Drums are for parades

Great Belgian Band. They've eaten the cores of Sludge, Jazz, Experimental, Avantgarde, Metal.
Not a one day music. You'll listen to them at least for 3-4 times. Every moment you turn the button repeat you'll find something new.


Come to Sleep...

Sleepbringer (US) - 2010 - Compendium

Good Riffs. Great sleepy Music.


Redgrave (Cze) - Demo

It's really hard to find any info in the internet for this band.
I supposed to watch them alive twice (Play fast or don't 2008, and the same year in Vrah). But two times the show failed. so all I know about Redgrave - there's some guys from Mass Genocide Process. They have a great live show dressed like a monks, turning the lights off, lighting the candles...and playing heavy as cave sludge/doom. So after few years suddenly I've got a will to find anything from Redgrave.
Thanx to my friend Payya (Festa Desperato) for sending this one.

Rotting Remains of Our Future

Space Train & Othello Dreaming Venice - Split CD

Here it comes. Space Train goes with guys who used to play now in Olde Growth.
Their video for Retroburn has made a lot of my days. Great cover on Sleep as well.
ODV - some strange cool indie music.

ST old site
Sasquatch vs. Wizard


3 new tracks from NYC noise veterans Unsane. Also the first official release of Coextinction Recordings, these songs are the first release from Unsane since Visqueen. An assault of pounding rhythm, crushing guitar and unforgiving vocals, these 3 tracks are sure to do damage to the senses.