Killsong - 2013 - He Is Risen

Get your own sorgasm, baby !

This album has previously appeared in "Sent by the band section" but I think it deserves a separate post.

Killsong comes from Australia and released by cool label "Art as Catharsis".

Absolute fresh mix of swing, rock, avant and spoken word sketches.
Frank Zappa will turn around in his grave if he'll hear once these awesome/twisting amigos.

This is juicy release that brings a smile to your face and makes your head banging in tact.

Leila Latisha everybody !

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Black Pyramid - 2013 - Adversarial CD/LP

...actually that's the way I felt in love with their music.
Once I heard their demo, then s/t seven inch and then debut LP on mighty Belgium's label named Electric Earth (R.I.P.)
I clearly remember their fabulous appearance at Roadburn festival few years ago.
Afterburner 2011.
Green Room was full of smoke and doom.
Then one of my favorite bands has broke-up.
Due to some personal reasons Andy Beresky (guitar/vox) left the band.
In spite of this 2nd album has been released. And It was awesome.
And then I heard that Black Pyramid has found new fellow.
Darryl Shepard (who has played in Blackwolfgoat, Drug War, Milligram, Roadsaw, Slapshot to name a few) has joined the band.
Then I was really worried about how the things will go in the future with the band.
The split 7'' with Swedish sludgers Odyssey and some youtube links with fresh Pyramid's songs set me up to the positive way.
The new album is called "Adversarial" and it comes like a blind date with your favorite band that's currently on your playlist, but your player is deep in the pocket and it's hard to recognize it from the very beginning...
The story starts with the massive sludgy riffs and brutal vox follows 'em.
During the first two track I felt like I was listening to some different band.
Then from song to song "Adversarial" came closer to the classic BP formula - guitar/voice, heavy/melodic unity. Such tracks as "Aphelion", "Onyx & Obsidian", "Issus" are going to become an instant classic in the bands discography.
And if the band want to follow the steps of "Bleed out" and "Swing The Scimitar" my advise would be - to change the band's name or move this to another project.
Anyway thank you guys for this piece of doom.
This is the perfect soundtrack for sitting at Hiroshima Platz in Dortmund under the grey sky.
"Adversarial" CD/LP is already out on the wonderful
Support Black Pyramid these days during their European tour :