Baxter Stockman - 2013 - Punter LP/CD (Review)

First time I saw the band named Baxter Stockman on some hardcore gig poster few years ago...
They should play some cool powerviolence from the West coast. That's what thought first.
But nope, the things turned another way...
Baxter Stockman is awesome noiserock band from Finland. They did few CD-EPs, 1 single 7 inch "Romance". And "Punter" is their first fullength record.
Baxter Stockman is the the name of the creepy character from the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" cartoon series who was one third fly, one third machine, one third human. 
Usually song starts with the simplest minimalistic riff made by one move of a pick. Following atmosphere going with the same tempo but becomes more complicated.
With the minimalistic sound BxSx achieves raw and aggressive neandertal effect.
That's about the sound. Damn, I really love that wonderful feeling when you invent time machine and go back to early 90s' to catch the pure era of ugliness.
Their music comes right that way.
And what I always loved about Finland's noiserock scene is their poster art !
Get digital noise here :
Get waxy noise here :


Sent By the Band - March 2013


"Stockholm, Sweden-based dark hardcore outfit NO OMEGA have put their upcoming record Shame up for pre-orders via Throatruiner Records. This second full-length is due out April 10th on LP and CD, and is up for free download on Throatruiner Records' website. "

No Sun In San Francisco - 2013 - Principles And Particles

Five-pieces band emergeing from the swiss post-hardcore/math-rock scene, No Sun in San Francisco has just unleashed its full-length debut album, "Principles and particles", on february 28th (Limited CD editition/Digital).

Formed in Lausanne by Juan Pablo L'Huillier /// growling, Bruno Allaki /// drums, Etienne Ducommun /// bass beasting, Bruno Cetrangolo /// shredding & Raul Bortolotti /// shredding & artsy stuff, NSISF creates its own and intense musical path, between bestial postcore and high-technical math-rock in order to make an heavy and spontaneous "hard" without any restrictions in terms of style or sound. So No Sun In San Francisco is just "post-something". 
The album is available for exclusive full streaming sessions on the several partners : DailyRock, Idioteq, W-fenec Magazine & The NewNoise.  

 Get your copy on Band's e-shop and Domino Media Store.
For Fans of Cult of Luna, Isis, Converge, Unsane.

 Full Stream Here :

Jacob meets Blooming Látigo

The new project of David Cordero (ÚRSULA) and Marco Serrato (ORTHODOX) adapt, in their own way, songs from the unclassifiable BLOOMING LÁTIGO.

Orthodox "Der Fliegende Holländer"

Live show from one of the best band of recent times. It includes a new song called El Aullador

"It’s been many months of work talking about the project and agreeing a lot of details, but finally we take it up. Many people will say that we’re crazy to start something like this nowadays, but Knocturne Records isn’t an easy going project, as a matter of fact, they are not really interested in releasing music that is pleasant for everyone. We do it because we love it and enjoy doing so. It doesn’t really matter what happens from now on because we have the strong idea to bring out and release cassettes, cd’s or vinyl’s that shake us or grab our attention and curiosity. Our passion for music and believing in ourselves it’s what guides us. And for that, we work hard hoping that every single one of our releases has something special and different from the others."

Les Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel - 2013 - Arcane


"Arcane", the new full-length album by Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel (aka THE french stoner-rock brotherhood) will hit the stores on April 8th through Deadlight Entertainment (Peter Dolving, Loading Data, V13...)
Recorded at Cube Studio (Besançon, France), this brand new full-length effort (the second one after "Soundtrack from the motion picture", 2010) will be released on CD/LP and digital with an awesome cover-art done by ElvisDead (The Melvins, Graveyard, Sick of It all...).
From now, a new song by LDDSM, "Ouija", has just surfaced on the web and it kicks your ass right NOW.
For fans of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Clutch, Eagles of Death Metal, Motörhead...


Dirty Sound Magnet - 2013 - What lies behind        

Dirty Sound Magnet is Rock preserved at its peak.
Influenced by the finest artists of years long passed, four-pieces swiss rock entity Dirty Sound Magnet manages to integrate the freshness and power of the music of today. The creativity of DSM calls them to shirk the notion of a ‘label’ or a ‘genre’ for what they do is more than rock; it is from the first to the last ‘music’. The band already has had the pleasure to perform over 100 live shows in Switzerland and abroad.
Recorded by Bertrand Siffert (Young Gods), "What lies behind", the debut album from Dirty Sound Magnet contains nine highly inspirational tracks, which represent an odyssey through rock music and has been released in october 2012 through Phénix Records (Colorblind, Hemlock SMith) on CD & Digital.
By the way, from now available worldwide, "What lies behind" is also up for full streaming on Bandcamp.  



BUTE (Punk-Crust/France), and this is our second release "Crustatomic".
We are two, guitarist and megaphone. We record it on February 2013. Mixage, Mastering by Kenny Vukovic.


Aidan - The Relation Between Brain And Behaviour

Frekete Agency (Angelo from Le Scimmie runs it!) got new band in their Rooster.
Check it out !

Instrumental attitude, post metal delirium, stoner acceleration, sludge swamps.
These are the ingredients that make "The Relation
Between Brain And Behaviour" one of the debut albums to keep
an eye in this first part of 2013.
Recorded at Red Sound Studio in Molise - Italy, mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate,
Old), the album will be available as a free download from
from the day of its official release, Monday, Jan. 21 2013.
If bands like Sleep, Melvins and Isis are your reason for
life, the heavy sound of Aidan is what you
Try it!

Eibon - 2013 - II

2 solid pieces of pure sludge/doom heaviness.
Much better than their past stuff.
Don't miss it !

"After two splits, one MCD and one full-length, "II" marks EIBON's bleakest and most ambitious material to date. Recorded in a live setting by Sylvain Biguet (Comity, Revok, As We Draw…) then mixed and mastered by Francis Caste (Arkhon Infaustus, Kickback, Cowards…), "The Void Settlers" and "Elements Of Doom" are two massive twenty-minutes tracks where EIBON refine their very own vision of slow and painful music, infusing their raw sludge/doom with black metal and more atmospheric parts. A must-have for fans of Ramesses, Unearthly Trance or older Neurosis."

SANGRE DE MUERDAGO -Up coming Gatefold LP

"sangre de muerdago is pure raw energy....... music and words inspired by passionate living roaming out of society and civilization...... destroying taboos, destroying fears, into the depths of nature, welcome the unknown, welcome those with a pure heart...... on the road and on the trail, lost in the woods, into the wild, in the endless paths of the soul, just a blanket in the backpack, filled in the way with magic, laughs, moments, tears, hearts..... the wisdom of the old one, the child that doesn't grow...... seek the mysteries, throw the stone, run blindly with no goal, run through the woods, jump the gap, get wet, hug the wolf, howl at the moon, swim the seven seas...... fearless and innocent, criminal and free......"

European tour March-April 2013 :

24th – OST – Vienna @ Ekh
25th – OST – Graz @ Sub
26th – HR – Zagreb @ The Infoshop
27th – SLO – Ljubljana @ Tovarna Rog + Seeds in Barren Fields
28th – ITA – Bologna @ XM24 + Bland vargar
29th – ITA – Milano @ Villa Vegan
30th – CH – Bremgarten @ Kuzeb Fest
31st – CH – Lausanne

1st – FR – St.Ettienne/Grenoble
2nd – SPA – Barcelona @ Hangar + C-Utter + Wind Atlas
3rd – SPA – Valencia @ Flexi Discos
4th – SPA – Madrid @ Rock Palace + Otus
5th – POR – Aveiro @ Mercado Negro
6th – SPA – A Coruña @ Tio Ovidio
7th – SPA – Carballo @ A Reserva + La Casa Fantom
8th – SPA – Santiago de Compostela @ Tnt
9th – SPA – Bilbao @ Izarbeltz Ateneoa + Todo o Nada + The Jesus Grip
10th – FR – Bordeaux
11th – FR – Poitiers @ Le Zinc
12th – FR – Paris @ Au Chat Noir
13th – GER – Bonn @ ?? + Nebelung
14th – NL – Nijmegen @ Onderbroek
15th – GER – Hannover
16th – GER – Berlin @ Kastanien Keller
17th – GER – Leipzig @ Plaque + Peter Ross



Don't know how to react on this stuff.
Without description it makes no sense !
What the hell is that ?)

In current language, Jibóia is a boa constrictor, a snake that crawls close to the human skin. In music, we infer the same: Jibóia crawls close to the human skin, reaching the brain, making us to show off our dance moves from hell.

Óscar Silva is the one-man-artist behind this project: he loops, he plays with his pedals, he is the genius mind of Jibóia. Forget Marrakesh or the desert of Morocco: everything happens in Portugal with a guitar. You will experience, only with the sound, the bittersweet taste of kebab, while you move your feet, your body, your hand, your fingers… Mostly, you won’t be able to stop the movement. You will find yourself looking to the other side of the road, waiting for an actual snake to show up.

Being one of the sensations in the country without a single release, Jibóia’s first debut goes out on the 9th of March, via Portuguese label Lovers & Lollypops. Jibóia EP is a one sided 12’’, that was recorded on BlackSheep Studios, in collaboration with Makoto Yagyu.

 IZAH / Fire Walk With Us - 2013 - split CD EP

Robust and atmospheric music on this split.
IZAH comes from Roadburn's motherland - Tilburg.
Representing 1 long, heavy and catchy track.
FFO: High on Fire, Snowblood.

FWWU - are from Amsterdam.
Following with 2 Instrumental tracks.
Think of best works of Isis, Pelian...

1000 Mods - 2012 - Valley of Sand LP

Pretty fresh release from our fellas from Greece.
1 new track + 3 lives.
Wite wax. Ltd to 500.
Looks sexy.

Tour Info :

12.04 Fri - Greece, Agrinio @ Dewars
18.04 Thu - Bulgaria, Sofia TBA
19.04 Fri - Romania, Bucharest @ club PANIC
20.04 Sat - Romania, Cluj Napoca @ Gambrinus Pub
21.04 Sun - Slovenia, Ljubljana @ Klub Gromka
22.04 Mon - *Available*
23.04 Tue - Germany, Cologne @ Sonic Ballroom w/Planet of Zeus
24.04 Wed - Holland, Utrecht @ ACU w/Planet of Zeus
25.04 Thu - UK, London @ The Black Heart - Desertfest Opening Gig w/Enos
26.04 Fri - *Available*
27.04 Sat - Germany, Berlin @ Astra - Desertfest Berlin
10.05 Fri - Greece, Trikala @ Kentriki Plateia
11.05 Sat - Greece, Thessaloniki @ 8Ball
24.05 Fri - Greece, Athens @ AN Club w/Half Gramme of Soma & Omega Monolith


Booze Lords - 2013 - Legion of the Tankard

" Our band's sound is primarily doom influenced, but heavily saturated with other forms of metal and punk. "

Backinhg Band Project - 2013 - Drass 'N' Bum

Instrumental noiserock duo from Venezia, Italy with their debut album.

1914 Records

And tons of other cool stuff from Kumar you can find on the link bekow.