Fistula Interview (May 2015)

Hey Corey! How are you doing? Grab your beer and make yourself comfortable


Since the first days of Fistula, you’re the only one who remained “in business”, while many other people also participated. I don’t want to seem rude, but why does Fistula like it so much to devour its participants?

I never had some master plan for what happens. Life is a fucker.

Are you happy with Dan Harrington’s job? It must be very convenient to make your releases on his label? Does he share money from the sales with you?)

Im very happy with Dans role in Fistula. He is my brother as well as my bandmate...and he crushes on the mic...so yeah i am happy..listen to the music...wouldn't you be happy? As far as being convenient to release certain things on Patac....no..we all have soo much going on and we live in different states...its not convenient...so we all work hard to get it done. Of course he shares all the cash...who do you think paid for my Benz parked outside my. Phat cribb yo

Your songs tell about different things. One of the popular topics is that of serial killers and maniacs; do you think one of these persons can get the top place in the list of the most bloody people destroyers?

No...because they are whale shit on the scale when it comes to true evil and death in numbers..just listen to how many people the rolling stones have killed

This year has just begun, and you have already managed to release a new ЕР Ignorant Weapon. It has two your own songs and two covers, one of which is made for GG Allin! Who released it and what’s your GG Allin’s favorite song?)

It is a 2 label release with let the bastards grind & Bad road. My favorite gg song is fuckin the dog or die when you die

Everybody knows that the band takes a lot of time, but every person has a hobby, somebody collects beer caps, or used panties, etc) What're your hobbies? What do you like to do to kill a spare time?

Sharpening pencils

Could Sludge be called an anti-stress cure? And if it's "yes" - why?

You enjoy it..makes you happy right? No stress...

What’s your attitude to religion and will you agree with me that religion is a powerful social weapon?

Religion ...any organized religion...is fucked. Hail the Easter bunny..fuk fuk

I’ve heard rumors that you’re going to visit Russia and give two concerts there. Is that truth?

I fucking hope so..and i hope we play with meth drinker

Simple, but still necessary question. What’re your plans for 2015? Already considered how the band should advance hereafter?

Our plans are to work on new recordings and work Branca back into the band on 2 nd guitar..which had already begun. We have shows lined up in july to test some new songs out...get our cray horses moves down pat son!!

Corey, I know that you’re a very active underground fellow. Can you remember in how many bands you have participated? What’re your favorite ones (except for Fistula, of course)? 

I cant remember really but my favorite beside fistula would be accept death with matt and scott.....sloth was fun.....disease concept with jesse..griff.tommy.dave..morbid wizard....rue....sollubi...son of jorel... Blackwell..fuck man..all of them are favorites....

What do you think about women in sludge/doom/stoner? I love brutal female vocals.

Im all for it..

What was the creepiest thing that you’ve ever seen, something that makes your hair turn gray?

Tim conways hairpiece

Aaaand cut! That’s all, thank you very much for this interview!

Thanks for the wonderful moments..i will cherish them always.
-Corey Bing, May 2015

(Questions by Bilous Alexander)

Fistula @ Roadburn 2015, Saturday 11th April 

(vieo by Dmit Rötenplatz)