Robustfest vol.III - 3rd announce

Ladies & Gentlemen, 
Please Welcome another two heroes on Robust Arena !



Attention everyone! We’re close to announcing our drawing cards! But first, let’s look at those young artists, who have a lot of aces under their sleeves too. Please welcome one more beautiful lady on the robust stage – Mrs. Brimstone from Scandinavia! 

Her cheerfulness and open heart gives her the ability to speak with animals, but her real passion is birds. But don’t think about blood-chilling masterpiece of Mr. Hitchcock, it has nothing to do with our beautiful Mrs.Brimstone. Her love to birds is her single motivator, and she has almost reached perfection at it. Be sure to see her charming performance on the 12th of October at the third installation of Robustfest.



We are glad to announce our fellow from Poland, the brother of Belzebong giant – amazingly flexible Beaver Man. He’s small, but surprising and believe it or not - he will make an impression you won’t be able to forget. He did numerous outrageous shows in different areas of Europe, but this time he will impress you with the new set he prepared specially for our circus. 

His exclusive performance for Robustfest, will make ladies faint and gentlemen boggle. As for children - if you want to bring them with you, you’d better change your mind because it’s not something that young eyes can stand. Come to the Robust circus to see the tricks you will remember for a lifetime, the tricks of the inimitable Beaver Man.