Finest Sludgecore from Australia

...For those who miss Iron Monkey, Dread, Pod People, Fattura della morte, Summonus & Clagg

Law of the Tongue - 2012  - Law of the Tongue

Iron Worzel - 2012 - EP

"Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia.  Iron Worzel formed in 2010  with a view to creating music influenced by bands such as Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Sabbath and many other punk,sludge and dbeat bands.
In November 2011 Iron Worzel released there S/T CD recorded at Against The Grain Studio’s with the help of ex Suffocation/Autopsy JOSH BAROHN between Feb/Aug 2011."

The Band are currently looking for the label to release the 1st fullength. Keep your eyes opened. There gonna be a nuclear blast !