Robustfest 2016 (2nd round of announcements)

Please Welcome:

Updated Robust Planet behind "Astro Sloth"


And 3 more bands added to the Line-up:

stoner rock
No aces up our sleeves - they're all here, take them away! Genre's respected veterans just raised their stakes with signing to Napalm Records to release their third full-length in a row since 2012. Putting Dozer on hold, Tommi Holappa turned his sometimes-sideproject into a full-fledged band, a must to experience live and a headlining act for Robustfest-2016! Well, Swedish stoner rock had always been a quality mark, hadn't it?
5R6 (UA)
progressive alternative rock
We got Elder riding the wave of critical acclaim from stonerheads around the globe, but we also have our very own local sensation from Kharkiv's - 5R6! Their debut full length "Islands" (Robustfellow Prods.) recieved praise not only from regular fans or fellow musicians, but even from mainsteam media, too. Preparing for European tour this Spring, the quartet's Robustfest set is said to be the only opportunity to catch them live in Kyiv, so don't miss them!


Another Kharkiv residents, only this time on more underground side. Fusing folk motifs with noisy sludge doom, this trio emerged from somewhat obscure previous projects of their frontman Kova. Recognizable image, characteristic lyrics and charismatic performances make Soom one of the least predictable bands of Ukraine's heavy scene. Confirming this, they're presenting the new material before returning to work on their second full length record.

+ 7 more bands to be announced during next weeks