Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. 13. - Hypnotic Grooves, Vol. 4....

SBD-AUD matrix recording (UP IN SMOKE VOL.2, 2011-04-21, Luzern, Switzerland)
The Atomic Bitchwax

01"missin Finn"
02 intro jam
03 stork theme
04 shitkicker
05 so come on
06 the destroyer
07 -chris talks-
08 giant
09 kiss the sun
10 i hope you die
11 -chris talks-
12 local fuzz (side A)
13 pigs on the wing P1
14 pigs (three different ones)
15 encore break (abridged)
16 getting old

71.50 mins
!!High Recommendation!!!

Naam 2011-04-21 Up in Smoke
01 intro
02 Frosted Tread
03 Skyling Slip
04 Fever If Fire
05 Icy Row
06 Black Ice
07 - banter
08 Kingdom
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Quest For Fire 2011-04-21 Up In Smoke
01. Tuning
02. Sessions Of Light
03. Bison Eyes
04. Hawk That Hunts The Walking
05. Set Out Alone
06. Strange Waves
07. In The Place Of A Storm
08. Confusion's Home
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Like a Titan with a Mini-Gun.........

Axe in your head, bullets in your chest, sword in your guts and heavy riffage in your ears. Horizon darkens and battlefield paints the sky in red. The army of Tank 86 has arrived. Finally the instrumental super-heavy act from Netherlands has released it's debut album called "Rise". They have released 2 EPs earlier, and I was really looking forward to their full-length album. And here it is - tearing my appartment's walls down.

Captain Obvious hints that CD's title means that you really have to rise! No really - look at the art cover. That face isn't satisfied, nor is it happy. Visual presentation together with the sound, which is tearing my speakers at the moment, gives me the impression, that times are dark, hope has faded away long ago, and the only thing left for us - is to take that old rusty axe (or shotgun, whatever excites you most), and start making good things happen. Well that's a way to go! Avoiding any musical comparison I should say that this CD sounds to me like a brutal, hopeless war. Some fight for freedom, some just fight because they have to, some fight for taste of blood in their mouths.

In a musical sense the music can be distantly compared to Кarma to Burn on steroids. Another closer comparison which comes to my mind is a sonic mixture of High On Fire's fury and Balero's instrumental rage. If they needed a vocalist - the only man who could fit in this instrumental outrage could be Matt Pike (imagine...that would be epic). But Tank86 isn't a band you can compare someone to. Their in-your-face/kick-your-ass riffs are mostly, mixed with some great harmonies, which tend to cross the line of an average song in terms of compositional approach & song-writing.

It's hard to pick and describe some exact track, because they sound all sound like one merciless battle-hymn. But I can tell you that you will hear progressive metal parts & groovy/stoner riffage (Apparat), berserkers rage (Gottes Krieger), and even a soundtrack to an axe (Axe)!

The only bad thing about the album is that it's so volumetric (tracks are really epic) that after four listens I can recollect only one riff (from the Apparat song). Well maybe it means that I have to make it to 20 listens and try it again! 
Overall Tank86's first full-length "Rise" is huge. It's powerful. Reminds me of a titan wearing a "fuck you" t-shirt. A titan with a mini-gun and a rusty axe behind his back. You're either on his side, or...you'd better be on his side.


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Motor Throne Path from Slovenia

You can't get better description fore this that bandcamp says :

"Dwelling among the debris of the whore capital of Western Slovenia, Hellcrawler are a bunch of cynical wasteland denizens who found unsavory panacea in the symbiosis of punk violence, stoner rock atmosphere and heavy riffage. Their soundtrack to the demise of humankind is a motorized assault of old school death metal and d-beat which reflects their major source of inspiration, the decaying aesthetic of post apocalyptic and spaghetti western cinematography. Beginning in 2010, the outfit saw their first release, Wastelands, in 2011 on Hollow Earth Records. "

(Free download is a great option)
(You can buy a CD for only 8 Euros + postage there)

Woodrue (Fin) - 2011 - Dopefiend Demo

Woodrue - is fresh band from Finland. They're raw and dirty. that's all that you need to know.
an maybe this:
Floronic Man (Jason Woodrue), also known as the Plant Master and Floro, is a fictional character in the DC Comics universe. He was created as an enemy of the Atom; however his most famous appearance was in the Swamp Thing comic, particularly when it was written by Alan Moore.

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The Right Approach....

Here's the new release from Stone Cold Boys - their creative approach to music-making won't leave you indifferent. These 6 tracks will surely put a smile on your face - enjoy!


Stone Cold Boys - 2011 (Russia) - Upright