Hail to all the Robust-music lovers...

Hey Hey Hey, Doomanoids!

The Robustfest vol.1 ended almost 2 and a half weeks ago, but I still have a wonderful feeling about all things that we have done.

Huge thanks goes to all the bands that have played during that beautiful day, all stoned ladies, doom-heads, hardcore kids, security-bikers, veganburger makers, tickets & tokens selling girls, drunk barmens...whoever you are and whatever you wanna be called - We Salute You !

It was a fabulous experience for everybody from the Robust Crew. And I hope that most of guests were pleased too.

I'll try to make a small review about the Robustfest action :

More than 150 people have bought the tickets, so it's not actually bad for the first time, erh ?)
And if you add 70 people from bands & robust crew - there will be a good number !
The fest started with the delay in just 20 minutes. In the middle of the fest the bands came to the original Schedule by themselves. Every band had good self-organization. So thanks again to them for such a strain.

Most Photos by T.Rexa

All the bands were amazing by their own way:

Slow Ride Home opened the festival with the shine of the sun. Great Instrumental vibes.

Kiev's Bluesbreaker punched the publick with the good dose of oldschool hc mixed with catchy bluesy riffs.

Bomg from Monastyryshe, UA was a biggest surprise to me. Slow & Heavy. Fabulous Debut of father/son/Electric Wizard collaboration. These Guys will have a good future in records and live shows for sure.

Stoned Jesus - great & artistic as they are.

Forever Wasted - ugly and dirty, just the way it should be. Sludge is a word. Begotten movie on the background was terribly strong )

Torn From Earth - were absolutely smashing. Heavy, slow/intence vibes in your face.

Ethereal Riffian - I was so glad to watch and listen to ER for the first time. Great artistic debut. Wonderful percussion, Dejiridu (australian tube), black robes, 3! smoke machines, special lights, Stonezilla's intence guitar work, Shamanic video made by SAF (Hope you'll get a better screen on Redburn), the guys made really hard work prepearing this festival. Hug you all for yor blasting first time appearence !)))

Kamni - Good people & excellent, expressive musicians. I can watch them live forever.

Tombstones - I'd better say - "no comments" doomy tunes. You've saw 'em by your eyes, heard 'em by your ears. If not - you'd better punch yourself. Cool guys with a great sence of humour.

Currently we're thinking about the next volume. We wrote and underlined all the mistakes and shortages about the organization, so next year there will be less of them.
Nobody knows how the things can turn next year, anyway we wanna keep the same place for the fest & bring that great friendly DIY feeling for the next event. Maybe moving dates for early week in September. Maybe 2-3 days. We'll see later.

Cheers to the fans of Robust music!
Hope to see you next year!

Sincerely yours,
PhillO))) & Robustcrew

Some links to review Robustfest vol.1 :

Slow Ride Home & Bomg foto sets
Vkontakte (by T.Rexa) - closed group
http://t-rexa.livejournal.com/ (Official Big Photoset of the Event)
http://kiev.vgorode.ua (Foto set)
Weak Review - we should grow togather, ehh ?))

(more videos and photos to follow soon...)

Few words to add about the TFE/Tombstones tour over Ukraine. That was lika a dynamite blast!

Uzhgorod (7.09.2011) - A little bit strange show in "Cactus"
Read a Report
Zhytomyr (8.09.2011) - Good shot in the Christian Biker Pub "God's Garage"
Photos , Report
Chernigov (9.09.2011) - awesomeness. The "Garage" is doomed...doomed
Kiev - (10.09.2011) heh, you've already ate the core.
Lviv - (11.09.2011) Great line up, local stoner sludge fest in "Starushka".
Photos (vk), Stoned Jesus (video), Selma (video), Somali Yacht Club (video)