Bootlegger's Creed, Vol. 25 - Ufomammut

Ufomammut - 2012-04-28 - Freiburg

01+02 Stigma
ORO: Opus Primum
03 Empireum
04+05 Aureum
06 Infernatural
07 Magickon
08 Mindomine
09 outro

mp3 320

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Shrinebuilder - 19.04.2010 - Kortrijk, Belgium (Video, Pro Shot)

Recorded by 4x4 Belgium TV
21 mins PRO SHOT

1) Nagas 1 and 2
2) Pyramid of the Moon

Scott Kelly (Neurosis)
Al Cisneros (Sleep, Om)
Dale Crover (Melvins)
Wino (The Obsessed, Saint Vitus)

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Johny B Gut added to the Robustfest line-up

Ladies And Gentlemen Please Welcome :

Johny comes from nice stoned Ukrainian city called Lviv.
They shoot a southern fried Stoner/Doom that makes you wear a cowboy hat.

These guys don't have any web page. Fuck it. It's a doomed underground.
Johny B Gut / Bomg Split CD coming soon...We all hope it will be done before the Robustfest.