Sent by the Band April-May 2013

Lesados - 2013 - Lezíria 

"Montenegro is a psych rock band from our country. They do a kind of psych rock with influences of etnic and trippy music"

MAMONT - Passing Through the Mastery Door

Debut album from excellent new band from Nyköping/Stockholm. An excellent 8 tracker that includes all the delicious early 70's guitar grooves from early BLACK SABBATH, LEAF HOUND and WITCHCRAFT you could ever dream of! The last mammoth is still alive, and he's pissed as hell!


have released a music video for "Sleeping In"


It's probably the best band's name since Australian fellas "Fat Guy Wearing  Mystic Wolt T-shirt"
FAKE ASIAN ROLEX noise/punk/crust from Paris blah blah blah, first EP called "74K34514NR013X Ep" out on TEENAGE RIOT RECORDS (created and manage by Jesse F Keeler => DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 & MSTKRFT) blah blah blah...
No big biography, no clichés and no shit y'all heard before !!! 
What we want are REVIEWS, from everyone and make shit loads of money so that we can buy ALL THE SANDWICHES!!!!!! 


            Lilium Sova  - 2012 - Epic Morning

"4 years after its debut album, the atypical instrumental hailing from Geneva, (Switzerland) Lilium Sova, has released a brand new effort, called "Epic morning", a few weeks ago through Cal of Ror Records (Rorcal) in a nice digifile CD edition & digital. From now, the first track of this album, "1.00 am. Locked-in Syndrom" is available for free DOWNLOAD

Emerged in early 2006 as a trio (Cyril, Michael and Tim) playing a fairly unique dynamic syncopated brand of noise-hardcore and post-metal mixture with a pinch of free-jazz to give life to "Tripartite Chaos" (2008, Cal of Ror Records). In 2011, after sessions for an upcoming record were done, the band parted ways with saxophone/synth player Michael Borcard, losing a key element of their sound. Guest musicians Loïc Blazek (violoncello/guitar) and multi-tasker Kim Makombe (guitars/noise) where then invited to join the band permanently.

Now a quartet,
Lilium Sova has rearranged some older songs and expanded their initial sound, and it's under this line up that the band released "Epic morning". A brand new full-length effort recorded & mixed by JP Schopfer (Rorcal) @ Wood studio and mastered by Raphael Bovey (No Sun in San Francisco, Zatokrev), including guests appearances from members of Impure Wilhelmina, Kehlvin, Yog, Rorcal...

Get your copy right NOW !  

By the way, "Tripartite chaos", the previous album of this noise-post-mathcore jazzy creature is also available on Bandcamp for digital "Pay what you want"."

 THE BRUTAL DECEIVER - 2013 - "Go Die. One By One"

04/01/2013 · Useless Pride Records · CD
 For fans of : Ion Dissonance, Trap Them, The Chariot
"Founded in 2007 in Laval as just a simple collective outlet, the band including two members of As We Draw was quickly oriented towards a metal/hardcore mix with large influences; playing on extreme music's cliches and gimmicks for a powerful and uncompromising result. After a self-produced demo in 2008 and a few dates later arrives 'Birth of a Decline', first free EP that will lay the foundations of the "deathcore n'roll" style chosen by the band. The Brutal Deceiver will then share the stage with bands like Birds in Row, L'Esprit du Clan or Trepalium, before going back to studio to record the first LP 'Go die. One by one'.
 With this first effort, produced by their drummer Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle Studio (Birds In Row, Comity, The Prestige) and mastered by Sylvain Biguet (Trepalium, Comity), the band takes a more authentic, aggressive direction and confirms the early hardcore influences.
 Needless to say that spring 2013 will be violent at Useless Pride Records."


            Novambr - 2013 - Wild Flower Garden


"This is dark, shamanic, and unhealthy.
This is uncomfortable and strange, a world of black, ambiant, drone with space key, sweet hell.
Perhaps this have an interest to you."

 TONER LOW - 2013 - "III"

Probably this is the album of the year personally for me.
Heavier than a mammoth footprint on your thorax.

"After four years Dutch psychedelic doom stoners TONER LOW are back
with the follow-up of their highly acclaimed second effort. Being the lowest
frequency producers of the Netherlands TONER LOW astonished listeners
with their first two albums and undoubtedly will do the same with III, as
their third album is titled. However, this time the band presents a more
diverse sound than ever before in their fifteen years existence."

RED GLOVES "Lucky You!"

New release on Impure Muzik with the discographic debut of RED GLOVES "Lucky You!"
The 7" vinyl features 2 catchy tracks of pure, energic emo punk rock music... this is not from the West Coast but East France though! For the records, the 4-piece band is composed of members from The Irradiates and Jack and the Bearded Fishermen.


"A one hour galactic trip, filled with noise attacks and placid seas. 60 minutes that showcase all the different sides of King Bong's music, available in a nice digipack edition!"

Jacob - 2013 - The Ominous

"JACOB  is the new band of David Cordero (Úrsula) and Marco Serrato (Orthodox, Hidden Forces Trio). Finally, their new album called 'THE OMINOUS' is out throught the American label Utech Records.

Jacob push their dark sonics further on The Ominous,a piece for el cine de la mente.

Atonal, dissonant string scrapes meld together in discomforting walls of noise, while hidden forces project an ambiguous malignance lurking in the deep fog. Bleak atmospheres and an abyss of subsonic howls threaten to devour all. A sliver of melody occasionally arises as the only light that shines into this dark place."


"Five black shadows delivering dark and dynamic modern heavy music since 2000. Transporting the listener to some landscapes, various but invariably grazed. There is one constant thing, the weather: grey and threatening. With a sound firmly rooted in postcore, ASIDEFROMADAY relies just as heavily on ambience, atmosphere, and power as it does complexity, aggression and raw emotion. An original entity delivering music that consumes the listener with massive and hypnotic waves of sound."

For fans of Breach, Neurosis, Russian Circles, Old Man Gloom, Botch, Zozobra..

        Deuil - 2013 - Acceptance / Rebuild             

"My band is named deuil and we come from Belgium. We are into this apolitical and atheist black metal, sludge, that's the reason why I like your blog actually.
We have recorded and released our first effort called Acceptance/Rebuild.
The concept behind this release is the exploration of the feelings and emotions you can get during the mourning (translated by Deuil in french) and especialy the two last levels (the acceptance and the rebuild) of this sad period of loss."

KARMA ZERO  - 2012 - Architecture of a Lie

 Violent world = violent music : a few months after the release of its debut full-length effort, "Architecture of a lie", the french metal/deathcore outfit Karma Zero has just unleashed a brand new official music video for the song "Snake", extracted from the album :

Mantra  - 2013 - Into the light

Mantra (psychedelic/progressive-metal from France) aims to create innovating, complex and powerful music since 2009 in the footsteps of bands such as Tool, Mastodon and fellow french monsters Gojira, for a deep dive in a personnal universe made of overwhelming riffs, convoluted rythms and bewitching atmospheres.

The voice of Pierre is leading the crew, followed by Matthieu's bass and Gabriel's drums who put the rythm section at the center of Mantra's music. Guitarist Simon is also responsible for the mind-blowing sound on the band's recordings, rocking you along unpredictable paths you will never forget.

In 2012, after two demos ("Let the light be" - 2009 & "Tribal waming" - 2010), Mantra released "Toward the light", their first EP. Recorded in a farm lost in the French countryside, where the band gathers to create among nature's energy flows, this opus is about to be followed in June 2013 by the band's debut full-length album to come through Finisterian Dead End (Bagheera) : "Into the light".

Killsong - 2013 - He Is Risen

Killsong's debut album is one of the most twisted and enjoyable albums to come out of Australia in some time; an unhinged, avant-garde assault resembling Frank Zappa on crystal meth, a coked-up Captain Beefheart and a rambling Tom Waits in the depths of an ether binge. 
Killsong cultivate a style that sporadically embraces spoken word poetry, world music, progressive rock, metal and sheer inanity. Few groups have trod the fine line between genius and madness with such reckless abandon. 
If this band didn't feature veterans of Australia's experimental music scene, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a field recording by escapees of an insane asylum. Members have previously played in Squat Club, Darth Vegas, The Bakery, Mr. Bamboo, Slimey Things, The Bznzz, Jimmy Swouse and the Angry Darts, and Rica Tetus amongst others. 
Come 1 June 2013 there is going to be a lot of rubbing. Let us all be prepared.

ASS OF SPADES - 2013 - Sleep when you die

"Hi-energy rock'n'roll" said Ass of Spades, a Swiss band formed in Lausanne (2009) in order to play... play and play more again, which recorded a first demo ("Booze, Hell, spades, Rock'nroll") only two months after its birth. Two years of intensive gigs later (+ a split album with The Weightlifters), the band released a debut full-length album called "Check, raise or fall" through Hungry Ghosts Productions (Bagheera, Camion, June Deville...).

"You're about to witness one of the heaviest bands of the gerne. These 6 dudes (incl. 3 guitars and 1 heavenly hellish voice) from Sweden bring you an earth shattering melange of stoner rock, doom and metal. So heavy, so melodic, so unique ... no need to categorize any further, just listen for yourself ..."


- 300 copies total: 200x transparent yellow / (100x transparent red-SOLD OUT)
- transparent red vinyl exclusively available from Kozmik Artifactz incl. tarot card signed by the band
- all high-quality heavy 180g vinyl pressed in Germany
- matte laquered 300gsm gatefold cover
- handnumbered

MONTENEGRO - 2013 - Confusos Recuerdos Después Del Coma

"Hi Guys, Hi I am Luciano, manager of Sick-O-Delic Records, an independient rock label from Argentina.This is our first release. Montenegro is a psych rock band from our country. They do a kind of psych rock with influences of etnic and trippy music. I hope you like and it would be great to have some difussion. Cheers"

MONOLITH - 2013 - Atavistic

"You may be interested in something I recorded back in 2008. The project is called Monolith, the album is 'Atavistic'. The album most closely resembles a film score, albeit an extremely dark one, and also includes my own interpretation of the Sun Ra track 'There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)' from the Lanquidity album. I have not really put this album out there in the public domain, apart from making about 50 or so packages I have given to friends and people I think may appreciate it. People often tell me I should send it out into the world, so here goes!"
Mike Rothwell


"Greetings, we are Annimal Machine a stoner doom band from Mexico. We just found out your blog and we think is an excellent blog. We have been together for two years so until now we only have an ep with 30 min long-duration songs, but we are planning to release our first full lenght record for about march or april of the current year. Here are the links where you can listen and download for free our ep. Hope you like it."

GORSE - 2013 - Twisting Nature

"The band is a somewhat secretive entity, that sits in its own niche between the worlds of doom metal, psychedelic rock and noise, and is happy that way. Its characteristically British melancholy might be an acquired taste, but has won fans across the doom/stoner community with favourable reviews of both Old Certainties and debut e.p. Slumber of Artemis."

            Drug Honkey  - 2012 - Ghost in the Fire        


Sick Industrial/Sludge/Doom from US.
Robust Stuff.
Recommended to swallow immediately.


Polish Grindcore institution SUFFERING MIND teams up on this split with Detroit's Death-Grinding Violence crew DEAD CHURCH. 
2 short, fast as fuck and loud as hell blasting tunes you shouldn't miss!!
5" EP on blue wax in a "gatefold" sleeve!

SAAR - 2013 - The Last Day

SaaR is first and foremost a human project without any limitation of the mind, a will to express themselves as any musician should : an absolute freedom of expression. The will to go on without a singer imposed itself because the arrangements of the songs didn't need any.
Somewhere between instrumental post-rock, atmospheric metal and experimental noise music, SaaR released a 3-tracks EP in January 2011 before to play its first gigs. One year later, the band recorded a first full-length effort as a single one-track album divided in 4 parts and unleashed right now for digital before a physical edition expected in the next weeks/months.

For fans of Mogwai, Pelican, Red Sparowes, Year of No Light...  

Evilhorse  - 2012 - Cabeza de Vaca

Sludge/Doom from Barcelona.


THUMLOCK - Emerald Liquid Odyssey + Bonus EP 2LP

Awesome band on awesome label. Finally on the wax !

Kozmik Artifactz is proud to present you the following brand-new release:


THUMLOCK was one of the best fuzz / stoner / desert rock bands ever to hail from Australia. They released 3 albums plus 2 EPs and a few singles from 1997-2002. Most of their releases have only been released in Australia, so these are impossible to find nowadays. Also their music has never been released on vinyl before ... until now ...

We're very excited to announce that we are releasing their 2000 album “Emerald Liquid Odyssey“ on delicious double vinyl. Additionally we've added their 1997 EP “Dripping Silver Heat“ which has never been officially released.


- 500 copies total: 200x black / 200x transparent red / 100x marbled
- marbled vinyl exclusively available from Kozmik Artifactz
- all high-quality heavy 180g vinyl pressed in Germany
- matt laquered 300gsm gatefold cover
- handnumbered

Voodoo Mule - 2013 - Voodoo Zoo

Press your fuzz pedal to the floor !
Slovenian Rockanauts are finally blurbed their debut fullength.

 "Here are some news from Voodoo Mule camp. They finally released debut album called Voodoo Zoo, produced by Rok Zalokar. Album was self-released, but more copies will be out soon by legendary croatian label Slušaj Najglasnije."


TFE & The Molnar'z - Kiev gig & Ukrainian mini tour 2013

Robust Crew Presents:
Torn From Earth (Budapest, Hu) - Down-tempo / Post Metal / Sludge

The molnar'z (Budapest, Hu) - old school raw crust band with gay guys

Bomg (Kiev/Monastyryshe, UA) - Stoner/Doom

Foible Instinct (Kiev, UA) - Oldschool Grindcore, Sludge

Malad (Kiev, UA) - noisecore duo

Poster by xNinja

Date: August 10th 2013 (Saturday)
Start: 18:00

Place: Red Rock Bar
Воздухофлотский просп.93 (Vozduhoflotkij pr-t, 93, Kiev, UA)

Road to the Bar  :

Free Entrance

The space is strictly limited to 30 persons besides bands and crew.
So the best way to get to this event is writing to our email and buying ticket before the gig.

Here're the dates for Ukrainian mini tour TFE & The Molnar'z:

9.08.2013 - Ternopil @ Koza
10.08.2013 - Kiev @ Red Rock Bar + BOMG, Foible Instinct, Malad
11.08.13 - Chernigov @ Viking + Support