Peruvian spacerockers are back !

Mecanica Celeste is the third official recording by South American space rockers Serpentina Satelite. After the success of their last raved about album Nothing to Say, the band returned to their studio in Peru to record this more ambitious and accomplished sounding follow-up.
The album recalls all the great psychedelic bands from the past forty years, from the 70’s bands like Ash Ra Tempel, Amon Düül II and Hawkwind; through to 80’s bands like Monster Magnet (particularly TAB era) and Loop and today's contemporary cosmic warlords like Eternal Tapestry, White Hills and Magic Lantern.
Mecanica Celeste is a conceptually unique take on psychedelia, conceived by manipulating traditional religious songs, text ideology and poetry with heavy fuzz guitars, swirling drones, spaced out wah solos, motorik rhythms and delayed vocals, to create a head melting experience of an album which climaxes with the proto metal riffs of track Sendero, giving the band a fresh sounding approach to the well trod grounds of space rock: SERPENTINA SATELITE TRIED TO GET TO HEAVEN BUT ENDED UP IN SPACE!


Run to the Hills

Another psychedelic gem from Sulatron Records, who really have a knack of finding great space rock records. This one is the CD-release of the debut vinyl album by Swedish kraut-space-cadets Hills, which has been out of print and is now available with additional two tracks to full use of the CD format.

Hills formed as a 3-piece aiming to make music that focusses on the groove/sounds and rhythm instead of the lyrics/message and classical songwriting structures. To create a meditative space depended on improvisation for themselves and others to enjoy. To create a feeling but not necessarily to explain it through words. Influenced by everything from the early experimentation of John Coltrane via the repetitiveness of Velvet Underground, Krautrock and the grimness of early black metal bands. Hills try to keep it honest, analog and raw in the very best way they can.


The Unholy Ghost

Ghost - "Opus Eponymous"
Brand new release, from the mighty Rise Above Records.
Amazing debut album. A daringly beautiful combination of satanic Doom rock music with an almost unthinkable pop sensibility.
For the fans of Angel Witch, Witchfinder General and Pagan Altar.


D00My Stoner Psychedelico

Narcoiris - Buenos Aires stoner bandos.
Reformed after a dark period of inactivity, returning to the rock formation changes and a new album of 6 tracks just out of the study.

Astrodriver Records (Germany)


Narcoiris (ARG) - 2009 - Cazador EP

Relaxing With ...White Hills

Thrusting space rock into the 21st century and beyond, White Hills have not so much carved, but blasted out, their own niche of kraut-driven heaviness and soaring guitar acrobatics of the highest order. The band’s sonic catalogue is deep and highly sought after, every limited release selling out instantly and some recent releases going for as much as 200 dollars on venerable auction sites. Stolen Stars Left for No One is a limited edition 12” created for their upcoming tour and appearance at ATP.

Comprised of three new tracks, Stolen Stars Left for No One was recorded live with no overdubs. The 12” is an edition of 1,000 copies with art inspired by bootleg LPs of the 70’s. White labels and white jackets with a printed vintage paper wrap (we had to call many printers to find the old stock). All the tracks were recorded in the fall and winter of 2010 with drumming supplied by long-time collaborators Kid Millions, Antronhy, and Lee Hinsha.


Α & Ω.........

Get ready for the heavy drone brothers & sisters for we've received a letter from Viridiana.

It is with great pride and honor that we deliver to you this link that gives you access to Viridiana's first demo-EP named IV containing 2 tracks Phobos & Deimos (named after the two monolithic sattelites that revolve around Mars-the 4rth planet from the sun). The main genre with which the band is occupied is Drones and Abstract Heavy Amplifier Worshiping Soundscapes...no tube amps and effect pedals were spared here trust me.
Along with traditional drone techniques (bass & guitars with loads of feedback through huge tube amps) Viridiana also incorporates other sorts of gadgets and gismos some of them designed by the members themselves. Also included are various vocal techniques as well as some tradition percussion instruments and a diggeridoo.
Viridiana consists of two members, who would like to refer to themselves as Α & Ω thus giving some sort of mystique and anonymity to the whole project. However this band transcends international borders as it's two members come from different countries (Greece & The Netherlands)
This debut EP is just a prequel to the band almost-ready full debut album called Orogenesis which will be pressed and released in the immidiate months."

Sweet, hypnotic work! I'd say - a sonic abyss. Recommended for all lovers of heavy. 

- Drown In The Drone -


Sula Bassana and Others...

Very rare (400 copies) self titled album by Südstern 44. This time with songs, the longest clocking in at just over 14 minutes. A bit less spectacular than the 'Dampfwalze' album, but still some very good modern krautrock indeed! Sometimes edging toward shoegaze, but always finding that authentic psychedelic drive just in time.

Label: Nasoni

Südstern 44


To The Stars...........................

We've caught transmission from Traveling Circle:  

"We are excited to announce the release of Traveling Circle’s debut
album titled Handmade House on Nasoni-Records, out of Berlin.

Traveling Circle has carved a definite niche that transcends the
psych-rock world and embraces the progressive universe beyond. This
emerging Brooklyn-based trio takes obscure vibrations from the past to
shape a modern sound that will both mesmerize and transform. Handmade
House projects a montage filled with unexpected twists and turns,
vibrant melodies, and fuzzy dark tones - altogether capable of melting
your perception of time and space beyond recognition."

Some reviews from the web:

"Lava-impregnated Hawkwind."
Flight 13 Records
"Elaborate and compelling compositions. Subtle trippy attitude. Really successful for a debut."
"Superb melodic psychedelic rock. One of the best albums that'll appear this year."           
Clear Spot
"Psychedelic songs with a foot deep in the 60s. High male vocals, fuzzy guitars, dark atmosphere...coool!"
"Dreamy, druggy, psych-pop."
Time Out New York
"Fast becoming the next psychedelic band to watch out for."
"Fine, sparse, psychedelic pop. Eccentric, yet accessible. This kind of psych belongs on a larger indie imprint, if not an adventurous major label."
The BSBTA Label Group
“Traveling Circle plays beautiful music with one of the most intriguing male vocals ever! Go get mesmerized!”
Delicate Howls of Wonder
"A beautiful mash of spaced out influences...a strange and interesting new breed of psychedelic pop."
The Deli Magazine
Great work indeed...