Robustfest 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen, Fellas & Fellitas, Dudes & Dudettes !

Robustcrew gladly presents :
This Autumn Robust Circus comes to town with it's 3rd volume.
Date : October 12th 2013
Place : "Old Opera House" (Angar)
  Dehtiarivska vulytsia, 5, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tickets : 

150 UAH (15 Euro) (ltd. to 100 tickets) (from 15th of August till 15th of September)
200 UAH / 20 Euro on 12th of October
300 UAH / 30 EUR "Robustfest + Afterparty" (only 30 tickets available)

If you buy festival+afterparty ticket you will get a special package that includes :

- Robust pin or magnet
- Robust Sticker
- Tokens for a free beer on the After Robust Party
- Map with information: how to get to the "Secret Cave"
- info Book

To purchase tickets please use this link:

Gates Opened :14:00
Show Starts : 15:00

We've found the ultimate "Robust line-up" formula since past year's volume :
9 bands from 6 countries on one stage.

Line-up for ROBUSTFEST vol.III :

THE MACHINE (NL) - Psychedelic Fuzz Rock/Elektrohasch Recs.
LOINEN (FIN) - Sludge
THE BRIMSTONE DAYS (Sweden) - Retro 70s' Hard/Stoner
BELZEBONG (PL) - Instrumental Stoner/Doom
THE GRAND ASTORIA (SPB, RUS) - Psychedelic Stoner/Alternative/Experimental
SATELLITE BEAVER (Poland) - Stoner/Doom/Psychedelic
SOMALI YACHT CLUB (Lviv, UA) - Psychedelic/Stoner/Shoegaze
THANK YOU, ICELAND ! (Kiev, UA) - Alternative/Stoner/Southern Rock
KEEPLEER 18 (Chernigov, UA) - Sludge/Hc

After ROBUST Party:

BOMG (UA) "Playing Polynseeds at it's entire"
Jam session together with  The Legendary Flower Punk
Mourning Glory Lounge

Posters and announces :


Ladies and gentlemen we are ready to announce our final participant. Any precise and durable mechanism is always managed by a mastermind behind the curtains. No one sees him but he’s there, he holds threads to every piece of the mosaic and it is he who can control it or destroy it. Our Robust Show couldn’t happen without such mastermind whose invisible presence makes every atom of your being tremble. 

Now, please stand in AWE, because what you behold is The Machine. This incredible construction born from the genius of human mind is that background puppet master whose presence you’ve felt all along the way. First time in Eastern Europe this mind-boggling Machine will perform on the stage of our finest Robust Fest, first time in your life you will experience the unforgettable play with you mind. It’s going to be an extraordinary experience that will never leave your memory.



Neanderthal nightmare is coming from the Northern Swamps !!!
After 2 years of close correspondence with this finnish band we're finally glad to say :
LOINEN is coming to ROBUSTFEST !!!
If your child suddenly asks : "What is sludge ?"
You can answer without any doubt : "Try Loinen, please"

The stick to one's memory and sick artworks are doing good work while listening to Loinen.
 Loinen disclaims any Guitars - It's Double Bass attack.

The band was formed more then 10 years ago. It became a cult after the debut Selftitled LP, split with STUMM, and couple of demos and various splits.  Then Secundus (vox/guitars) passed away in 2009. But the band is still acting well during past years :
Check their fresh split with Horse Latitudes, Doctrines of Desolation (Tape)
and crazy collaboration with Paanin Kuoro called "Mutajazz" 
New LP is also on the way.

(Text by PhillO))))



Attention everyone! Let’s look at those young artists, who have a lot of aces under their sleeves too. Please welcome one more beautiful lady on the robust stage – Mrs. Brimstone from Scandinavia! 

Her cheerfulness and open heart gives her the ability to speak with animals, but her real passion is birds. But don’t think about blood-chilling masterpiece of Mr. Hitchcock, it has nothing to do with our beautiful Mrs.Brimstone. Her love to birds is her single motivator, and she has almost reached perfection at it. Be sure to see her charming performance on the 12th of October at the third installation of Robustfest.


(SPB, Russia)

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome our mysterious Mr. Astorius. What a skull, what a hat, and what god-damn brilliant stick he’s got! Is there a man or a skeleton under his cloak?! Who knows! What we do know is that this guy loves to experiment. He’s surely got a lot of aces under his sleeve - whether it’s stoner, psychedelic, punk, doom or you-name-it-classy-stuff, he’s got it and he’s going to show it right when you least expect it, so brace yourself.

Europe has seen his shows more than 300 hundred times, but Kiev has never experienced his outstanding performances. Robust Crew brings you the first show of the outstanding Mr. Astorious in Kiev. His latest mesmerizing music-box “Punkadelia Supreme” as well as his earlier works will be available at the show.
(Text by Stonezilla)



That’s what all of you have been waiting for! Following the requests from our dear visitors of the second Robustfest we have invited this giant to our party. Applause to bong-smoking, body-building, riff-laden monster Belzebong. What he does for living amazes not only men, women and children but all kinds of heavy underground creatures as well.

His evil-twin shadow is always behind him. While he’s busy showing his best smoke-doom muscle tricks, his shadow is busy offering pot to everyone around him. Some say that if you stare at him for too long there will be no coming back to sanity and you will remain stoned forever. But it’s not something you want to avoid, eh? Pay us a visit on the 12th of October at the third volume or Robustfest, and you’ll see this monster in action.    
(Text by Stonezilla)
Check one track of their new  LP here :




We are glad to announce our fellow from Poland, the brother of Belzebong giant – amazingly flexible Beaver Man. He’s small, but surprising and believe it or not - he will make an impression you won’t be able to forget. He did numerous outrageous shows in different areas of Europe, but this time he will impress you with the new set he prepared specially for our circus. 

His exclusive performance for Robustfest, will make ladies faint and gentlemen boggle. As for children - if you want to bring them with you, you’d better change your mind because it’s not something that young eyes can stand. Come to the Robust circus to see the tricks you will remember for a lifetime, the tricks of the inimitable Beaver Man.


Just one more announcement before we uncover the name of our final participant. His look is dreadful, but his heart is kind – please welcome Mr. Somali, the honorable president of west-Ukrainian yacht club, who owns the secrets of deadly knives and sharp edges of all kinds. How many times have you tried to impress your friends with knife tricks? How many times have you failed at it? Each time you’ve tried? If yes, then Mr. Somali is someone who you should see, if not then you have even more reasons to see the Incredible Dwarf because what he will show you will make your adrenaline spill out of your body. But you don’t have to worry, he has never harmed anyone because he loves every living being and sees no difference between them.

Those of you, who have seen the Incredible Dwarf together with the mighty hobos from the Red Fang troupe this June, will be especially surprised because Mr. Somali prepared a specially program for our Robust Show –even sharper and more precise than before.


(Chernigov, Ukraine)

Seniors and senoritas, please be informed that the list of our newcomers was just refreshed with mind-boggling Madam Keepleer. Hereditary medium and a sorceress of the seventh generation, she can communicate with the dead, listen to the living and foresee the future. Her kin is in affinity with the inhabitants of distant stars, and she owns the knowledge of the darkest abyss – so horrible, that no human being can imagine. 

Distant ancestors of Madam Keepleer have done business with angels and demons, ghosts and werewolves, warlocks and wizards, and now all their knowledge is transferred to Madam Keepleer through the ages. Her charming voice bewitched hundreds, and her sophisticated manners will surprise those, who think that the keepers of her ancient craft are just a bunch of dirty beggars. Please pay us a visit on this autumn evening, and our Robust circus will give you the unqiue opportunity to hear something that will change you forever, because even the most artful rascal wasn’t able to keep his secrets from Madam Keepleer.


(Kiev, Ukraine)

Robust circus is glad to open its doors to you - our cherished visitor.  Please welcome our secret weapon – the native of northern Lands, the hermit of Iceland vastness – Mr. Volcano. For many of you, his performance will be a surprise, because before the Robust show, Mr. Volcano didn’t show his outstanding skills to the wide public. 

But his indomitable temper and virtuoso fire taming skills made him famous far beyond his cold island, that’s why he decided to show the world his devilish magic. Keep the fire alive in your hearts, ladies and gentleman, but if you can’t do it, Mr. Volcano will do it for you. Looks like you all want it, don’t you? 




"Playing Polynseeds at it's entire"

(poster art by Viktor "Absurd" from Kiev)

Heaviest father/son collaboration in the world's history.
One year later all the band members moved to Kiev and opened  
EVERGREEN Rehearsal Room\Recording Studio
Their debut album "Polynseeds" that was released as a digital stuff on bandcamp in July 2013 deserves to be pressed on heavyweight vinyl for sure in the nearest future.
 "Polynseeds" was recorded and mixed on the EVERGREEN Studio.
It has extremely cool sound and concept.
There is a good chance to catch BOMG alive and swallow an hour of pure Stoner/Doom!

 Jam session together with The Legendary Flower Punk


 (poster by Mila "Hopeless" from Moscow)

Here's another master for the Robust Afterparty.
Mr. Kamille of The Grand Astoria himself will show you some breathtaking trick.
The rest fellas from the main fest will be on the same rope as well.


Poster by xNinja (Kiev, UA)

Turnaround is a Heavy Blues-Rock/Progressive Rock trio from Kiev, UA

At the head of the Kyiv trio, performing heavy blues-rock with a strong influence of early British progressive, is the irrepressible Max Tovstyj, a permanent member of many bands (Crawls) whose material recorded live at his studio, Broken Bricks. Being a native tradition of the "golden" age hippies, Turnaround reflect the musical eclecticism that glorious time: next to the typical blues standard may attend a 10-minute art-rock suite, and tricked arrangements compensated rock and roll feeling. After the release of their debut album and EP Turnaround is now ready to begin recording their second full-length, promising to go deep into the progressive jungle.


Poster by Mila "Hopeless" (Moscow, RU)

Drop Sum is Taras Yakobchuk (Kiev, Ukraine). Yes, that’s right – from air. Microphone noise, room air static and manipulations with its properties led to the creation of a tiny program, that extracts harmonics from ambience noise. Furthermore, these harmonics are used to build the chords in pure intonation. Skipping technical details, let’s just say that the process of creating such music is generally identical to the listening process. John Cage clearly demonstrated that any noise can be music if it has a listener. Therefore, music is just a matter of a starting point in your system of values.

If you’re looking for the right place to play this music, it is likely that it will be the majestic dome of a giant telescope, or the pavilion of the mission control center on a space station from the future. Distinctly futuristic landscape, with smooth architectural forms in bright colors. Idyllic picture of a bright future, with no place for imperfection.


All Arts and Posters by xNinja

ANGAR's facebook page :
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Read some interesting historical info about the place here :

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