Catapult the Smoke - 2011 - Born in Fire

For robustfellows only...or not for the weak souls.

Hail Sweden. Here's the 2nd coming of heavy tuned, stoned as hell and sentenced to doom three-headed dragon. Greatest album, that I havn't heard for a long time. This one goes well for the long long riding. Bad roads surrounds you. You should hold motorcycle's handlebars. and keep on going through the night.

Partly reminds me the doomy days of Orange goblin career (Scorpionica/Coup de Grace),
Don't forget to add some southern sandy grooves.

Good work done guys.


released by the US label Orchestrated Misery Recordings
Buy this stone for only 13 bucks.

One thing left to say - "Follow the Path of the Warrior", thath's all you need for Saturdays eve ).


Beasts from the UK...

Hey Ho. The things're going pretty slow with Robustfest. But I hope it will be worth it.
So, having a free minute to post some dirty rarities from the smog island...

this video says for the whole thing about their music : dirty/industrial noiserock/sludge. I'm lovin' it.
Get album really Cheap on Function Records (£1.99 - cool price for a digi)

Pure Iron Monkey re-incarnation. All the anger, hate, speed and low shit you can find in "Crippledriver". Running less then half an hour it has enough time to eat your brains alive.

Koresh - Live at the Unicorn 25/03/11 from Donny Hopkins on Vimeo.

Get it on http://witheredhandrecords.blogspot.com/ for only 5 GBP
and try to check CRUMBLING GHOST, It's wonderful too.

First Ep from this London's Sludge/Stoner/Doom/filth outfit. Not common to the other bands in the genre.
Due to th emyspace status Widows are gonna hava a fullength album soon called "Death Valley Duchess "

http://widows.bigcartel.com/ (Great merch goes for little money)

You Should also try these Noise-rockers from Leeds, really nasty music:
http://blacklisters.bandcamp.com/ (Some free stuff guaranteed)

...and this band is produced by Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel, Nailbomb...)

Some more Doomy Stuff to come :


And the future disaster called The DEAD Resurrected

Feat: Ex and Current members of Lazarus Blackstar, Khang, End Times, Gods Of Hellfire and Bloodstream. Doom Metal for the great disappointment.


More UK tunes to come soon...