BAD GUYS - 2013 - LP (Review)

Lock-up your daughters & beware of four macho bastards. Bad Guys are coming...

I remember old good days when it was possible to find some cool bands on myspace (before the shitty upgrade). Few years ago I followed the link from one gig. That was the first time when heard the band with the simpliest name ever - Bad Guys

Few months ago I found that UK's finest noisy label Riot Season is going to release their debut LP.  It seems that  BG is going to be the most rocking release up to date on the label.

 Start listening to the record...and dozens of hurricanes with fresh air are flowing through my ears.
Really good job done over the recording and mixing of the sound.
Bad Guys had found their own way to the top of the mountain of success :
most songs starts with the supersweet guitar sound intro which grows up into a smashing bulldozer of heavy rocking vibes. Smart Lyrics and harsh drunk-driven vocals is what makes Bad Guys freakin' special !

While listening to this record you can find tonns of influences starting from 70's heavy rock till the 90's noiserock and 00's riff rock.

 Just press the "Play" button and Bad Guys will make your evening.

Fuck any comparsions, but if you insist : ZZ top, Harvey Milk, Torche, Lords (UK), MC5, Nashville Pussy, The Jesus Lizard ... and all the things that's fast, heavy and dirty.
Dig this if you love dogs & hate sea foods and kids.

Without any doubt this wonderful band is better listening live.

BAD GUYS will be touring the UK & Europe in Feb/March/April 2013. More dates to be added

1st February – Bristol, UK
2nd February – Portsmouth, UK
3rd February – Reading, UK
6th February – Brighton, UK
8th February – London, UK
9th February – Liverpool, UK
10th February – Leeds, UK
16th February – Eindhoven, NL
17th February – Berlin, DE
18th February – Prague, CZ
20th February – Budapest, HU
21st February – Szeged, HU
22nd February – Szolnok, HU
23rd February – Ghent, BE
16th March – Glasgow, UK
… more tbc