After ROBUST Party

Ladies and Gentlemen !

Here is the Teaser for your pleasure :

And more info about Tickets Robust Afterparty :
Preorder starts 15th August and ends on 15th of September
Only 100 tickets are available by the price of 150 uah./15 Euro.
You can easily pay by VISA/MasterCard or WebMoney, 
by cash in payment terminals or courier with delivery. 
 Follow this this link for more info :

And we glad to say that Robustfest vol.III will be continued on the same night.
Please welcome :

After ROBUST Party

Line Up :

BOMG "Playing Polynseeds at it's entire"
Jam session together with  The Legendary Flower Punk
Mourning Glory Lounge
+ 2 more guests TBA

The capacity of the secret place for Afterpary is not so big.
But it's enough to accommodate whole robustcrew and festival's bands for the jam. 
And will have an exclusive offer for this event that will be limited to 30 tickets.

Festival ticket + Afrerparty = 300 uah./30 Euro 
(You will get the special bracelet together with map, where you will find the place for Afterparty)

Let's uncover some secret cards for the night :


"Playing Polynseeds at it's entire"

(poster art by Viktor "Absurd" from Kiev)

Heaviest father/son collaboration in the world's history.
One year later all the band members moved to Kiev and opened  
EVERGREEN Rehearsal Room\Recording Studio
Their debut album "Polynseeds" that was released as a digital stuff on bandcamp in July 2013 deserves to be pressed on heavyweight vinyl for sure in the nearest future.
 "Polynseeds" was recorded and mixed on the EVERGREEN Studio.
It has extremely cool sound and concept.
There is a good chance to catch BOMG alive and swallow an hour of pure Stoner/Doom!

 Jam session together with The Legendary Flower Punk


 (poster by Mila "Hopeless" from Moscow)

Here's another master for the Robust Afterparty.
Mr. Kamille of The Grand Astoria himself will show you some breathtaking trick.
The rest fellas from the main fest will be on the same rope as well.

Stay tuned for 2 more guests for Afterparty and more Fest's details.