Dietpills - 2011 - s/t LP

Howdy Ho. Here's the perfect friday's drunk as a fuck LP. Please Imagine the ugliest & heaviest thing that you can even imagine. Well done folks. Sit down an listen. Here's friday's day-off noiserock-sludge band called Dietpills from United Kingdom. From Leicester. That's not far from Nottingham. yep. Check the next song titles like "Dirty man", "Punkin' Magic" and "Covered in Green". You got the score. It's better listened when good dose of Bushmill's whisky is inside of you.

By the way this piece of mist is mastered by Billy Anderson.

take a look at Dietpills / grinding Halt split 7''

MMM///...what a lovely cover.

Check one track from split and one from LP

Dietpills - s/t 7''
Dietpills - 2011 - Tour Demo (4 of 5 tracks from their LP)
(thanx to http://xwhatwedoissecretx.blogspot.com/)

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and if you haven't already puked on your knees - here's the year long link for
Dietpills / Dead in the woods LP