Some Good stuff for good fellas...

Admiral Angry - 2010 - A Fire To Burn Down The World [ep]
1 track makes it all. sludge as a fuck.
Buy this piece of concentrated anger here

Blasting Concept - 2010 - Self Titled
Bl'ast meets Black Flag meets Pentagram
Buy on mighty Corruption Records

Slut Sister (-ex Drone Throne) - 2008 - Raw Meat

yes, this was before Drone Throne...yes, it's not bad at all)

The Deviltones - 2005 - Riding The High Horse
Great Dirty Southern r'n'r. ATP & Orange Goblin meets Motorhead. & Nashville Pussy.

Thou - Moloch - Tears That Soak A Callous Heart - Split LP 2010
This is solid sludge/doom at it's best. US vs. UK. Both Win.
Hope to hear Moloch's LP soon...
Myspace Moloch
Thou Web
Buy an amazing LP on Feast of Teentacles

Tinsel Teeth - 2010 - pink eye

Probably the best noiserock/sludge album for the last time. Girrrl is singin' )
you can find some more stuff from this band on the greatest noiserock orientated blog http://www.shinygreymonotone.com
This is supposed to be sexy anyway, ehh )

Tokio Sex Destruction (Spain) - 2004 - Black Noise is the New Sound!

Tokio Sex Destruction (Spain) - 2006 - 5th Avenue South

Tokio Sex Destruction (Spain) - 2009 - The Neighbourhood
TSD - Great Spain's high energy r'n'r/garage madness

Clouds - 2011 - ‘B Chuggas May Be Logging’ EP
Not so good as "We Are Above You" and "Legendary Demo", but still rocks

Drawbridgeman (UK) – 2011 - Drawbridgeman

Great Album from Progressive Stoner band from the UK. Sounds Heavy and Original. Dig it.