Electric Funeral Cafe (Compilation)

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Robustfellow Prods./Iron Hamster recs./Aorte recs. present a compilation of robust Ukrainian bands under the name "Electric Funeral Cafe".

The idea and the name came from Andrei Batura (Imbecil Entertainment), who decided to resurrect his long-standing sub-label Iron hamster records (Mozergush "S/t" CD 2008).
Partly the compilation name throws 10 years back, when one could find a collage-cover "Goregrind Cafe" in music stores.

Robustfellow Prods. (PhillO))) got the idea right away, especially since thoughts of a similar work have been coming to Robustcrew for a long time.

We started to gather exclusive materials in caves, dungeons, steppes and mountains of Ukraine. Many bands did the impossible: recorded, mixed and mastered exclusive tracks within a short period of time especially for "Electric Funeral Cafe". Some band found outtakes, b-sides and old material never released before. Others were kind enough to share tracks from their forthcoming albums.
The compilation has also secured some place for two great bands, which probably won’t play again in the nearest future (Thank You, Iceland!, Rita Topless).

No wonder that one CD wasn’t enough to fit all the great contributions. That’s why we’ve decided to divide it into two theatrical sides: Electric & Funeral Sides.

Tracks of those bands, which we weren’t able to fit on the two CDs, will be made available as bonus tracks on bandcamp and vk later.

"Electric Funeral Cafe" showcases the situation in the Ukrainian Psychedelic/Stoner/Sludge/Kraut/Shoegaze underground as of the beginning of 2015.

22 robust bands on 2 CDs in a wonderful 6 panel digipack.
500 pressed.

Luxury Edition by Robustfellow Prods. – 33 copies (details will follow soon).

What else could you ask for?


Here comes the track list:
Electric Side :

1) Rita Topless (Kherson) - Dual One (5:57) song from 2013
2) 5R6 (Kharkiv) - Vermin (6:39) outtake from forthcoming album 2015
3) Atomic Simao (Kiev) - Polybrothers (6:54) song from the forthcoming single 2015
4) Somali Yacht Club (Lviv) - Sun's Eyes (5:21) outtake from album "Sun" 2014 (Robustfellow Prods.)
5) Pree Tone (Kiev) - I guess. You forget (5:56) From forthcoming "Simmer EP" 2015
6) Stoned Jesus (Kiev) – Here Come the Robots (3:18) From forthcoming full-length "The Harvest" 2015
7) TRAVEN' (Kiev/Chrnigov) - Барин наш (10:23) from forthcoming album "Color Blind Test" 2015
8) Thank you, Iceland! (Kiev) - Ruins (2:40) from "Demo EP" 2013
9) Wolverine Blues (Kiev) - The Gamble (B-side) (5:55) Unreleased Track 2014
10) The Crawls (Kiev) – I Can't Say (5:32) from "Reel2Reel Single" 2014
11) Indirect (Odessa) - Ether (6:00) Unreleased Track 2014
12) Был Замечен (Kharkiv) - Шифровал (11:51) from forthcoming album 2015

Total playing time: 76:34

Funeral Side :

1) Ethereal Riffian - Thugdam (Sensation) (7:37) from album "Aeonian" 2014
2) Celophys (Cherkassy) - T.B.H420 (9:00) from forthcoming album 2015
3) Heralds (Dnepropetrovsk) - Ocean Burner (5:49) from “From the Darkest of Satellites” EP 2015
4) Keepleer 18 (Chernigiv) - "Om-Karidaat" (5:18) from album "Vammifiaa" 2014
5) Hollow Sun (Odessa) - Blind Dog (Unreleased song) (5:25) from “DesertRamble” EP 2015
6) Octopus Kraft (Drogobych) - Краплини\Drops (10:22) from single "Drops" 2014
7) Pit Viper (Kiev) - Wasting Time (7:16) from forthcoming album 2015
8) BOMG (Kiev) - Into retrograde volume (15:16) exclusive single 2015
9) The Curse of Wendigo (Kharcizk) - Wildhoney (6:07) from forthcoming album 2015
10) Soom - Kamin (6:30) from album "Ніч на полонині" 2014\2015 (Robustfellow Prods./NoName)

Total playing time: 78:27

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