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Stoner rock band RIOTGOD consist of current members of MONSTER MAGNET. Their brand of ’70s-style rock, ’90s grunge and psychedelic rock is an interesting blend. It has a familiar sound — somewhat radio-friendly — yet fresh and vibrant.
Drummer Bob Pantella and bassist Jim Baglino’s association with MONSTER MAGNET will garner interest in RIOTGOD, but guitarist Garrett Sweeny and vocalist Mark Sunshine give the band its distinct flavor. Sunshine’s raspy and commanding vocals combined with Sweeny’s electrifying guitar leads are mesmerizing, even after repeated listens.
RIOTGOD’s sound is a cross between SOUNDGARDEN and LED ZEPPELIN, with Sunshine mimicking Chris Cornell at times, then Robert Plant. The music has a sludgy feel to it, a little space rock at times, but melodic and catchy.
The self-titled debut offers 14 tracks of diverse and catchy songs that never seem to get boring. It was originally self-produced and released in 2009, but with the group now signed to Germany’s Metalville Records, it’s been re-released, and the European digipak contains two new songs.
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They Spat on Psychedelics

These guys are from Ohio completely forgotten his psychedelic past. The fourth full-length was a powerful, hard and fast.







unholy grave & neon hole - 2010 - Split 7''

this is taken from http://keepthegrindcorealive.blogspot.com/

we all know and love UG. So it's fun & fast as the grindcore should be.
But first of all I want to keep your attention at Neon Hole. they come from Appleton, Wisconsin
United States and playing great as fuck grindcore/powerviolence with so great sludge/doom parts.

few words from myspace page :
Built upon a monolith of Grind core and Doom the answer is yes, you can stack shit that high and it will topple and crush you in darkness.

Great video from Neon Hole
the label 1
the label 2



- The terrorist direction in the Russian revolutionary movement of second half XIX century. It was named by it's organizer Nechaev (1847-1882) (and has received nominal value), trying to create the revolutionary organization for preparation of national revolt, Nechaev applied mystification and provocation methods. Has been condemned by the First International and rejected by Russian revolutionaries.

Actually these greek guys doing awsome job. Perfect psychedelic/stoner improvised jam.


Nechayevschina - Equalizer/Yeniçeri EP (2009)

Stoned Bikers in Space

Black Space Riders resurrect the ancient gods! Earthbound: Boots covered with dirt! Heavenly insane: heads up in space! Fuzz-guitars meet psychedelic space-echoes, between very slow and very fast, between driving and dragging.
The self-titled debut was recorded and produced during heavy snowfalls and arctic frost in the beginning of 2010 at “die Tonmeisterei” in Oldenburg (Germany). A full-blown, warm … spacious … open sounding recording with many details and a big love for vintage equipment resulting in a one-hour-trip through black and infinite space … a black book of cosmic salvation … 13 hypnotic, heavy, guitar-driven songs between metal, doom, space-, psychedelic- and stoner-ROCK: space-doom, baby! (from band's site)


Band's website

Catch the Ride or Wipe the Sweat


Run Through The Tundras

Across Tundras know a thing or two about writing desolate yet beautifully intricate music. The Denver trio, originally from Sioux Falls, features ex-members of the pioneering Midwest hardcore bands Examination of The… and Spirit of Versailles. With such a fine musical pedigree amongst their ranks, one would expect great things from this release. Simply put, it doesn’t disappoint.

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Crucial Blast Records

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Leaden Fumes Of Pleasure

Phased – hailed as the Hawkwind of doom by some, dissed as too-shorthaired-to-rock by others – play some weird sort of psychedelic and heavy rock. It is neither straight doom, nor straight space-rock. When their wall of sound hits the desert, the sand is blown to the sea, only to be drowned in a maelstrom of monstrous proportions. Phased’s is a razzmatazz of a style. It can be drawn out, even phlegmatic; other times it is spacey and sounds as if it was induced by fumes of pleasure; mostly it is just dark and metallic, as Phased playfully avoid falling into the various traps of such genres as stoner- and space-rock, doom and kraut, punk and…

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Label: Elektrohasch

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Which side are you on ?

Great Album from the UK noiserock/Shoegaze/Psychedel
Check more of this band on Noisestar.co.uk
And watch that video

too lazy to write a review, so :
"Whilst most sleazy rock bands belt out great immediate songs that are ultimately disposable, this London three piece go the long way round and just mutate what, at the heart of their sound , is fuzzy go ahead rock , and twist it in to a myriad of shapes that create a rather unique whole. If you start taking note of what bands come to mind as you listen to Which Side Are you on? You’ll soon run out of paper, since there is so much interweaved in these twelve songs that you’ll just end up scratching everything off and writing a big fat Notorious Hi Fi Killers on the What They Sound Like and be done with it. There’s the hard hitting Motorhead bass groove of ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ , there’s the trippy psychedelia of the enormous Near The Final Destination, the far away sounding ambience of The Distance Between Us, the Melvins esque crushing swagger of Feels Like I’m Fading Away , and the pure Black Sun nasty sludge destruction of Queen O Fuck, All this is just scratching the surface, as the whole thing is enveloped in a hazy mist that is both classic Sabbath and vintage Kyuss, giving the albums songs a common thread that prevents them from disassociating from each other due the wildly different directions they point in. If you want something that’s intelligent and original but which at the same time is immediate and nods wisely to the past classics, The Notorious Hi Fi Killers are your men" - Rock-A-Rolla

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Choose the side

Sons of Tonatiuh

Great Sound. Great music. by listening to them I can confidently say - the brightest representatives of NOLA's Underground scene (Eyehategod's "Confederacy" & Hawg Jaw). But these guys are from Atlanta. They just get the Eyehategod's riffs and rape them in various positions. And the result is creamy.

LP is self-released - try to message by myspace
CD by Hydro-Phoonic Records

Cool band. Raw demo.
Dig Maya's calendar

Slomatics & Selaah - 2009 - Split

3 monolithic tracks from the Belfast's UK sludgers Slomatics. The second band Selaah comes from the same town. Plays minimalistic ambient noise. So it goes cool after the Slomatics' heavy punch.
CD is limited to 200 copies. be fast

Haevy Space
Noisy Space
taste the brick

Exit International (UK) - 2010 - Sex With Strangers MCD

Comes from the updated Mighty Undergroove records.
Modern way of noise rock at its best. Recommended to everyone who wants to refresh the brains.

Some words from their myspace

Formed from the debris of Midasuno and The Martini Henry Rifles, The Cardiff based, duel-bass lead trio EXIT_INTERNATIONAL (E_I) drop their 'Sex W/ Strangers E.P' in July 2010 on Undergroove Records. Starting the band purely as an experiment to perform a support slot for The Melvins (From which the band - then under a different moniker - were removed from the bill on the day due tour support), The band now have taken a very limited musical palette and absolutely run screaming into a burning building with the idea. Less is definitely more in the case of E_I. Following a number of 'Bands to watch in 2010' style pieces, Eli Janney (of Girls Against Boys fame) having heard E_I online, personally arranged for Alternative Press to feature the band in their own forecast.

By making a fuckload of noise - taking influence from a shared love of Girls Against Boys, Nirvana, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The Pixies, and The Blood Brothers, E_I have become a devastating live prospect - capitalising on the lack of the good ol' six-string guitar in the process, which has caused many a talking point in the rave reviews and press the band have received thus far. The band's choice performances have included performances at SWN festival 2009, a Headline show for Rock Sound Magazine, an Artrocker Club night, as well as shows alongside The Bronx, Pulled Apart By Horses, The 80’s Matchbox B-line Disaster, The Computers, Crime in Stereo, Baddies and The King Blues.

The début release 'Sex W/ Strangers E.P.' showcases clearly the intent of E_I - Massive Pop hooks completely drenched in fuzz, performed with an unparalleled sense of urgency. The E.P's synonymous title track appeared in Adam Walton's (BBC Radio Wales) 'Best of 2009' show, and incendiary set opener 'Lights Out' has received national BBC Radio 1 airplay through Huw Stephens.
On paper, a band like this shouldn't work.....

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Wuss - 2010 - Demo

This stuff sounds excellent to me. If you know Molehill, Railsplitter, Fattura Della Morte, Moloch, early Melvins & Eyehategod. So, you know what to expect. Just silent smile on my face.

Cath their demo at the band's bandcamp


Some sick shit to start this week.

Great collaboation between the fave artist of mine mr. Wizard (Scott Stearns) & Willy Pickton (-ex The Whorehouse Massacre). Sick sludgy mess that is going oldschool way.

If you dig it - please order it here. The CD-r with the sticker comes with a wonderful 8 page comics book.
Stay Sick

Chapter 1 - expansive production

Musically, Chapter 1 nods heavily towards stoner legends Kyuss while throwing blues, psyche and space rock elements into the mix, at times matching the brutish heaviosity of Mastodon others taking a more leisurely, Floydian turn.
Clocking in at around 35 minutes, with only 5 tracks, Chapter 1 is a short introduction to Enos. As the album title suggests this is but the beginning of the Enos story, and it seems apparent that Enos have a lot more to offer.


Enos (UK) - 2010 - Chapter 1


Gran Madafackin Cuervo

Probably the best band in the Latin American psychedelic stoner.
Played mostly instrumental.

Very high quality Argentine Pcycho-Shit! Recommend it!
Published in unsigned label.


Gran Cuervo - 2007 - Demo
Gran Cuervo - 2009 - Vol. 1
Gran Cuervo - 2010 - Vol. 2