Weedpecker: The Most Promising New Band from Poland 2013....

About a month ago my good friend PhillO))) recommended me a new band from Poland "Weedpecker". Well, to tell the truth during the last couple of years I developed a strong antipathy for the band names including words like "bong", "weed", "smoke" etc. (note: just the band names, not the bands itself). I know it's ol' good stoner music, and that it's permeated with the spirit of the mighty herb, but for fantasy's sake, can people get a bit more creative? To cut the long story short, I wasn't enthusiastic about listening to another "weedbong smokestoner" band.

To my greatest surprise my prejudices were pointless. From the first chords of "Berenjena Pipe" Weedpecker's music charmed me with its warm, pleasant grooves. When the vocal stepped in, tag "grunge" automatically came to my mind. Some time after it I was able to notice how melodic the music itself is. It's not just a usual combination of riffs which forms couplet-chorus song with a short solo after it. What Weedpecker offers is well thought compositions filled with great melodies which create a magic atmosphere both in your mind and your ears while you listen to it.

The second song "Mindbreath" had the same spirit as the first one, which wasn't surprising, because these two songs were actually released as a single in May 2012 and their task was to form a certain kind of impression about the band. The band was right to choose these two songs for a single because they really have the capability to demonstrate the good vibes coming from the band's music.

Who knows what guys tried to tell with a title "Don't trust Your Elephant" (guess it's just the continuation of the trip started with a first song), but this track makes my favorite part of the album. It's an amazing instrumental track with a meditative beginning filled with different layers of all kinds of psychedelic sounds, which give way to charming acoustic guitar. It continues this sonic tale to the point when the almighty riffs kicks in. And even during the heavy riffage you can hear the psychedelic landscapes beautifully shifting their forms on the background of the mix. Solo guitar leads the third part of the song. Going beyond the pentatonic scale its melodies inflame imagination and can even endow you a state catharsis if you give all your attention to the power of vibration behind the music. Brilliant song.

Fourth song "Kraken" is an instrumental too. It hasn't impressed me that much in terms of composition and the overall flow, though there were some remarkable parts too, For instance I haven't expected to hear black-metalish riffing with double bass drum in the end of the song – that sounded fresh! Solo and melodic passages were great as well.

Continuing the theme of the herb the band dedicates next song to Cannabis sativa which is one of the remarkable species of the Cannabaceae family. Clocking at more than 8 minutes the fifth song is called "Sativa Landscapes". It goes without saying that it really creates a good musical interpretation of how such landscapes would look like. Completely Weedpecker's style beginning comes to the point of a highly appreciated fast part which morphs into my favorite part of the song – relaxing, pleasant, dreamy, with extensive solos. When it ends, you have a feeling like it could go on and on, but it is only an illusion, as all things come to an end. Fortunately, not an end of an album!

Last song which is my second favorite on the album was performed together with Cheesy dude from Belzebong. And again – the good vibes! More than six minute long psyched out instrumental is an excellent way to finish this stellar debut album. To tell the truth it doesn't sound like a debut album. This CD sounds like a solid peace of mature musicianship, which you definitely have to listen if you're into stoner rock, grunge, psychedelic rock or simply good music. Gentlemen of Weedpecker – bravo! Robustfellow salutes you.

P.S.: While writing a review I was mostly considering the strong points of the band. Below, I'd like to sum it all up by highlighting the overall personal/subjective impressions including strong and weak points.

Weak points:

- Whole concept of the album is about weed again
- Compositions are very cool, but there are still some place for improvement
- Production – in my opinion digipack preforms much better than the jewel box. Though the front cover art is great, all other illustrations on the CD are just variations of one picture. I guess the band can work more on it next time

Strong points:

- Excellent music which makes this debut album nearly perfect – compositions, melodies, vocals, solos, psychedelic landscapes and all the tiny details in the mix entwine into an outstanding peace of music. An attentive listener will definitely notice that this album was created and thought out with great care and attention. You should be sure to support the band by buying their stuff and coming to their gigs. Weedpecker's folks are talented and very promising, help them become big - they deserve it. 

Connect with the band: 

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Rating: 80/100.