Bands that are worth to be mentioned at the end of 2013

CortisoL - 2013 - The Feminist + Fleischkraft

 Truly sick sludge from the Canadian border.
Lovely art-wok, Charming vocal parts, thrashy sounds, What else do you need ?

 "the magnificent new CortisoL CD release in a wonderful gatefold eco-wallet. This CD contains the band's latest recording: the larger than death mini album The Feminist; plus the shamefully unreleased 2007 classic album Fleischkraft - for a total of 21 hits of the best sludgethrashpunkmetaldoom manufacture since the Mayan failure."


GOYA - 2013 - 777

Great album after great Demo.
Nice artwork.
Heavy Stoner/Doom from Phoenix.

Dog Attack- 2013 - Dog Attack 


 Hungarian Crustcore attack.

 THE DISEASE CONCEPT - 2013 - Your Destroyer

 Fullblown sickness from allstar fuckers.

FLESHPRESS - 2013 - Tearing Skyholes

A sudden surprise at the end of the year.
It's always a pleasure to find a new release on Kult of Nihilow Recs.

Slow, long, atmospheric songs. From minimalistic ambient to solid sludge monolith.
This essay slays. It's hard to take in one listening. It requires more and more rounds to go deeper inside the concept.

This is CD/LP release. And you can dl it for free on bandcamp.

JohnXMcClane - 2013 - EP

Perfect name for the band.
fast kickass pw tunes from UK.

Burden Of The Noose - 2013 - The Forgotten Plague 


 Here's the UK sludgecore that I really love.
Old fellas from cool band are playing there.

 "Burden of the noose formed in feb 2012 from the ashes of local bands, godsize, mistress, I am collossus and out for blood."

Burden Of The Noose - 2013 - Kill The Bastards

 Six Months Of Sun - 2013 - And Water Flows

 K2B prayers from Swizz.


Burning Full Throttle - 2013 - No Man's Land

Robust southern-fried surprise from Hungary.

Celophys - 2013 - Phobos Elevator (LP)

Sludge/Death Duo from Cherkassy, UA
 Proud of you guys,
LP is out on Emetic Recs.

Pressor / Diazepam / Soom - Split

Soom is a new band from Ukraine (-ex FUMANTIA MAURIS)

Uroboros - 2013 - Misantropía & Blasfemia

Black album from Argentina

Uroboros - 2013 -Herejía & Exilio

White album from Argentina


LOINEN Interview (24.10.2013)

Hi, Pekka! How’re you doin’, how’s the weather?

Pekka: Hey man weather is nice. It’s getting cold. I’m feeling fine just been 2 days at Super Massive festival. 

You've recently played in Kiev at Robustfest. What's your impressions of the city and the public?)

Pekka: Kiev City was nice. Much bigger than Helsinki where I live. Our driver Artem took us to touring in city which was really nice. Audience at festival was really nice. I did meet few Russians and few locals there and I did get to talk with other bands as well. Robust was cool it’s too bad that you can’t keep that place in future. But I hope festival continues forever! 

I know you had some troubles with flight, but still you arrived, and thank you for that. What has happened then and how you spent your spare time? =)

: Well, Loinen always has some trouble. We missed flight at Riga because of fog. Riga airport has not much activities so I think we drink few beers there only. Hahaha

How did you meet each other in the band? When did you discover sludge music fot you? And what the hell made you starting Loinen?)

: Well, I formed thrash metal band called Malicious Death in 2002 with other guys. GG joined to MD later and we came good friends. Later they had problems with guitarist and I joined Loinen for 1 gig but I’m still here. It's long gig for me. I still don’t know what sludge
is, even people keep calling us as sludge band. I just listen bands and songs I’m not into genres but I guess I like sludge because I’m in this band?

GG: I had early nineties recorded tape from my mate. That tape was Eyehategod "takes as needed for pain" album. That was big reason to start Loinen. 

What was the most extreme/worst place where you played?

: I don’t know. Usually Loinen makes things for them as extreme, not gig places. We actually don’t mind about the places if things work it’s cool for us.

Recentrly I've listened to your new album "Noiseferatum". I really liked it and I wonder, how did you manage to create such dark atmospheric sound, what inspired you?

: Life inspires me a lot. From inner pain and melancholy. Nature and sounds of city things around me inspires. I have few good things in my life and like to keep it that way.

What album/split was the hardest to make and why?

: In Loinen most hardest thing is to get things published. We are waiting for a split with Usko to come out and long play from Svart records. Some day some day some day everything goes well but never in Loinen.

How much it’s important for a band to release their albums today on CD’s, cassettes and vinyls?

: Well I think most of us want to release our stuff in Vinyl but then again there’s a people that don’t have vinyl players. Most important is that fans get their stuff so that they can listen to it.

The band’s age is more than 12 years already. And there’s a lot of a great job done. What most important moments in your history would you highlight?

: For me best highlight in this band was Robust festival. After all travelling to Ukraine and play in festival there and hang around with cool people there.

GG: Robust fest / the first sludge tour with Fleshpress, Stumm, Count Raven and Reverend Bizarre

How do you see yourself in, let's say, 10-15 years?

: Old and slow. I don’t see do we change a lot but plans for new songs has made and probably in 10 years lots of faced problems made us more personal band.

What’s your attitude to TV, I don't know how it in your country, but in my country it`is total shit, almost all programs make you stupid...

: You’re right. TV programs are boring here too. Movies, gigs, news and sports I like to watch sometimes but series are mostly crap.

Everyone wonders what has Loinen prepared for the next year? Any plans for 2014?

: Everyone? We can’t be that big haha. Hopefully more gigs to Europe! We are slow and can’t really so that far. It’s sometimes hard to plan things to next weekend. New album at least should be recorded then.

Do you remember how it all started? Your first metal CD/vinyl, maybe t-shirt?))

: I can’t remember how or why or when. I had lots of recorded tapes at home. Some of them now later I’ve collected on vinyl or cd. Early 80’s stuff mostly that’s when all started to me.

GG:  Iron Maiden "Killers" on tape and Motörhead "Ace of Spades!" on vinyl 

Every person dreams about something. What’s your dream?

: Funny question. Funny because I’ve been lately thinking of this and I can’t find anything that I’m dreaming of. I mean I don’t have things in that good shape so I could stop dreaming. I just don’t know what I want from life. I’ve lost a sparkle perhaps I should dream of dreaming.

Well, that’s all, thank you so much for this interview! We would like to hear some final words to us?

Pekka: Don’t let depression take you down. Don’t let life grind you down. There is shit everywhere and we can’t avoid that. Times like these just recharge your batteries and burst your anger in something creative! Life won’t get better if runaway.

GG: stay slow!!

Interview by Alex Bilous
Photos by Olga Kovalenko


Fattura Della Morte - 2013 - Ouranophobia (EP)

This is perfect DIY sludge for your Monday night.
Nothing more nothing less.
Full of sick lyrics and slow/fast tunes on both sides.

These guys ain't go fast and not even try becoming popular. 
"Ouranophobia" is their 2nd EP in last 6 years after "Grim, Drunk & Frostbitten" EP and "Dead, Deader, Deadest" Demo '07.
This time it's a vinyl release only.
So mp3 lovers, please funk off.

The recording sessions and mix was done in 17 hours.
Sometimes the masterpiece works out from the first sketch.
This time it happened that way.  

Musically FxDxMx is non-compromised sludge with the strong concrete hardcore/punk basement.
Here's everything I love about such kind of noise. Eyehategode'sque  sickness, Iron Monkey's structural cuts, heaviness of Grief, Raw spirit of Black Flag.
Buy LP and check it yourself.

Lyrically its 7/24 sick&tired dairy of life.
So close to every of us.
Wiki says  : "Fear of heaven, also known by its Greek-derived name uranophobia or ouranophobia, is a phobia that makes its sufferer fear heaven or the sky
The origin of the word urano is Greek, meaning heaven, while phobia is Greek for fear."

I really love the minimalistic artwork on both, the previous and recent EP.

Release Party Art rocks as well.

This is oldschool lesson of pure sludge violence !
FDM still kicking the shit outta nowhere with the same line up through the years !

Listen to the 1st track from the EP here :

Please Support the band

You can pick your copy here or write to the band.

(Review by PhillO)))