Groan - 2012- The Divine Right of Kings (Review)

Another cool review done by Den.

     Groan's sophomore  album,  the The Divine Right of Kings, is nothing short of  heaviness that we saw on the  band's previous opus. Paying homage to the old-school  grooves of Black Sabbath and  combining them with catchy and downtuned stoner rock tunes, The Divine Right of Kinds delivers almost 40 minutes of infectious riff-fest that you'll be bound to enjoy for a huge number of spins. Following the first opus " The Slepping Wizard" and the split with Vinnum Sabbatum, British doomsters  have made a decent follow up to the previous releases  further proving that they are gaining momentum with each subsequent album. From the first tunes, the riffs start to speak for themselves as the album opener "Weeping Jesus" immediately sets the tone of  doom and booze delivering a bunch of heavy and  groovy riffs which feel like  a good throwback to 70-s. The track is only mere 2.3 minutes in length but it quickly gives a good grasp of what should follow next. Next track, "Sacrificial Virgins" is a riff-worshipping steamroller paving its way with a set of mid-paced infectious grooves. Although the riffage  is repetitive to some extent, it  is heavy and downtuned to ferocious degree immediately evoking the  atmosphere of 70-s Black Sabbath concert with the  stake of the witch smoldering at the center of  the stage. The riffs get more intense towards the end of the song and eventually get  boosted by a piercing guitar solo which dances to the tune of the rhythm till the very  end. But is not until the next  song "Magic Man" when Groan fully show what they are up to. The song starts from the extended preaching from the Groan's frontman  Andreas “Mazzereth” Maslen who stops at nothing to  keep the spirit of rock live. That's what he says :

"Some days the bad, some days unworthy people, unrighteous business and the conventional grind brings you down. But you’re wise — you’re clever — you know how  to deal with this bad situation. I’m talking about reaching for the Sabbath, the DC, the Priest. I’m talking about reaching for the Halen, the Quo, the Creedence. You fight  the world with some tasty Stooges. You make your body move with some Grand Funk, some Foghat. These timeless motherfuckers bring forth the power that enables  you to deal with it, to get off your ass and fight back. Hell, they may even inspire you to form a shitty rock and roll band. Never forget the healing power of rock.  Never forget the crucial truth they bring. Friends, to you, I say this: When in doubt, rock it out."

     As the speech finishes, our ears get exposed to fast-paced assault of old school heaviness which is probably one of  my favorite picks on the entire album. The  song  definitely lives up to the  proceeding speech as  it lays foundation with catchy rock-n-roll riffage although still managing to sustain  sincere appreciation for the heavy  rock and sometimes even delving into doom territory.  With so many stuff consistent within one single track, Groan  does it skillfully and straight to the point which  definitely distinguishes them from a huge number of  modern formations which prefer sticking to the  well-recognized formulas rather  than raising the spirit of their own. 

     Over the course of first three songs,  the listener barely has a chance to take a breath or fully digest the riffage which keeps echoing in a perpetual loop after the  first spin. On this point you will be  countered with a unexplainable endeavor to take the first 3 pieces for the second spin, and even if you  do  you 'll still feel  your craving for  pure old-scholl riffage is completely unfulfilled. Hell yeah, as on this point we  plummet the accelerator pedal and delve deeper into the world of Groan with the " Dissolution" which  unexpectedly starts with a much more doomy tunes apparently drawing  inspiration from  Black Sabbath, Cathedral and many other deities of British doom pantheon. The tempo here is slashed to slow doomy grooves  and the atmosphere is dirgy. The chorus is definitely a highlight of the song as  "Mazzereth"   unleashes amazing vocal performance  pointing that you may never  know where next the band can stop. The chorus is followed by a  background solo which keeps the  pace elevated until  it slows even further with Mazzereth pronouncing  final chants "Our God is Dead" for a couple of times.

     On this positive note  we are ready  for the next nail in our coffin which bears the moniker "Atomic Prophets". Here the band shows its true potential delivering  probably the most mesmerizing and unforgettable song on the entire album. The song is more of stoner rock than doom, and it perfectly lives up to its name concocting  the atmosphere of  scorched  skeletons of once flourishing cities devastated by nuclear Armageddon. Being a huge fan of post apocalyptic setting , "Atomic preachers"  perfectly  accompanied my 5-th play thought of one of the best post-apocalyptic  video games of all time "Fallout: New Vegas"  substituting Black Sabbath's "Electric  Funeral" which  evolves around similar Post-Nuke setting. )) 

     After enjoying a couple of spins in the rusty cd-player found on the radioactive wasteland , "Atomic Preachers" is followed by the "Gods of Fire", which is more catchy  and stonerly than its predecessor. The tracks is pretty straightforward as verses get repeated by a couple of times before shifting to  probably the most  infectious hook  on the entire album : “Gods of fire/Gods of fire/Fill me with desire/Gods of fire” does pretty well what it was intended to do perfectly fitting in the overall metal vibe  of the song.  The next one, " How Black Was our Sabbath" is pure rock-n-roll attack.  Rolling like a 100-ton wagon  which has slipped off the rails, this song is probably  the most violent piece of rock-n-roll on the entire album.  Apparently drawing inspiration from another prominent British act "Orange Goblin", in particular from famous masterpiece "Coup de Grace", the song  will be a perfect tune  to help you recover "consciousness" after  long sleepless night.

     As you were occupied with head banging over the course of the entire song, you barely noticed how the next piece “Let’s Have a Pint at the Crooked Cock"  signals that it  is  just about time you forgot about the pressing matters you may have in the morning and head to the nearest shop to grab some beer and enjoy the rest of the album.  It starts with some pub noise and clanking glass only to evolve into a next  song in the playlist " Black Death". The transition seems almost seemless here as it kicks in with a good dose of stoner riffs and  infectious hooks from the "Mazzereth".

     And finally the title track  "The Divine Right of Kings" comes. Not only it is the longest track on the album, but definitely a respite from its overall pace( excluding Dissolution) as it starts with the dirgy sound of church organ and Gregorian-style chanting. The intro than shifts into the cohesive blend of all possible styles and influences showing the level of perfection that the band has achieved on the second album. The song starts with mid-paced  fuzzy tunes  which are soon  substituted with some spacious and psychedelic parts, with Mazzereth echoing his vocals over the top. The transition n from fuzzy riffs to psychedelic tunes seems almost  seemless, which further proves that this guys know how to adhere to the well-recognized formula but at the same time attain the face of their own. Towards the end, the pace gets more gloomy and dirgy and the song finishes with the echoing wailing of Mezzareth, leaving  the listener in anticipation of another Groan's story.  


Preview this piece of Doom :

 Den asked me to post his foto to unleash some respekt to the mighty Groan !)

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Greetings to the children of heaviness !!!

I finally got some time to shot an epilogue for Robustfest vol.II

We made it once again.
Thanx everyone from the musicians who came and lit bright fire on stage.
Thanx to everyone from the Robust Crew, Organizers, Volunteers.
Thanx to the crowd of greatful listeners who came and made the fest.
Without your support, this wouldn't have happened

All the bands came in time, played great sets with the good quality of sound (on stage an in the hall) and pleasent lights / projections (especially Frogskin))).
Video Preview done by Jura Kirai (Neformat.com.ua) :


 Official Photo Set from Robust Crew member - T.Rexa

and one more Photo Set from bokeh 

that I could find through the web 
(they're in russian, but hey - use the web translator if needed)

Le Scimmie Tour Report (in Italian of course)
Le Scimmie snd Methadone Skies were on the road togather.
it was really funny to read this report with google translator. I was near peeing my pants. 
So the night in Lviv, gigs in Kiev (Robustfest), Chernigov and Kalush were at least epic.
Anyway I hope that guys had mostly good experience during the tour and they will be back some day )) 

Johny B Gut 
was the first band on the Robust Schedule list 
and they're the first band who have mixed their sound and made 
good quality bootleg. Enjoy !

The rest quality live sets from the rest bands will appear on this blog later.
I hope some good labels will be interested to release 'em on physical format...
(CD, tape or even piece of wax).

We're also planning to make a DVD with this event. 
1-2 tracks from each band + some cute bonus features.
If you have any suggestions/ideas on this topic - 
please write a comment below or write to the robust mail 
that you can find on the right side.

one thing left to say :

"We'll See you later Alligator"

Stay Tuned. We need your support !!!

Keepleer 18 - 2012 - Demo

Honestly to say I was more than surprised when I heard Keepleer 18.
4 Good fellas from Chernigiv, UA are making 1st class sludge with the lethal dose of powerviolence vox.
Imagine Eyehategod has a singer from Dietpills/Upsidedown Cross/Kilslug/AxCx
Creamy sound. And ugly as hell throat vibes. The contrast between comfort and discomfort that everyone needs, isn't it ? 

The band was formed this Spring 2012
The name comes from the Planet called Kepler-18
"The Kepler-18 system is one of the galaxy's busiest places, with two Neptune-sized planets and a super-Earth orbiting around a single star. We know this, thanks to a bold new exoplanet-hunting technique that could help us find more Earth-like planets. "

Also Kepler is a space observatory launched by NASA to discover Earth-like planets orbiting other stars. The spacecraft, named in honor of the 17th-century German astronomer Johannes Kepler, was launched in March 2009 and has been active for 3 years, 7 months and 4 days as of today (11 October 2012)

heeey,  it's fuckin' all-star band by the line-up :

Drums: Slava (Die!Pig)
Bass: Myshko (Dan Stark)
Throat : Sergey (Remorse, Опять Мигрень)
Guitar: Vadim (ex-Remorse)

I recommend you to check all the bands that members are involved in.

3 track demo comes below :

1.Umboorakaar (6:24)

2.Shiinoor (3:14) 3.Asaaviit (6:38)

Sons of Kings - 2012 - Emersion

Atmospheric psychedelic post-rock from Finland

"Emersion draws thick grey lines between borders of alternative music. Meditative psychedelia and spacey soundscapes are both present on this new album which continues the journey of Sons of Kings. The creation is served in two parts, and with even more low frequencies with additional bass player, which renders the original trio into a quartet. The ambitious plan behind Emersion is to connect the dots between soundtrack-like atmospheres, non-typical progressions, kraut-continuity, stoner-fuzz, and post rock mentality. The outcome is, at least, an alternative way to approach the music."

listen :
contact :


Basement Apes Live

Basement Apes Live is a live music program that broadcasts online every Monday evening (Australian Eastern Time). Each week we feature two bands playing in a totally live, raw and unrehearsed setting.

We've got two bands that I'm sure would appeal to your audience (and hopefully yourselves!).  Destroy She Said play hard rock in the classic Aussie pub rock tradition (think AC/DC and you're close) and Sheriff play a combination of old style Sabbath riffs mixed with a big southern rock influence.

Personally my new favourite Australian Video since Gay Paris' ((c). PhillO))))

and one more sweetie from Sheriff

1st show is in da house.
Pretty awesome. I'm sure that I will follow all the future stuff.
Good start. Good luck you guys from Melbourne !

Fancy a copy of last night's awesome jam session? Well, you gotta subscribe, baby!
Click the link below to join the Basement Apes Live mailing list (via Digioh) and get your copy of the MP3.

The url for the show is http://www.basementapes.com.au
Our facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/BasementApesLive

Sent by the band September-October 2012



Raw heavy stuff thom the dark corner of Spain.

"We are two guitars (Berto, LLoymi), bass (Oskar) and Drums (Álex). For this recording, one friend (Juanin) help us with keybord arrangements.

Black Smoke Dragon is an instrumental spanish band from de northwest of this country (Galicia). We started together at 2009, doing some instrumental jams, with Stoner/Sludge/Doom influences. We love bands like Eye Hate God, Sleep, Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, Down, Saint Vitus, Mastodon and Black Sabbath, of course. We have quick songs, slow sounds and later we introduce psychedelic arrangements. Bands like Ghost, Church of Misery, Kylesa,...we love this noise and shit man! Of course, we play on another bands too. Álex is the exdrummer of Oddy Lane (metal/alternative), Lloymi plays guitar on Arsenaut (Rock/Metal) and Drums on ID3M (Metal), Oskar has postrock projects and plays on ID3M too. And Berto plays on ID3M and Arsenaut too. "



Devouter Records are proud to present the release of the colossal debut album Two Titans from Swedish Sludge-metallers Galvano, on the 5th November.

"‘All these songs are personal, all the way throughout the record. They are about personal matters and demons. It's about finding the darkest corners, the dark lord within and to show up for battle. Portrayed as two titans in constant battle: Good/Evil, Darkness/Light and so on. And sometimes wanting to embrace either side. It's about knowing when your mind is pulling tricks and being able to stop it. It's also celebrating our musical force as a duo.’"



Post-rock/Sludge band from the great city Krakow, PL.

"The band was formed on the initiative of Cthulhu - the high priest of the Great Old Ones in the sunken city of R'lyeh. It came out of the water at the beginning of 2011, and chosen Krakow as its base. Coffinfish task is to maintain worship of the Cthulhu through its music and to keep waiting for his return."

BLACK CODE - 2012 - Hanged, Drawn and Quartered


French brutalized Crust as a fuck



The second EP of Melmak, duo of sludge / doom / stoner / hardcore metal of the Basque Country.
Highly Recommended !




hi-energy quartet from Paris, which plays a mix between (post) chaotic hardcore, intense punk, metal and rock under constant injection of adrenaline

For fans of Converge, Every Time I Die, The Ghost of a Thousand, Norma Jean, Touché Amoré, The Carrier....




"ULTRA ZOOK plays a sort of "island music"  in a Fukushima style rather than in The Caribbeans style. This unique drums, keyboard & guitar/bass trio utilize an apocalyptic tropical groove in their post-modern sound. Their stage surreal atmosphere is made of pitched vocals and UV lights, as if the Muppet Show Doozers were suddenly colonizing Star Wars, a beat-up Tahiti was starting to glow and discharging toxic vapors, the poisonous labyrinth from Cube was growing around the musicians and swallowing you one by one."


NAÏVE - 2012 - THE END 


"Three persons. Three tormented souls. Three happy souls. Three desperate souls. Violence and combat, contemplation and sadness, junction between the ocean and the sky. Mox (Le Minus), Drums and electro, Jouch (Agora Fidelio, Phantom Status) Guitar, Voice and electro, and Rico (ex-Mary Slut) Bass. No limit. From Metal to Synthetic music, from violins to Trip-hop. Melody is a leitmotiv, Rythm is fuel. Let's be Naïve, once."


Direwolves - 2012 - Me From Myself, To Banish 


"Hailing from Lorient (western France), the band merges modern hardcore, crust and screamo on its debut EP "Me From Myself, To Banish". Recorded by producer/sound engineer Amaury Sauvé (Birds In Row, As We Draw, Comity…) at La Senelle, these six songs find the perfect balance between emotion and heaviness, reminding of bands such as Alpinist, Lewd Acts or Killing The Dream. The artwork has been designed by Fortifem, and pre-orders will be up on 18th october."


GOYA - 2012 - DEMO


Really good lesson of Electric Wizardry !

"Goya is a stoner doom metal three piece from Phoenix, Arizona. They started playing shows in April and released their demo in September. Consisting of members of various Phoenix area metal and punk bands, and influenced by bands such as Electric Wizard, Sleep and Black Sabbath, they enjoy smoking reefer, turning their amps all the way up and contemplating the end the universe."

Jeff Owens - vocals, guitar
Shane Taylor - drums
Jirix-mie Paz - bass




Great Psychedelic band from Moscow.

"The band “Grey mouse” was created by Dmitry Rybachev and Alexei Chunikhin. During its existence, with a different composition its members, the band recorded and released two studio albums “No masks” – 2005 (Jagi Jagi Records, (Russian)), “Blind and Ugly” of 2008 (BRP(Russian))., gave a large number of live performances in Moscow and other cities, participated in various festivals, preserving and maintaining its own style.
The band is not afraid of experiments. Along with the song-like genre, Grey Mouse is also actively experimenting with noise and background music. The band also collaborated with the Film Club, “Art Cinema” (Moscow), making live voicing of silent movie masterpieces of the early 20th century (the so-called “live film shows”). Now musicians are preparing to release their third album, titled “Trip”.

Official release and presentation of the album is expected in autumn 2012. ( But it is already available for download at this link http://the-russian-rock.com/grey-mouse-trip-2012/ ). The CD will be released by the independent label Mylodon Records (Chile). This label also works with cult South American psychedelic-rock band Aguaturbia formed in 1968.
Recordings took place in the studio of A. Bochko’s Creative Centre (Moscow) (where the previous album «Blind & Ugly» was recorded). There were a lot of new experiments. New instruments were used: didgeridoo, sitar, jaw harp, female vocals. And now you can hear the echoes of oriental music the blues motifs on habitual rock base.

Also one of the songs (instrumental composition «Snow (Spiral Walk)») from the new album of Grey Mouse will be released in a compilation album «Psychedelic World Music, Discovery,vol.1». This compilation album released by Trail Records (USA) will introduce psychedelic bands from all over the world.
The CD release is expected in august 2012."




" 4 years after the acclaimed "Manufactured landscape", the five French progressive postcore alchemists make their return with a brand new album which relies on power, aggression, atmosphere and raw emotions.

5 black shadows delivering dark and dynamic modern heavy music since 2000. Transporting the listener to some landscapes, various but invariably grazed. There is one constant thing, the weather: grey and threatening. With a sound firmly rooted in postcore/post-metal/sludge, ASIDEFROMADAY relies just as heavily on ambience, atmosphere, and power as it does dark complexity, brutal aggression and raw emotion. An original entity, ASIDEFROMADAY delivers music that consumes the listener with massive and hypnotic waves of sound.
This brand new creature has got a name : "Chasing shadows" and will be unleashed on october 5th (CD/LP/Digital) through Division Records (Dirge, Kehlvin, Unfold, Process of Guilt, YOG...). From now two excerpts from this upcoming album are available for streaming on Bandcamp.

Limited pre-orders are up directly from the Division Records WEBSTORE.
For fans of Breach, Neurosis, Russian Circles, Old Man Gloom, Botch, Zozobra..."


PROMETHEE - 2012 - Sickness Unto Death 


Swizz crabcore for younger fellas who suddenly came on this blog )

"Born in the spring of 2008, Promethee is a five-piece of hardcore/progressive/metal band burning heavy riffs in the heart of the Swiss metal scene.

After only a few months of writing their first songs, these guys, based in Geneva, started to play as many shows as they could, gaining allready loads of local support from bands, friends and promoters, before to release a first self-titled EP in 2009.

Slowly but surely the band found it's own personal sound in order to record a full-length album. Promethee doesn't have a perticular political, religious, philisophical message of any kind, but writes about the things that touches and effects them in this world and through their lives with the music they create.

This fall, the band will released its debut album, "Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes" out on october 13th in CD edition."


Le Minus- 2012 - Make My Day 


Cool funky tunes from Toulouse

"This fusion/rock power-trio from the French city of Toulouse disrespectfully sums up two decades of alternative rock and fusion. After a first 3-tracks EP in 2009 ("Rancour is a gift") and one year later its debut full-length album,"The Book Of V", Le Minus unleashes in 2012 its third recorded effort, entitled "Make my day",

Their style ? An explosive cocktail of energy, rock'n'roll instinct, groove and power, illustrated by the scathing snarl of a neurotic Frenglishman. Highly ecommended for those with a taste for the deeply unusual."


VS - 2012 - Just a sigh (Part 1) (Stream)


" VS the french entity mixing various influences between post-rock, trip-hop, ambient & electronica, is going to release a digital EP on october 15th through the Believe legal platform. "Just a sigh (Part 1)" will be the first part of a concept-trilogy. The second one, "CiTies R reaL (Part 2)" will follow in 2013.

To celebrate the release of the EP, VS will play @ Nouveau Casino (Paris) on october 31st with the french indie-rock band Tazieff as openers.

In waiting for the official release date , "Just a sigh" is available right now for entire streaming."


Circassian - 2012 - Procrastinational 

"Circassian, another promising band in the greek scene has already participated in Miss Fortune was a Henhouse manager compilation, released another EP and is rather diligent on fusing easter traditional sound with western instrumentation and psychedelia. "


YOUWRETCH - 2012 - Sympathy of Wolves

Great band from Minneapolis.
Heavy fast parts perfectly change heavy slow parts.
FFO : His hero Is Gone, Noothgrush, Cursed, Trap Them.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/YOUWRETCH
Bandcamp: http://youwretch.bandcamp.com/album/sympathy-of-wolves
Official Site: www.YOUWRETCH.com

Cultura Tres - 2011 - El Mal Del Bien  (2012 - CD re-issue)

2 reasons to rspkt Argentina :
 1) Hugo Chavez is president once again
2) Cultura Tres made 2nd album last year on vinyl and Devouter recs. are pressing the CD.

"Devouter Records are proud to present the release of Cultura Tres stunning album El Mal Del Bien on the 12th November. The album was originally released last year, but has only been available direct from the band on vinyl. Devouter Records will be releasing the album on CD and vinyl with full distribution.
El Mal Del Bien - The Lowdown
El Mal Del Bien delves deeper into the dark atmospheric which the band had already shown at moments in debut their album La Cura. The daring album opener “Propiedad de Dios” sets the mood: it sounds like the soundtrack of a tragic cult movie. The songs that follow evoke the witchery, slavery, oppression and religious madness that influence the South American continent to this day. Being a concept album adds another dimension to the individual songs. A patient listener will be dragged into a hallucinating trip around the insane world the album paints.Cultura Tres are now hailed as the national rock/sludge pride of Venezuela. From their first EP "Seis" (2007) the band already outgrew the South American continent. But only after releasing debut album "La Cura" in October 2008, the band started to get noticed worldwide. During the preceding year of rigorous composing, Cultura Tres incorporated many influences into their sound, ranging from sludge to doom metal and from death metal to classic rock.Important magazines in Europe and Japan praised “La Cura” for its dark and original music, and Metal Hammer magazine even selected Cultura Tres as the month's global discovery. The release tour took the band during 18 months across Europe, South America and to the first well-received shows in Japan. In that period the band also released three video clips that gained them a world-wide cult following in the underground doom & sludge scene. The most important underground and mainstream media are unanimously praising the unique direction the band has taken. It also led to the band being requested to deliver a track for the Global Metal CD of Metal Hammer (in the Sept. 2011 issue), and many appearances on TV and radio with interviews and specials, as well as an appearance on the closing day of the already notorious DesertFest 2012 in London (alongside Orange Goblin, Karma to Burn etc).  So far this year the band have played Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Holland, UK – with more UK

dates planned for November:
Nov 15th – Colchester @TBA (w/ TELEPATHY & OLD MAN LIZARD
 Nov 16th – TBC
Nov 17th – Birmingham @The Asylum (w/ SLABDRAGGER, GRIMPEN MIRE, UNDERSMILE and more)
Nov 18th – London @ The Purple Turtle (w/ TELEPATHY, ABRAHMA, SOLARIS, ENOS and more)"