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2 bands that worth to be mentioned on Robustfellow :
Snakes Get Bad Press - Residues
‘Residues’ is a seething mass of pounding drums, tortured screams and dissonance -- at times jarring and complex, at others subdued or incredibly catchy. The EP from this Sydney four-piece brings to mind forward-thinking hardcore from IDYLLS, Refused, Daughters, Gaza, The Chariot, and Robotosaurus
Featuring members of Totally Unicorn, Slowly Building Weapons, Jackals and Nobody Knew They Were Robots -- and with production handled by Tim 'The Wyzzarde' Carr at 301 Studios (Dumbsaint, We Lost the Sea, Adrift for Days, Matt Corby, The Herd, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt) -- it’s no wonder why ‘Residues’ is sure to hit some punk top 10 lists this year.

‘Residues’ is out Friday 20 September on Art As Catharsis Records. The whole album is available now for streaming and download on Bandcamp.
Jackals - Dronepunk
Welcome to Jackals' Dronepunk; a mix of sludge-infused punk and doom-laden hardcore from Sydney noisemakers Jackals. 

'Dronepunk' is filled with intense, negative vibes for fans of Gaza, Botch, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Trap Them and Cursed. 

While the full album drops Friday 20 September through Art As Catharsis Records, you can stream and download two tracks here: