Enter the Ethereal World...

It's really hard to write a review, because I know these guys well for a damn-long period of time. Decade is the word. Responsible and friendly godfellas through all these years.
I was really wondered when guys started to play. About 2 years ago there was a project that consisted of Max & Stonezilla. They've tried different musical genres from brutal grindcore to acoustic blues songs. A little bit later SAF (Stonezilla's brother) started to play bass and joined them. So, that's how the core of Ethereal Riffian was created. The main goal was to create good sounding conceptual product. And they did it well.

Here is my view on a concept of "Shaman's Visions":

This is a solid tale about Shaman's journey out of his body and back. He is not young nor old. He feels a wisdom of a hundred-year old man. During the flight Shaman meets different creatures. Some of them are dark and evil, others are kind and light, the rest is ether. The man's rhythmic voice-vibes are bringing spirit into the core of the Universe. He understands a whole truth. Coming down into the body. The silent smile fades above the blown up beard.

I should say really big respect to all the ER crew. The really hard work is done.
Max the artist also made great debut.

Don't wana write any similar bands/styles/genres...listen and decide for yourself !
Write your own review in comment section. All constructive critics, lovers, haters are welcome.

Nowadays Ethereal Riffian is looking for a drummer. He should be at least such a kind of personality (inside the body at least :)) :

If you really enjoyed the stuff and wanna buy a physical copy (which is more awesome) write to this mail riffianrockmusic@gmail.com
We're thinking of making some more catchy ER merch soon...Playing gigs are also needed.

Some more info about CD :

10 Euro/15$ - for Shamanic Digi pack (Only 50 were made, handmade, hand played)
9 Euro/13,5$ - for simple kick-ass digipack (ltd. to 250)
shipping cost is included.

Be fast as Flash Gordon to catch shamanic digi. it goes really fast now...And for sure it worth each penny you will spread on it.

I hope that Robustfellow blog will have some kind of little distro-shop soon with some nice titles and low-as-we-can prices.



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