Robustfest 2016 (3rd round of announcements)

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stoner/psychedelic rock

Our western neighbours have always been something to look up to musicwise, from Czerwone Gitary to polski rap. But when it comes to smokey riffs and hypnotic grooves, both UA and PL scenes are pretty consistent in terms of good bands, with couple of them standing out proudly - like Weedpecker! On their first-ever visit to Ukraine quartet is going to play their recent material, deeply inspired by 90s Seattle scene.





This Kyiv's trio is a supergroup of already well-experienced and respected musicians of nowadays' UA underground scene. Knowing this, there's no wonder it didn't take them long to come up with their very own material soon after the first jammings together. Releasing three EPs in 2014 (!) and playing numerous gigs and festivals in 2015, PreeTone seemed to be too inactive recently. But lucky for all of us here they are, playing this edition of Robustfest!


+ 5 more bands to be announced during next weeks