Anderson and Audun Strype from the prior album continues and they purify the sound Tombstones has developed as their trademark on "Volume II". Through riffs, sounds, lyrics and mood the fog comes oozing from the dark woods of Norway.

"Volume II" is recorded, produced and mixed by legendary Billy "Engine-Ear" Anderson, known for having produced several of the heaviest quality-rock albums through the last decades. Sleep, Melvins and Cathedral to mention a few. The album is mastered by Audun Strype, one of Norway's best and most recognized sound masters. Known for working with Motorpsycho, Årabrot and SUMA amongst others. One of Norway's heaviest bands, Tombstones, is 3 guys from the woods of eastern Norway, brought up on doomy and heavy groove-rock. The band has played together for over 6 years and has an extensive number of concerts behind them. They have shared stages with Nebula, SUMA, Witchcraft and many more.

that's how they sound nowadays:

Torn From Earth (Budapest, Hungary)

Dark Sludge/hc/Doom with its own spirit. TFE members are currently playing in different bands, such as Haw, Stereochrist to name a few. Few days ago they were supporting mighty Eyehategod and Church of Misery.
"we are different from the usual „confederate flag stoner" type of bands, and represent a much darker and more bitter direction, we can bring somethng new to the scene "

"The Budapest band Torn From Earth came into being around 2005/6 with Viktor Hatalyák (guitar), Éva Kóczi (guitar) and Balázs Szatmári (bass). Soon after, they were joined by Benedek Hámori (voice) and Tamás Zsákai (drums). In 2008 we released a self tiltled demo/Ep wich was mixed in Viktor's living room. This recieved pretty good rewievs in the more obscure part of the hungarian underground, with its sludgy sound and hardcore leanings. This was followed by gigs mainly in the capital, where we opened for such bands as Spiritus Mortis, Shrinebuilder, Men Eater, Hellshock or Sights & Sounds. In 2011 there were changes with the line up. Éva's place was taken by Attila Hargitai and on the drum front Tomi's place (due to Tomi being really busy) was taken by Gáspár Binder (Haw, Prosectura, Stereochrist, ex-Vostok Room), and the bass position is now in the hand of another old friend, Ödön Sultz (Harvester, ex–Vostok Room). With this new blood infusion came new power, the number of gigs increased, we will soon record our second material and are practicing ferociously."

Ethereal Riffian (Kiev, UA)

Prepare yourself for the debut performance of these shamanic blues brothers.
Get ready for some pleasent surprises on the merch and special show.

"Ethereal Riffian was formed in summer of 2010. After spending several years trying different musical styles, they found sonic vibrations which sounded close to their collective consciousness. Debut work of Ethereal Riffian - "Shaman's Visions" is the result of thier long search. Eclectic music forged by the band combines hypnotic grooves and heaviness of stoner/doom, shades of mind-bending psychedelia, blasts of ground-breaking rock & metal, and a mixture of experiments, which, at first sight, seem to be unmixable. Join them if you're ready for intermediation between two worlds."

Slow Ride Home (Kiev, Ukraine)

Veterans of the Ukrainian Stoner/Doom scene. Now are going deep into the quality of the sound. Playing amazing psychedellic stoned jams.

Some pics from the gig w/Reka & Rings of Rhea that took place in Kuznya (Forge)

Slow Ride Home - Native (live)

Slow Ride Home | Myspace Music Videos

- few more bands will be anounced soon.

- I hope the price will be about 100UAH/10 Euro. (We're doing this not for profit, diy or die)))

- We hope to make this event non-standart stoner gig. There will be an Exhibition of Psychedelic/stoner arts nearby. details soon.

- The Miller Beer & mighty Jegermeister will be on the bar.

More news to follow...the Robustfellow!