Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome -  Nepenthes - new band from Japan with
Neghishi & Suto (ex-Church of Misery members)
 The band don't have any web site at the moment...
They gonna release CDEP somewhere in 2013.

Can't wait for this massacre.

Check this awesome live set :

 PS. In that case if you've missed another cool band with Neggie on vokillls - here's the link for review of Heavy Metal Glue


HELL COMES HOME - 7" split series

Newish label from Ireland (Galway) Hell Comes Home has released 12 splits 7" in 2012 (available as part of a box-set or individually) of sludge/doom/hardcore/metal.

I really love the way Joel choose the bands for each 7 inch.
The Artwork with insects deserves special applause.
Really good work done mate.
And It's a good damn marketing strategy. You can't just buy one or few 7 inches. You should grab the whole pack. And don't matter what band is on the vinyl and what it's playing.
Argggh, just jokin'...
Each band is really worth checking out. And even if you don't know it you'll be pleasently surprised.  

Hope you'll have some time to get this masterpiece.
Looking forward to see/hear volume 2 from Hell soon. 

Here's the List :

- Kowloon Walled City / Thou
- Suma / Ultraphallus
- Dephosphorus / Great Falls
- Akaname / Lesbian's Fungal Abyss
- Pyramido / Union Of Sleep
- Burning Love / Fight Amp
- Coffinworm / Fistula
- The Swan King / Tellusian
- Dukatalon / Rites
- Black Sun / Throat
- Dopefight / The Fucking Wrath
- Dead Elephant / Rabbits


Sent by the band...January 2013

Harvester - 2012 - The Blind Summit Recordings



 Good stuff for Sabbath worshippers.
4 piece from Galway, Ireland

"Harvester consist of former and current members of Rites Them Martyrs and Gummidge The band was formed through a mutual love of Black Sabbath and Guinness. "




Palm Desert release - 2013 - Rotten Village Sessions



3rd album from Polish desert-rockers. Check it !


Primitive Man - 2012 - Scorn

Really heavy shit outta here. on Throatruiner.

"Fronted by Ethan McCarthy of notable grind acts Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire and Death of Self, Denver, Colorado's PRIMITIVE MAN play some sort of blackened sludge/doom with hints of drone and d-beat in the vein of bands such as The Body, Thou or Khanate. An earth-shattering, bleak wall of crushing dissonance and pure sonic heaviness : "Scorn" is only the band's debut full-length, but it already sounds like one of the heaviest and most brutal records you'll hear for a while. Thirty nine minutes of pure, unrelenting destruction that will leave you bruised and bleeding."


VUYVR - 2013 - Eiskalt

Bleak metal/d-beat/crust on Throatruiner from members of Knut, Impure Wilhelmina, Rorcal, Elizabeth

Cower - 2012 - Mind Over Matter

2nd fullength from this awesome Portland's stoned hardcore band.

Three way plane - 2012 - Fire EP

Fresh Band from Greece

"Three way plane was formed at the end of 2003. February 2004: our first gig took place.
Several concerts, with friendly bands, followed in Athens and Thessaloniki.
We also had the luck to be the opening act for Savage Republic, Senser and Gallon Drunk.
We try to be open-minded and create music spontaneously through jamming and improvisation. Therefore we just combine our ideas and write music for


"we are The Dry Mouths, alternative/ Stoner Rock / Experimental band from Almeria (Spain). We contact you to present you our second album. "

Actually when I was writing this post the third album came out.
Sorry for the delay guys. You are the fast ones ).


VA - La Senelle Studio - Amaury Sauvé

2010 - 2012 Records Compilation 


"French producer/engineer Amaury Sauvé has released a free 15-song digital sampler featuring highlights from all of the studio's 2010-2012 releases. The sampler contains tracks from Birds In Row, Comity, As We Draw or The Prestige and can be downloaded via Bandcamp here "


Dead - 2012 - Idiots

Supercool duo straight from Melbourne, Australia.
Lo Fi noiserock/sludge heaviness right in your face !
Think Melvins & Harvey Milk are riffing your mum wearing Godflesh tees then.

 It's a pity that I don't have enough time to write a review on this masterpiece.


Aspen shot new video

we have posted this fabulous band before.

"Aspen its a band from Barcelos, Portugal (also hometown to such bands
as Black Bombaim and The Glockenwise), that started around late 2010,
have deceased their previous Stoner-Doom duo Cosmic Vishnu. Formed by
Tiago Pereira on guitar and Cristiano Veloso on drums, they've added
Vitor Oliveira on bass in 2011 and occasionally plays with a keyboard
player. In 2011 they've released their first EP, entitled "Winds of
Revenge" through the label Lovers and Lollypops. Aspen oscillates
between doom, ambient, sludge, heavy rock, etc."

They have a new video for "Owling to Lillith" 


Slide on Venus - 2012 - Topless 


"Eleven tracks referring to the best of brit-pop songwriting and american power-rock scene, SoV* plays a mix between power pop, indie, pop punk and high-energy rock elements in their groove oriented, electrifying music in order to get it owns "touch" : the art of writing fragments which score before executing them with an insurance which suffers no challenging... And that, these musicians know how to do it better than anybody."

For fans of Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Lostprophets, Twin Atlantic...


BILIS SICARIO - 2012 - Encuentro de Sutilezas

Hola from Mexico!

"BILIS SICARIO is a music project influenced by psychedelic Baja desert.
"The Baja desert... where deep inside another dimension, where in between the worlds of reality and infinity,
where outside of the boundaries of your own imagination, the music will take over to guide you to ...""


Obsidian Kingdom - 2012 - Mantiis

...hard-to-classify heavy music with plenty of contrast from Barcelona...

 "We are currently promoting our latest album, MANTIIS, a conceptual rock opera that flows through different genres. It has been mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios (Opeth, Katatonia) and its artwork has been looked after by Ritxi Ostáriz (Ihsahn, Ulver) and Elena Gallen (Kulte, VICE)."

No Omega - 2012 - Metropolis

"Stockholm, Sweden-based dark hardcore outfit NO OMEGA has signed to Throatruiner Records. The band will enter the studio in late january to record "Shame", the follow-up to its 2012 effort "Metropolis". This new full-length is due out this spring on 12" vinyl, just before an european tour with This Gift Is A Curse. In the meantime, head over to NO OMEGA's Bandcamp page to stream and download their previous releases for free"

Traveling Circle - 2013 - Escape From Black Cloud

Second Album from Brooklyn psychedelics is out on Nasoni Records.

Romero - 2013 - Take The Potion

I'm really happy for the band which Kickstarter compaign was successful.
Hopefully Robustfellow had involved some pledgers on this point too )

So Check the album and dl it for free if you like.

 Toby Wrecker - 2013 - Sounds Of Jura

"Toby Wrecker is the guitarist from the Melbourne duo Hotel Wrecking City Traders(HWCT) and Daggers Mid Flight, which is a combination of two bands HWCT and Spider Goat Canyon. "

Mental Architects - 2013 - Celebrations

 "Adebisi Shank, ASIWYFA and Battles are good bands for you? OK right, so Mental Architects, the awesome math-rock/noise/pop trio from Sofia, Bulgaria should be interesting for your ears and mind. Its debut full-length album, "Celebrations", produced and engineered by Aaron Harris (ex-Isis) and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate) is now available for full streaming on SoundCloud.

This awesome record, includes notable guest appearances by Joseph Andreoli of math-rock bigwigs Giraffes? Giraffes! and Bryant Clifford Meyer of Isis/Red Sparowes is distributed right now on beautiful limited digipack CD edition by the Domino Media Group (Feuerzeug // Now, Voyager // No Sun in San Francisco // The Black Widow's Project...)."

Wiht - 2012 - The Harrowing of the North

UK Doomanoids Are finally pressed on vinyl.
They deserve it fo 300%

"Wiht are a Leeds-based trio who started out in March 2009 and whose epic,instrumental style straddles a spectrum of all things riff laden, fuzzed out, epic and psychedelic. Wiht’s first full album The Harrowing of The North is a two song, 33-minute concept piece taking influence thematically, from the subjugation of the North of England byWilliam the Conqueror in the 11th century, it tells the troubled history of Doomsday-era Yorkshire. Track 1 ‘The Harrowing of The North’, contains 8 movements which follow the raids from their beginnings in 1069- when the King massacredYorkshire’s people and destroyed the land ensuring it held no economic orcultural worth and remained subservient under his rule- to his remorseful deathbed nearly 20 years later. The second track is dedicated to outspokenchronicler ‘OrdericVitalis’ who, though loyal to his king, was outragedat his cruelty and condemned him in his writings.
The band have played across the UK, supporting Brant Bjork and the Bros, Yob, Corrosion of Conformity, Humanfly, Khuda, Dopefight, A Forest of Stars and Conan.
Wiht called in Quits in March 2012, bowing out at the mighty Desertfest, playing alongside Corrosion of Conformity, Orange Goblin, Ancestors and Black Cobra to name a few. But the story was not finished, oh no. Indeed…Wiht had one song left, in steps Devouter Records, to release ‘The Harrowing of the North’ with the added, unrecorded track ‘End of the Reign’ and booooooom…..the rest is history. "

"Limited edition 300 copies of Wiht - Harrowing of the North extended edition with bonus track on colour vinyl."