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Lock up your daughters! because AVER will be at her friend's house party screaming obscenities, hogging the stereo, breaking laws and vomiting in the swimming pool. Having just self-released their first album in April 2011, These unsigned 21-year-olds from Sydney, Australia have started out with a bang. Sounding like a radioactive Mudhoney took acid, smoked meth and played a gig underwater, this is Space/Stoner/Grunge for the thinking man, featuring didgeridoo, djembe and a scream that could strip paint. A style that defies genres. Spacey as shit, Heavy as fuck, No bullshit and No surrender. Get the headphones out for this one.

Aver's Facebook
Aver (Sydney, Australia) - 2011 - Aver

Side A:
Band Info: Myosis is a band from Karachi, Pakistan that plays a
painfully slow variety of doom metal a la Goatsnake, Melvins,
Eyehategod and Iron Monkey. The band is made up of Karachi Metal veteran
Asadullah Qureshi and the vocalist, Agha Majid, making his debut in the

Side B:
Band Info: From humble beginnings as a bedroom guitarist, J from
Singapore eventually progressed beyond music making and assembled his
own home studio. Releasing a few covers in 2008, J gained sufficient
experience to finally record, mix and produce his first demo,
Apotropaic, in 2009. Heavily influenced by funeral doom and sludge
such as YOB, Colosseum, The Funeral Orchestra, Esoteric etc, J sets
out to enshroud Singapore and Asia within a nebulous cloud of funeral

Myosis' Facebook Page
J's Facebook Page
Myosis (Pak) + (Sgp) J - Schism of Precepts (Split Album)

1 track makes it all.

"I'm currently living in Los Angeles and have been producing electronic music since 2001. Studied classical piano and guitar for eleven years and found my sound drifting to simpler...more meaningful territories. I realized through this development a necessity to house these 'newer' sounds under a different alias.Swenlo is now used for my downtempo/psychedelic productions

After many months on the calendar and well over a year in the works, 2009-2011 was spent digging for material that would fit Part I of this mix series (Generators of Evil). I figured what better time to launch my own imprint than with the release of this mix, something I invested a lot of energy and soul into. Spirit Charity was born.. "Vadim (Swenlo)


Swenlo - Generators of Evil. Part I

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