Eternal Elysium - 2016 - Resonance of Shadows CD (Review)

The more you wait the more tasty it comes !
Every single time.
Few years ago Robustfellow has made reviews for split with Sardonis and "Highflyer" EP.
Now it's really big pleasure and honor to listen to "Resonance of Shadows" on CD
It comes in a cool Japanese eco pack with the lyrics sheet (Jap/Eng).
The more you play it the deeper it comes. Every single time.
The most creepy & doomy riffs are on this record.
The most retro-hard tunes are on this record.
The most epic and psychedelic vibes permeate this record.
"Resonance of Shadows" consists of: most songs with mixed lyrics (Japanese vs. English), one instrumental, one doomy apocalyptic cover and one completely Japanese song.
This CD will reach my TOP 2016 for sure.
And I'll be waiting for a vinyl version with bonus track on Headspin Recs.
(as usual for the few records from the past)


(2016 Cornucopia Records-JP)
track listing:
1. Ingah
2. The Breeze Says Go
3. Hiroshima
4. Cosmic Frequency
5. Views On C#
6. Unbound
7. The Ancient Soul
8. Sekibaku

6th album.
Featuring EE’s cover of the classic Flower Travellin’ Band tune, “Hiroshima”.
Double LP will be released later in 2016 by Headspin Records-NL.
Track 5 is a re-recording, track has previously appeared on "Mysterious Views In Stone Garden" vinyl.
Track 6 is a re-recording, track has previously appeared on "Ascending Circulation" split EP.