One of the greatest bands from the smog island and one of my personal faves 
has recently released their 4th album.
It has a title "The Disgrace".
It sounds fucking masssive. Having strong british industrial base (think of early Pitchshifter and Fudge Tunnel and Godflesh)  and american  noise-rock influences (16, Unsane and take best bands from AmRep, Sub Pop).
Also I need to mention that  Kunal (Superfi rec's. boss) entered the band in 2012 and I'm sure this is a good upgrade.
"This Disgrace" will be out in January 2013. Three mighty labels splits 500 copies of wax : British Superfi and Riot Season and French Swarm Of Nails
If you havn't heard this fabulous band yet - you should also check three previous albums too.

Release Info :

Art Of Burning Water were born out of the ‘white flats’ of Hanwell (W7) and the pre-gentrified homes of Hammersmith (W6) in West London in 2001. The sound of suburban alienation and misfit isolation forged an awkward visceral sound that was too punk for the metallers, too noisy for the arthouse crowd and too weird for seemingly everyone else. AOBW continue to plough their own furrow despite personal injury and often chronic disorganisation. with self-promotion taking a back seat to the importance of sound creation to combat the often ugly hardships of everyday living.
Like Slayer gone sludge, AOBW channel the prime noise-rock of vintage Zeni Geva and Godflesh with the more complex rhythmical riff obsessions of the Melvins, Keelhaul and mid-period Voivod. In saying that however, AOBW also adhere to the original punk philosophy of ‘anything goes’. There are no restrictions. Punk isn’t about Discharge (as good as they were and are), studded belts and crusty bum flaps. Punk is the heart to tell the narrow minded to get fucked.

“This Disgrace” continues the more spontaneous writing approach of third album “Love You Dead” with some emotionally draining dirge sections akin to a more budget “Children Of God”-era Swans, “What’s This For?” period Killing Joke as well as the “Souls At Zero” beatings of Neurosis. All subject to opinion of course. For fans of : Godflesh, Swans, Melvins, Unsane, Jesus Lizard, Mastodon etc etc


Sent by the band during November 2012

CUBE - 2012 - S/T

Stoned Grunge from Greece. 
Pretty good one.

"Newest Spinalonga Records/Body Blows co-release, Cube just released their self-titled debut LP digitally and on vinyl 12” in a limited pressing (250 copies).

In the midst of the economic crisis in Greece, Cube are releasing what seems like a 90’s heavy rock revival. Focused on groove and straight-up heavy rock, the band delves into prog-rock experimentation but never loses the grungy aesthetic that cuts through the entire album.

The quartet have released a few tracks over the years on various compilations such as the ‘In the Junkyard’ series -featuring fellow greek acts the Dive, Planet of Zeus, the Bliss, Nightstalker among others- (Spinalonga Records, Greece) and the ‘Rock ‘n Roll Blvd vol.1’ -featuring bands like Honcho, Monkey 3, Kayser and more- (Buzzville Records, Belgium)."



"Inspired by the harsh Australian outback, it continues the great doom / stoner metal journey."


Junkyard Birds - 2012 - Free Wheeling Free Will

French R'n'R Mayhem

"For years the Junkyard Birds haunt backstages and venues, providing a total in-your-face heavy-blues rock'n roll experience to the audiences, blasting speakers and breaking strings for the everlasting pleasure of your bleeding ears. " 

For fans of Boris, The Hellacopters, Fu Manchu, Ramones, Turbonegro...



MAKE - 2012 - Axis

New EP by drone fellas

"MAKE recently entered the studio to begin recording tracks  the EP with engineer Nick Petersen (Horseback, Bon Iver). 
Says guitarist Scott Endres of the new EP: “It's not necessarily meant to be a cohesive statement but rather ideas we had which didn't necessarily fit in with the material we've been preparing for the next LP. I think the EP format is perfect for that sort of thing... allowing an artist to express different ideas which perhaps don't fit in within the context of some other greater whole. I suppose we could have added a few more minutes of music to this and called it a short LP but this isn't the statement we're looking to make in following 'Trephine'. We see this more as an appetizer or aperitif. Sonically though, it's both more psychedelic, more metal and less metal than we've previously been. In that order."


Lilium Sova - 2012 - Epic Morning

"4 years after the awesome "Tripartite chaos" debut album, the atypical instrumental hailing from Geneva, (Switzerland) Lilium Sova, is back with a new full-length effort coming on november 16th through Cal of Ror Records (Rorcal).

Emerged in early 2006 as a trio playing a fairly unique mixure of noise-hardcore and post-metal with a pinch of free-jazz, the band is back in 2012 with a new line-up and "Epic morning". A brand new album recorded & mixed by JP Schopfer @ Wool studio and mastered by Raphael Bovey, including guests appearances from members of Impure Wilhelmina, Kehlvin, Yog, Rorcal..."


Kursed - 2012 - Miaow 



"Two years after an acclaimed debut effort, "Like a coffee", released on M&O Music/Mosaic Music Distribution, Kursed makes its return with a brand new album called : "Miaow".

Young French indie-rock trio from Montpellier, Kursed plays an alternative indie-rock music somewhere between Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys with a French touch."


Craig Hughes - 2012 - Hard Times: Volume 1

Fresh EP from
Craig Hughes, an alt.blues/roots musician and songwriter (also lead guitarist with heavy psych-rock band Dog Moon Howl) based in Glasgow, Scotland. 
Best soundtrack for the end of the week.


Direwolves - 2012 - Me From Myself, To Banish 



"French record label Throatruiner Records has just put out the vinyl edition for DIREWOLVES's "Me From Myself, To Banish", limited to 500 copies on clear vinyl. Recorded by Amaury Sauvé (producer/sound engineer for Birds In Row, As We Draw, Comity...), the debut EP from this french hardcore/crust band reminds of bands such as Alpinist, Lewd Acts or Killing The Dream. "


Kalkh-In(joy) Erode - 2012 - Clear

"Drone, & dark, ambient, psychedelic, rock, doom, lo-fi, dunno... Some atmospheres in one ambience. unstable and improvised."


Immovable Objects - 2012 - I'll Know to Believe in Sparrows

"This San Diego's quintet’s sound  has been compared to God Speed You Black Emperor, Explosions in the Sky, Mum, Sigur Ros, Panda Bear and Her Space Holiday."


Black Science - 2012 - An Echo Through the Eyes of Forever 



 Increase your telepathic abilities today!
Full of danger space-stoned rock

The Black Widow's Project - 2012 - Heavy heart

Awesome hype band from Geneve !

 "there is a new swiss rock'n'roll band in town : The Black Widow's Project playing deep-rock (between stoner and grunge with 70's influences).  Greatness and decadence, poetry and rock n’roll, love and sex, peace and war. 
These are the words that inspire this atypical rock band, performing a music both clean and dirty, coated with primitive hard rock which would flirt with the energies of grunge music."

Check the new video tune from the upcoming album.

TESA - 2012 - IV

"Soberly entitled IV, the third full-lentgh album of our favorite Latvian band is composed of 3 long tracks, a magnificent blend of sludge and post-rock played with a singular sound that has made TESA a unique proposition for years. The music of the three-piece band from Riga drenches the listeners into multiples feelings, intertwining beautiful, melancholic and heavy atmospheres with a very subtle hardcore undercurrent. IV is the long-anticipated follow-up to heartbeatfromthesky released in 2008."


Voltron - 2012 - Kaventsmann

Quite good sludge/doom from Berlin

VA - 2013 - Devils Kitchen 2013

2013. Australia. Fest. Killer Line-up.
This compilation is full of pleasent surprises from Australia. 

"After a four year hiatus, the legendary good time stoner-punk-death-boogie-sex-rock showcase is back, taking in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in January 2013. "

Early Mammal - 2012 - Horror at Pleasure

"Early Mammal started on February 1st 2012 in an old butter factory in Camberwell, South London, called Dropout (London's true home of sludge and noise).  Formed by Rob Herian (ex-Elks http://www.heavyplanet.net/2011/10/new-band-to-burn-one-to-elks.html) on guitar and vocals, Ben Davies (ex-85 Bears) on drums, and with the prog-stylings of Turkish born Deniz Belendir on organ and synths, the band spent hours jamming heavy blues, space-rock and psyche with the likes of Captain Beefheart, High Rise, White Hills and Hawkwind on the brain, and in September 2012 finally finished recording their first album, Horror at Pleasure, which is looking for a 2013 release.

It's head-down-rock; it's fuzzed-out and heavy.  But there's also something wrong in the story.  That's what the last few months have created in Early Mammal and that's what you get.  That's what we all get because there's something not right about any of us, anywhere.  All our stories are fucked.  Early Mammal is coming from somewhere else.  It's expected and it's telling you something. "


Elephant Hawk Moth - 2012 - S/T

"ELEPHANT HAWK MOTH: That is energetic Alternative-Rock, with massive sound, ambitious songwriting, coaxingly playful but aggressive, supported by lyrics with a reflective tinge."