The Brimstone Days - 2012 - On A Monday Too Early To Tell (Review)

They are the Brimstone Days !
Swedish trio comes with a second fabulous album.
I don't know what I love more about these fellas : one-camera-hipster videos from one side or cool retro-hard sound with the strong-song-structures from another.

Few years ago their Selftitled album "claimed like a bomb" in my earphones.
It was a Goddamn great dancing hit-by-hit-song album.

 The new one is called "On A Monday Too Early To Tell".

The germ went on good soil of classic rock with the deep touch of Led Zeppelin, Cream, Leaf Hound, Hendrix.
It was fertilized with the contemporary alternative blues bands like The Black Keys, Dirty Streets, North Mississipi Allstars.....
Sprayed by modern Swedish retro-hard community, think Withcraft, Graveyard, Troubled Horse, Horisont, Marulk, Skanska Mord, Vidunder, Gudars Skymning....and list goes on and on.

Their videos are shot and directed by one camera man. Think OK GO eats more LSD and goes stoner rock.

In other words - Brimstone Days are freakin unique. If you havn't heard em yet - your chance is few lines below.
 Such songs as "I Need soul", "Confession" make your bones move in tact of groovy vibes.
Also Captain Obvious should said that album ends with the hardest song ever called "Throw that stone" where band bares their stoner roots.

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Throw That Stone

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