War Iron - 2012 - Fifth and Final Sun (Review)

Fuck yeah. War Iron confidently joins the list of my favourite bands that comes from Ireland.
 And it's really hard to decide who's got the gold medal for the slowest and heaviest race.
The band was born on the ruins of local stoner rock band called NAUT, death metal band called DEVILMAKESTHREE in 2006. Marty from SLOMATICS is also in the band. (By the way if you haven't heard yet "Hocht" by Slomatics so you should do it urgently)

"Fifth and Final Sun" is the second album that was released on CD by Punkerama records on 20th of October 2012.
(The first 2-long-track album "The Faceless Sea" was released on vinyl and CD in 2011)

So let's take a closer look on th is record :
 -Four songs that lasts for 40 slow minutes.
-As I can get from the title, texts and cover the theme of the album is about Aztek-Mayan prophecies. Belive this or not, but "Fifth and Final Sun" will be the good CD to play loud for the whole day long at 21st of December. Don't forget to broke the "repeat", "stop" and "volume" buttons after the start.
 -Ultra heavy  double bass attack that you can compare with finnish Loinen.
-Brutal vocals that makes thousands of ants eating your skin simultaneously.
- Great song structure that mixes slow drone-doom parts with fast sludge shots. Think of Warhorse, Salome, Thou

In the Irish cave among locals such as Wreck of Hesperus, De Novissimis and Slomatics one more doom-sludge mammoth was born.

Throw The Goat - 2012 - Black Mountain

Throw the Goat is clutchy, catchy and full of energy band.
They're mixing hardcore, metal, stoner rock with southern grooves.

And I'm pretty sure that the rest of town's population that equals 3870 (to be precise) are almost diehard fans of this freakin' awesome band !

We're Throw The Goat - a heavy rock/punk/metal band from the mountains of Idyllwild, California. We would really like it if you'd check us out... you might dig our story. We're from a small town (population 3874) in the middle of nowhere, there's no scene for us where we live so we hustle our asses off playing dive bars to legendary venues around southern California and even toured down to Costa Rica last February. We've opened for Prong, Death By Stereo, D.I., Fireball Ministry and many others. We do this 100% on our own, completely independent. Our debut album Black Mountain, which we're releasing ourselves in a few weeks, can be streamed for free at: http://throwthegoat.bandcamp.com. It was produced by Alex Pappas from Finch. Hope you like what you hear, please let me know if you're interested and we'll mail you a copy or send a free download code for bandcamp, which will include our kickass cover of En Vogue's "Free Your Mind"


Dirty Is As Dirty Does........

What I hold in my hands is an excellent digiapck by a hard rock band from Australia. Everyone knows that hard rock and Australia is like hand and glove - an excellent combination that never fails. "Destroy She Said" is a five piece band from Melbourne that proves this statement once again. Their first full-length album called "Down To Dirty", which was released on the first of October 2012, consists of 10 tracks, and gives you that classic rock feeling from the first note you hear on it. Moreover - this feeling lasts all along the album.

The first thing besides a good sound (again I would use the word "classic" but classic in a modern way if you know what I mean) that you hear on that album is a very catchy vocal performance, which reminds me of Bon Scott and Steve Tyler. In my opinion vocal is an essential component of every song on this album. There are some cool riffs, melodic solos, and memorable harmonies on the album, but the compositions which these pieces build wouldn't sound interesting without this kind of vocal.

 As for the music itself, these guys don't create anything new, so if you actually want to hear something new on this record, it's not for you. This album is for the people who just want to get their daily dose of an honest piece of rock'n'roll crafted in a nice, classic way (think of Electric Marry, Night Horse, AC/DC and maybe The Answer). "Down to Dirty" is just a collection of 10 songs about hot women (mostly about them), bad influence of church and other nasty things that will make your day if you like when rock music is served that way.

Buy their CDs (by the way it comes in a cool digipack with a pick!), support them on stage and don't forget that artists always rely on their fans.