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It's all about the riffs...

Let me introduce you Tooting Bizarre. The community of friendly people from the UK.
A lot of free good music to hear, including Olid, The Doghouse Riley Band, Thumpermonkey, Mayors of Miyazaki and of course 50ft Panda

So. the band says for themselves :

It's all about the riffs; pure rhythm and sensitive musicianship can make for interesting and engaging music without the need for catchy melodies and lyrics. The duo's sound has roots in stoner (Kyuss, Clutch), metal (Mastodon, Melvins) and prog (Lightning Bolt, Oxes) but is a culmination of all 3, plus more rocking out. The idea for 50ft Panda was to strip back to the basic formula of a rock song: the riff, the beat and that fucking hench grunt of a sound. Tom plays riffs on a low tuned guitar through a massive bass cab and Chris plays drum rhythms that fit them. Call it math, call it prog, call it stoner, they don't care as long as it rocks. Hard. Formed in late 2006, 50ft Panda have been writing and performing continuously, resulting in a self titled EP, a recent 4 track EP, a track on the BBC Radio Oxford compilation A Quantum of Covers and many noise-drenched gigs in London and Oxford.

the first to orbit the Earth

Welcome to the Spaceport "Bajkonur". Take a step into a spaceship "Vostok" (East). Meet Yuri Gagarin. Start your fist journey into the unknown.
Too Psychedelic to be rock. Mostly instrumental stuff. But it delivers the great space doom.
This is the selftitled album from the August 2010. and the next one to be recorded in April & released somehow in May 2011.

Some words from the band :
¨We make music using dark riffs, trying to create intense atmospheres...¨

¨From Heavy to Kraut Rock, it can all inspire us when writing a song..."

¨We always try to keep away from convencionalism when building the structures of a song...¨

Sent by the band member Paco.


Can you feel this presence???....

Here's a new year's gift from the Grand Astoria's frontman Kamil. The third, yet (in my opinion) the most powerful offering from this band will surely impress you! You have the same peculiar approach to music making + catchy riffs + great melodies multiplied by the huge sound.
Don't miss that one, and be sure to support this band on their tours through Europe and buy their CDs and merch!

Band's MySpace

The Grand Astoria - 2011 - Omnipresence + Artwork

Sound of holy speakers...

This is a recording of live performance by "The Re-Stoned". No double-tracking - pure live energy!

The Re-Stoned  - 2010 - Vermel (Live)