Robustfest vol.III (Review)


Finally. We've made it for the 3rd time !

One week passed after the fest. 
And It's time to take a deep breath and make a review.
Robustfest is rising slowly from year to year.
Around 400 people came for Robustfest (including crew/guests and band members).

All the bands came to the festival and burned the stage.
Thank you guys doing these thousands of km.
(There were tons of difficulties during the road to the fest :
The Machine & Loinen flights were delayed for 4-6 hours.
The Grand Astoria had some problems with the tour bus and they decided to come by train for Ukrainian tour.)
We've started and ended right in time. (That was really necessary for the Old Opera crew).
Thanx Jura & BOMG, Marco / Shiva the Destructor / Checkpoint base for help with Backline !
Val Stonezilla & Lepa for the main stage Sound & Lights!
Zvukotzech studio for recording the sound !

The backyard was working as a food court with herbal tea/candies and vegan falafels.
Thanks our volunteers for preparing the place.
(Sanya, Artem, Lera and the whole Robust Crew - you rock fellas !!!)

The Robust Afterparty also happened in a "Secret Cave" right after the main Fest.
Thanks you guys from BOMG, Turnaround and Dropsum. You've made that night !
Big thanks goes to Jura & BOMG for help with the afterparty & Jam with DropSum !

Three tours have crossed on the ROBUSTFEST :
Belzebong & Satellite Beaver burned the bong the day after in Ternopil.
The Brimstone Days continued their 7-weeks-long Euro tour. (Thanks to Slavik Glory for helping with Ukrainian part of this Tour)
The Grand Astoria followed their road to the south and have played in Odessa for next day.

It was also a pleasure to see fresh releases from Loinen, The Brimsone Days and The Grand Astoria on the merch balcony. They were made in time. Right for the Robustfest.

And we sure that different collaborations between the festival's bands will see the light of the day in the nearest future.

Please welcome short Robustfest's overview :

Thank You, Iceland!

 Satellite Beaver

Keepleer 18

Somali Yacht Club

 The Brimstone Days





The Grand Astoria




 The Machine


Afterparty Spirit

(BOMG is the soundtrack)

So our little "Fuzzstock" is over !
Thank you all for coming and support !
This inspires!

See you fellas on Robustfest vol.IV

PhillO))) & The Robustcrew

PS. We still have some Festival's merch left (T-shirts/Caps/Patches/Wind-stoppers/"Robust Session 2011-2012" tape series and more...)
So if you're interested in supporting future DVD production and Robust actions in the future  - the best way is to buy something from the Robustshop.

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