Fleshpress: Acid Mouth Strangulation

Fleshpress - 2011 - Acid Mouth Strangulation

Best finnish band ever! New finnish label!They will play on Afterburner and the last Amplifier Worship festivals. That's all that you need to know.
This is gonna be a blast! I hope they will follow 2 EP's that were on Throne Recs. ("Rebuild/Crumble" & "No Return") The most awaited psychedelic underground band for me.

I guess this is the same artist who made Loinen LP cover. It makes me cum.

The release date is 26th of October. And I hope this will go by plan. In other way these guys from the cover will eat the label's boss!)))

"Suffocating home-brewed hypnotic sludge rock from the northern swamps. On their fifth full length album Finnish sludge rockers Fleshpress evolve from their days as a rough, gritty metal machine towards the unknown. These three long tracks ebb and flow with an organic pulse, from slowly meditative passages to black swamp-sludge metal. An unsettling but oddly beautiful experience. "
Svart Records
you can try one new track called 'Copper Eye' here or here


Catch this hot pie on vinyl while you can!
Buy this on a piece of ...plastic

Important Message from the Beards

Hot off the presses this is the new tee for the new single, from the new album. Wooo!
Next time she says 'Im bored honey' you can just go on and point at your shirt! Instant win!

Listen to the song :


Noiserock news...

We are proud to introduce you the 41th Impure Muzik release, a 12" vinyl Split gathering MEMBRANE and SOFY MAJOR, two of the most major Sludge/Noise Hardcore French acts in activity. The 7 track record -that also includes a CD version of the split- will be out in exactly a month, on 12th November 2011!

SOY MAJOR Vs MEMBRANE - Bring da Noise Tour 2011
19/11/11 Besançon (F) @ Les Passagers du Zinc
20/11/11 Amsterdam (NL) @ OCCII
21/11/11 Mainz (DE) @ Kulturcafe
22/11/11 Ghent (BE) @ The Frontline
23/11/11 Le Havre (FR) @ TBA
24/11/11 Rouen (FR) @ Le Bateau Ivre
25/11/11 La Louvière (BE) @ La Taverne du Théâtre
26/11/11 Epinal (FR) @ Le Rivoli

Physical copies of the split are also available upon request --> impureonito@free.fr
You can Freely stream or dl record here

Color of Noise (DVD) pre-view

"in my mind there there was always..you know..one genre..which is like..you know..punch in the face" -haze xxl

Gonna Catch this movie which is about thomas hazelmyer and his amphetamine reptiles

http://www.thecolorofnoise.com/ (Watch Trailer)
(thx to http://www.shinygreymonotone.com/ for the fast noiserock news delivery)


Mars Red Sky in Ukraine

Greetings Everybody. Robusteam proudly presents the next event :

- Mars Red Sky (France) - Stoner/Fuzz rock

be ready to get your copy of this wonderful piece of plastic during the show:

- Martians Do it Better (Kiev, UA) - lo-fi Blues-rock duo.

- Stoned Jesus (Kiev, UA) - retro-hard, psychedelic rock, progressive


Date : 21 November 2011
Place : Guitar Bar, Gorkogo str. 45, Kiev, UA (metro "Olympiyska")
Doors open : 19:00
Price : 50 Uah./5 Euro


Sent by the Band

The lack of time for the last months...Excuse us for delay
Here's the brief review from our mail box for that period of time :

Planet Of Zeus (Greece) - 2011 - Macho Libre

Great Stoner Rock from Greece with the strong southern rock touch. For real Macho Men )))
I'm diggin' them from the 1st album. Zeus gets to the higher level of awesomeness!

Buy CD here
http://www.facebook.com/planetofzeus (Watch the Teaser for "Vanity Suit" video there)
Dl 320 kbperfuckin'second\bio\cool artwork

Nero Order - 2010 - The Tower

San Francisco avant-metal alchemists Nero Order fuse elephantine rhythms with expansive, tragic melodies and moody, severe vocals - effectively concocting a sound that is simultaneously abrasive and consonant, dynamic and cacophonous; academic in scope and violent in delivery. The Tower are stylistically without par in the current rock landscape - though the gravity of mid-late period Neurosis, the frenetic energy of Junkyard-era Birthday Party, the minor melodic sense of Metallica’s Master of Puppets, the staggering volume and intensity of early Swans, the grandiosity of Pink Floyd’s Meddle, and the riff-obsession of Black Sabbath are all summoned therein. (from Bandcamp page)

http://neroorder.bandcamp.com/ (Free download)

Portent - 2011 - Demo

The band currently has two members and we hail from Porto, Portugal. We recorded and edited everything in our home computers.

http://portent.bandcamp.com/album/demo (Free download)

A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm
Really good shit from France!

The first album of A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm (taxidermic doomed sludge), the so-called "Primary Septagon" is available for free right here : http://behindthefarm.bandcamp.com/album/primary-septagon
By the way to commemorate the previous line-up and celebrate the newcomers Ignace (drums) and Victor (bass), the band releases a new track : stuffed with straw
Evil never dies !

Lesbian Rainbows

Portugese stoner/ post metal duo Lesbian Rainbows has recently filmed a jam trip.

The Holy River is the name of a 4 track jam trip performed and recorded in an old abandoned house lost in the middle of the forest, riverside. The first two videos are now available and the other ones will be unleashed very soon. The name of the session is an invocation of the purity and mysticism of this place along with a revisitation (both aesthetic and conceptual) to Alejandro Jodorowsky's filmography (The Holy Mountain).

Andre (Drummer) is also the musician behind the Valse Sinistre Records’ (aura).

Sunday Driver On Tour (Poland) - 2010 - Tales From Beyond

We are a Polish band from Bielsko-Biała. The band was formed in 2008. Sunday Driver On Tour music is a mix of hard rock, metal, stoner & southern rock influences. In 2010 we released our first EP called "Tales From Beyond".

fuckin' awesome tunes. It seems that Poland got it's own 60 Wat Shaman, ATP and reincarnated Scissorfight at the same time! I need more!

we are a hungarian four-piece playing some plain rock/doom/whatever. we just recorded our first demo in the rehearsing room.

Great Southern Tunes. Blasts like High Voltage!
Band is currently looking for the label. If you wanna release 'em - be quick!

Demo - 2011 - dl

Subsilence (UK) - 2011 - Granite Planet

Doom from the UK



, sludge duo from Bs.As Argentina.

Previously had posted our first ep OFRENDA INICIAL in your blogs, and now we leave our first lp, NAMASTIE QOH, to be heard and if they like to do the same with our previous ep.

here some concepts as an introduction:
Recorded at the Abasto, with the production of Topo Armetta (Dragonauta, 8Hands for Kali, Los Natas) and released under the independent label the band of The Ancient Records, the 9 tracks goes through to ultra speed a blend of alternative and classics metals translated from a bass & drums, with spiritual, transcendental and realistic lyrics.


Judd Madden (Melbourne, Australia) - 2 albums for 2011
Riffy, catchy, crushing instrumental stoner doom.

Melodic, groovy, peaceful instrumental alternative music.

Interview about Both albums
Buy Posters:

Queen Elephantine - 2011 - Garland of Skulls

Queen Elephantine, modal psychedelic doom, presents their third album: a long song in three parts, Garland of Skulls—kapālamālā. They have also released several EPs, including splits with Sons of Otis and Elder. Formed in Hong Kong in 2006 and migrated to USA, the band is currently based between NYC and RI. Looking for release, live, and press opportunities.

Also we're looking for a new drummer. So if you're in the NYC or RI area and interested, message or email us. Be serious and reliable

Listen/Download/Order CD: http://queenelephantine.bandcamp.com/album/garland-of-skulls
More information: http://queenelephantine.clfrecords.com/garland.html

The Cosmic Dead

The Cosmic Dead are a Psych / Drone / Kosmische / Space / Krautrock collective from Glasgow, Scotland. They formed in early 2010.

Its an 80 minute / 4 track affair :
More details on it can be found here: http://www.myspace.com/thecosmicdea/blog/542816590
Its out now on cassette tape on a German label called Who Can You Trust Records,
(Who have recently put out releases by White Hills, Gnod, Sylvester Anfang II, among many more)
and is also available to download directly from our bandcamp page.
We are also currently in talks with an Italian label about a possible future vinyl / CD release.

Myspace: www.myspace.com/thecosmicdead
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thecosmicdead
Bandcamp: http://thecosmicdead.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/the-cosmic-dead

stream on youtube 'Infinite Death of The Godhead'
dl 2nd track "Spice Melange Spectrum"

Psychollywood (Pol) - 2011 - Psychollywood

BLS/QOTSA/Foo Fighters worship from our Western Neighbours.


Kosmonaut - 2011 - Voyage of Time

Ok. At least this one released on tape & has space in it's name...and nice artwork )
When I was waiting till post this album, two more releases are already out.

I've recently self-released a cassette entitled "The Dilation of Mother Cosmos" under the moniker Kosmonaut; this material is very heavily influenced by German Berlin School electronic pioneers Klaus Schulze, Richard Pinhas, and Cluster.


The Bliss (Greece) - 2011 - GABBATHA

Interesting Progressive music and Video.
"We are "THE BLISS".A music trio from Piraeus Greece.We were formed in 2000 and we create music together ever since.About one year after we got together,we recorded our first demo,"BODYCODE" (2001)and after one more year our second demo recording,"ASSEMBLE"(2003).Our past influences stemmed from the early scene of Seattle,back in the 90's.Through the years,our inspiration started to become more complicated and our influences derived from various sounds and patterns that you find in greek traditional and other kinds of progressive rock bands.During that time we participated in two compilation cd's (IN THE JUNKYARD vol 2.,IN THE JUNKYARD vol 3.)released by Spinalonga records which is a non profit label organized by the bands,in Athens.All these years we've been performing all around our country,in small and big festivals,and sharing the stage with small and even bigger bands such as NIGHTSTALKER,EARTHBOUND,ECHO TATTOO,PLANET OF ZEUS,LUCKY FUNERAL,DEUS EX MACHINA and many more.Also we were the openning act for FAITH NO MORE reunion in Athens,in 2009.Meanwhile,we were experimenting and recording new material for our debut album "GABBATHA".In the mean time we are really interested in finding ways to promote our music by touring around the world and also seeking for an interesting deal with a record label."


Iron Witch (UK) - 2011 - Single Malt

These bastards are from Liverpool. they love Eyehategod and whiskey bottles instead of crosses. Single malt is preferred. Rawwww. Really good piece of filth.

http://ironwitch.bandcamp.com/ (Free dl & nice tees)
Download from Mediafire - http://www.mediafire.com/?6j6trep6w01ryz6
Buy the CD - http://witchhunterrecords.bigcartel.com/
Witch Hunter Records - www.witchhunterrecords.com
Iron Witch - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Iron-Witch/133715366688303

Monstro - 2011 - Selftitled

Formed in 2009, MonstrO is guitarist Juan Montoya [ex-Torche], bassist Kyle Sanders [ex-Bloodsimple], drummer Bevan Davies [ex-Bloodsimple, Danzig], and vocalist and guitarist Charlie Suarez. So far we've released 2 tracks, "Anchors Up!" and "Stallone," on Soundcloud. “Anchors Up!” is now up as a free download on Soundcloud, and both are available to embed:



I'm really pleased by this EP. If you're into mid-Clutch era, Suicidal Tendencies, try it!

"Entrancing like an opium vertigo, hard and dark like ebony but velvet
like a geisha's silken panties, THE BUFFALOS illegally distill music for
doomed pirates, and freedom addicted basterdz.

After years of roving around the world from Thailand's old opium dens
through the heated bordellos of East Africa to the desperate yet divine
landscape of Antarctica, The Duke, El Bavo, and The Breton decided to
transcribe into music what it is like to live like a pirate (according to
their own convenient definition).

This is how the infamous adventure of THE BUFFALOS started in 2008…

The infernal crew defended its first EP (In Hell We Dwell - 2009) on more
than fifty gigs, opening for legendary bands such as SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.
They are standing by to board and scar the world again with their new five
track canon ball: The Mahogany Secrecy.

Behold your outrageous kings, thou ravenous whores and thieves ! Hide your
virgins and be ready to rock for THE BUFFALOS are in town to burn it all
down !"

Web: http://www.TheBuffalosCrew.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thebuffalosband
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thebuffalosband
The EP is for sell on CD Baby: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thebuffalos12
and on Bigcartel: http://www.thebuffalos.bigcartel.com/

"Spear the silk"
Heavy Glow - 2011 - Midnight Moan

Great Band. Awesome Album. Goes to my personal top of faves )
Retro-hard/proto-rock of the 70's at it's best. Gifted and talented.

http://xj793a.bandcamp.com/ (Free dl)

Dementia And Hope Trails

Genre: Drone, Ambient, Psychedelic
For Fans Of: Hammock, This Will Destroy You, Lights Out Asia, Eluvium, Emeralds
Country: United States
Link: Blog http://violentthreads.blogspot.com / Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dementia-And-Hope-Trails/119456261435450

Download Part 1 http://www.mediafire.com/?wavv3065s36648o
Download Part 2 http://www.mediafire.com/?zj4py36s8bb8j03

Brachiosauride - 2011 - Excavations

"Influenced by 50s Blues, 60s Psych, 70s Prog, 80s Doom, Thrash and Hardcore Punk, 90s Sludge, Noise, Stoner, Mathcore and Experimental acts, we play a fusion brand of Progressive Sludge that gives the listener a unique experience; with creating a sonic texture of each song's concept, both musically and vocally. This is our first release, a concept album called Excavations (read the whole conceptual storyline here) including 10 songs that run over 37 minutes of mega mind blowing riffage, we would like to offer this record freely thru the internet and as your blog has always been a great place for all the obscure underground acts in the past years we'd be grateful if you host it there"


They Yearn For What They Fear (US) - 2011 - Demo


"Around since 2005ish, They Yearn For What They Fear started as a wall-of-noise grind unit, and while they can definitely still tap into all the rage of speed, they've become incredibly dynamic in their sound and tone while never sacrificing heaviness or their own brand of apocalyptic psychedelia. They are hard at work crafting a sonic tome worthy of their name, as well as split releases of all varieties (and hopefully a re-release of their lone testament to their ultra-violent roots, The Art of Communication via Concentric in the near future) "

akin to: earth, moloch, thou, bongzilla, electric wizard, and torche

dl Demo

VOLCANOES (St.Louis, Missouri) - 2011 - Heavy Hands

We're a two piece that plays loud, aggressive, distorted, danceable rock music. We just self-recorded and released a full-length album called Heavy Hands, and we would really like you to listen to it.


The Moss (Portland, Oregon)

Great Psychedelic/Retro-hard tunes. Can't wait for the full album
Do not mix it up with the UK's Moss.


Hordes / Grey Earth

experimental drone doom split from Hordes / Grey Earth
Interesting Recource with good free music on it.