Concert report: Kylesa + Circle Takes the Square + KEN Mode at Blå, Oslo, Norway, 09.02.2012

If you happen to be in Oslo, Blå is a very nice place to visit. Especially on Sundays, when it's flooded with young girls, listening to a local jazz band. I've been to it several times and liked the place, so I was very glad to find out that Kylesa was coming again to Oslo, and exactly to this cozy venue.

I bought the ticket in advance, and that proved to be a right thing to do, because the concert was sold out. No wonder, Kylesa is very popular here in Norway; since I moved here in 2009 they've already visited us 4 times, and I suspect they have had more concerts here before. This was going to be my third live Kylesa experience. The first was good, the second was better, so I was preparing to a very remarkable happening this time.

I came a little late, when Canadians KEN Mode were finishing their show. Now I really regret it, because I really liked their two songs that I heard. They reminded me about Knut, it sounded very similar to that Swiss mixture of sludge and post-hardcore tunes, which is a big plus for me -- I'm a fan of Knut. I wish I came earlier and had seen more. Thanks to Kai Mauseth, who visits and films most of the relevant concerts in Oslo, we can grab a small piece of the Canadians' performance. And the next time I'll definitely jump at the chance to see these guys live again, the full set.

The next band to enter the stage was Circle Takes the Square. Well, I can only say it was definitely not my cup of tea, so I hanged in the back of the hall, far away from the stage, and I can't say that I actually have seen them live :) At least I heard them. And for those who want to see and hear -- here goes the video again.

Actually, hanging in the back of the venue had its advantages. Laura Pleasants from Kylesa was standing just at arm's length from me, having a conversation with somebody who looked very similar to Kvelertak's guitar player, and I think another Kvelertak's guitarist was also hanging around. It was a little surprising to discover that Laura is so miniature and Kvelertak's guys are so big. You can't tell it from seeing them only at stage.

At some point Laura said "Sorry, I have to go now" to her companion and I understood, that the time has come. I moved close to the stage and got ready.

Presently they entered the stage, guitar players (and simultaneously vocalists) to the right and left, the bass player in the center and two drummers in the back. Kylesa was the first (and it seems the only) band with two drummers that I've heard, and it still amazes me, and it is still fascinating to see two drummers' synchronous work at the stage.

I said I was preparing to get the maximum from the concert? Well, I did it! It was not hard with such a band. I really like when the band enjoys the show itself, when the musicians are moving and jumping and not are standing still. And Kylesa is the band that really enjoys playing! No surprise the audience at their concerts is rapidly infested by the energy coming from the stage and begins to move, jump and scream itself. And I was also moving, jumping, screaming aloud the words of the songs from "Static tensions" and "The Spiral Shadow", as well as the people around me. There was even some crowd-surfing -- the thing you don't often see at concerts in Norway.

I wish the concerts like these could last forever, but eventually the band played encore and it was done. I relocated to the exit from the stage by then, and I saw band members passing beside me, exhausted and covered with sweat. Nothing else could testify better for the fact that Kylesa is one of the best live bands I've ever seen.

Well, you can check it yourself.

So there was time to leave for home, but not before I bought "Static tensions" on vinyl. And on my way home I thought, that every Kylesa show that I visit is better than the previous. I don't know how, but they simply become even more and more perfect live. So don't miss them if they come to your town. I'll not miss for sure.

P.S. And you can also check this very nice writeup with some beautiful photos.


Grinch - 1992 - The Blacking Factory

rare sludge/thrash  candy right for your granny.

Grinch included, at one point or another, members of Christ On Parade, Possessed, Fang, Indestroy, Crimpshrine, Sacrilege BC, Machinehead, Amebix, Attitude Adjustment

Listen Grinch - 1994 - Eden on soundcloud

 Grinch - 1992 - The Blacking Factory dl


Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. 20 - Cathedral

Cathedral - 2011-12-03 - The Final Show, HMV Forum, London, UK
Disc 1
01 Intro
02 Vampire Sun
03 Stained Glass Horizon
04 Voodoo Fire
05 Midnight Mountain
06 North Berwick Witch Trials
07 Funeral of Dreams
08 Cosmic Funeral
09 Carnival Bizarre
Disc 2
01 Ebony Tears
02 Melancholy Emperor
03 Autumn Twilight
04 Corpsecycle
05 Ride
06 Utopian Blaster
07 Hopkins (Witchfinder General)
mp3 320

Cathedral - 2009-04-24 - Roadburn festival, Tilburg, The Netherlands
01 Intro
02 Utopian Blaster
03 North Berwick Witch Trials
04 Cosmic Funeral
05 Carnival Bizarre
06 Open Mind Surgery
07 Night of the Seagulls
08 Cathedral Flames > Melancholy Emperor
09 Equilibrium
10 Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)
mp3 320

Cathedral - 1994-05-24 - Milano, Italy ("Cosmic Funeral")
01 Enter Worms
02 Autumn Twilight
03 Cosmic Funeral
04 Midnight Mountain
05 A Funeral Request
06 Ride
mp3 320