This is filthy.

Here's some good-sweet -rare-filthy sludge. Most of the following stuff are rips of the CDs from my shelf. Please respect this and support the underground. If you really like the band - go and buy an album. Such way you will help your favourite artist to: write a new album, have better fuzzy equipment, sound better, play live stronger, make some extra coke, sluts and whisky...

Art Of Burning Water - 2011 - Love you dead

probably the best album from the past year. UK Noise/Rock/Sludge epicness. Gifted and talanted.  Zeni Geva meets Melvins meets something tasty, noisy and delicious.

CD on 
LP is going to be released on http://www.swarmofnails.com/releases/18/
Get the LP on mighty

previous one. Good one. Noisy one. LP only.

sorry for the low bitrate. it's the best I could get.
Get the LP on mighty

Balboa - 2010 - MMX

 If you likr EHG. you'll like this.

"Balboa [MI] were a sludge band from Michigan. They were impossible to miss live here in Michigan, as they were the opener for so many great touring bands. Balboa never released too much material to purchase over their 3 year existence, but they did indeed record a few times. MMX collects every scrap of recordings that the band did with all it's various line-ups. Includes their cover of a classic BUZZOVEN track, all the demos and EP's with additional and alternate songs.... 16 tracks total. "

Bullpig - 2010 - Let us rot

Filthy Sludge. Touch of Death. As It should be.

"Bullpig are an extremely stripped down doom band hailing from Michigan. It's hard to really compare Bullpig to anything else, but I'd say Coffins, Anatomia, Yob.... simplified down to the basic down-tuned riff, repeated mind-numbingly. Bullpig are know for clearing the room with their extremely loud live show... but it's unclear if the audience hates Bullpig more, or Bullpig hates them more.... either way it's a lot of hate contained in this CD's 6 tracks."

Gallons of Mud - 2011 - Demo

German band that kicks your ass with a tasty sound and cool song structures.
Soemething old, something new. But this sounds great and original. Woish you guy  write the LP soon. and make some massive live assault throgh Europe.

and you should also check 

Hydromedusa (Australia) - 2011 - Hydromedusa

If you havn't heard it yet. So here's the time. Sweet band from Australia. There's so few bands that can give Iron Monkey's feeling  nowadays.

Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium & Reptile - 2010 - Split

Two filthy fucks from Ukraine. NxVx going sludgy noisecore/grind. Reptile features Ilya from Mozergush and makes blasphemous sludge.

 Ripley - 2004 - 70 mm Sloth Ensemble

First release from the UKs label Future Noise. This CD-r soldout. It Rocks.

"Manchester "RedHouse" Filth influenced by EHG, Cavity, Grief, Early Neurosis etc, members later went on to play in Raucous, Thade, Atlas & Dog Kicked In Half."

Tombstones - 2009 - I

Vol.One. Great one. Mastered by Billy Anderson.
In memory of Jonas (Guitar) RIP 

vol. III will be out somewhere in march-april. There gona be a good dose of vinyl . And It gonna be a doom blast!

 Swamp - 2011 - Three Cheers For The Firing Squad [ep]

Raw, heavy and bluesy Sludgecore from Indianapolis.


Accept Death - 2010 - Unpublished tracks (Bonus CD for st LP)

Sludgy death candy rarity.

"CD of the 5 additional early tracks recently unearthed. These tracks have never been released in any format or download."


Dietpills - 2011 - s/t LP

Howdy Ho. Here's the perfect friday's drunk as a fuck LP. Please Imagine the ugliest & heaviest thing that you can even imagine. Well done folks. Sit down an listen. Here's friday's day-off noiserock-sludge band called Dietpills from United Kingdom. From Leicester. That's not far from Nottingham. yep. Check the next song titles like "Dirty man", "Punkin' Magic" and "Covered in Green". You got the score. It's better listened when good dose of Bushmill's whisky is inside of you.

By the way this piece of mist is mastered by Billy Anderson.

take a look at Dietpills / grinding Halt split 7''

MMM///...what a lovely cover.

Check one track from split and one from LP

Dietpills - s/t 7''
Dietpills - 2011 - Tour Demo (4 of 5 tracks from their LP)
(thanx to http://xwhatwedoissecretx.blogspot.com/)

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and if you haven't already puked on your knees - here's the year long link for
Dietpills / Dead in the woods LP