One Inch Giant (Swe) - 2011 - Malva

One Inch Giant (Swe) - 2011 - Malva

Hail Sweden! Here comes One Inch Giant. Powerful, strong stonerrock filled with good classic riffs. I've listened to this album for one breath. Just one melodic ballad and the rest is a groovy massacre. The British band Grifter says - "Simplicity of the riff is key". And I think this is the answer to the tons of hard questions ))). Name of the band for sure comes from one Kyuss song (guess how it's called?))) And my favourite song on this album "Feed the Fire" starts from the Blind Dog's riff...aarrghh sounds awesome. I need to buy a motorcycle !
"Echoes in the night" and "Treasures that betray" rock my lazy bottom since last weekend.
Recommended to old riff-rock lovers (Blind Dog, The Mashroom River Band, Zebulon, Kyuss)

few words from the band :
"We're One Inch Giant, a band from Gothenburg, Sweden, finding inspirations in such fine acts as Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Kyuss, Mastodon and others."
We have just released our debut album Malva, mastered by the legendary Peter In De Betou (http://www.tailormaid.se/referenser.htm) (he worked for : A Burial At Sea, Come Sleep, Meshuggah, Peter Pan Speed Rock ... and tons more ) , which can be streamed at


Support the band! Buy a CD. It's limited to 100 copies. be fast!


Heavy Psychedelic Tunes from Italy

Da Captain Trips (Italy) - 2011 - Da Captain Trips

I've missed them like a year ago in a Little Devil Bar during the Roadburn fest. Mari (sludgeswamp (R.I.P.), Doommantia...) told me that Da Captain Trips - are great psychedelic jam band. So few months later I've found them. So, Mari - you was right, thanks.



Otehi (Italy) - 2011 - Noisy Spirit

Sent by this Awesome Band. True Psychedelic madness! highly Recommended!

The band starts in brand new mood in march 2011 in the Italian stoner/psych music panorama.
The trio (Macej "wildhand" Mikolajczyk; bass/voice, Domenico "mastino" Canino; Guitar/Effects/voice, Vito "vitus" Zito; drum) approaches to a dirty and granitic sound, sometimes clean and amniotic after has been experimenting in different roman undergrounds.
During their lives they have been projecting videos with prevalent object the nature which has been a perfect psychedelic band’s background added to a mantras stoner’s riffs and melodious surroundings notes.
Under the Valle D’Itria’s (south of Italy) burning sun of August 2011, the band locks its self up to give birth to its first low budget self product the EP “Noisy Spirit”, also supported from Cal Scott "Umbah" of the ex “Necrosanct”.Ссылка

buy record here :