Loinen - 2014 - s/t LP (Review)

Yes there was s/t Loinen album around 9 years ago.
But what we're having here is just another level of violence !
8 sludgy hooks in your semi-rotten body.
While "Parasite" belched different splits, collaborations and experimental "Noisesferatum" for the past times, this piece of sickness was laying on the shelf of Svart Records for several years under the tons of dust. Maybe it was just waiting for it's time. Just like a good aged tobacco.

Without any doubt Loinen got their own style in arts, tunes, lyrics and atmosphere.
And this is pure hell.
and are one hell of hits. I wish 'em to become "radio friendly songs" for every hipster.

You'd better catch Loinen alive while you can.
Each show is unique and never repeats itself.
And yes. Robustfest was a blast

Thank you guys, you were a big part of the fest.

Please Support and grab that LP :

Dog Moon Howl - 2014 - s/t (Review)

Robustfellow wrote few words about DMH's Demo like 2 years ago in "Sent by the band" section.
And it was a pleasure to hear from Craig that new cake is already on the table.

Dog Moon Howl is a truly robust band. Three mature guys just came together to kick out the riff and fry the throat with the southern-fried choruses.

Each album starts ftom the cover artwork. And this one smells like a kickass. Literally.  
I can just assume that inner riot is the main influence for this trio.

Here's some shots for some songs :
"Tenement Porch Dog" - sounds like Sixty Watt Shaman's B-side. Great memorable hell of a hit.
"Punching Walls" - awesome tribute to Lemmy & Co.
"Blues Like a Hammer" - is raw and melodic at the same time.

Here's some info from DMH press release :

Heavy rock band Dog Moon Howl is a Glasgow, Scotland based trio
featuring Bryan Campbell (ex of Dublin's 13conditions) on bass/vocal, Ally
Tennick (ex-Soop) on drums and, on guitar/vocal, Craig Hughes
(alt.blues/roots solo artist - www.craighughes.net). The three had previously
played together in '90s alt.rock band Smotherparty.

Since forming at the tail-end of 2011, Dog Moon Howl has shared a stage
with (amongst others) Morpheus Rising, Suicide State, Headless Kross,
Constant Fear and Low Sonic Drift. Festival appearances have included
Record Store Day in Stirling and Old Town Undersound in Edinburgh. May
2012 saw the release of a demo EP, Strip-Lit Hell. The band has picked up
great reviews from websites and blogs as far afield as Ukraine and the USA,
drawing favourable comparisons with the likes of Blue Cheer, Mark Lanegan
and Clutch.

Dog Moon Howl's self-titled debut album, co-produced with Alec Pollock of
cult NWOBHM band Chasar, is released by Channel Nowhere on Monday
30th June 2014. Consisting of eight original songs, spanning the sub-two
minute Motorhead flavoured speed-rocker Punching Walls to the near nineminute
psych-rock of Your New King, the album heavily hints at the band's
influences, from Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, The Groundhogs, UFO
and Deep Purple to Soundgarden and Neil Young & Crazyhorse.

You should also check  Craig Huges' solo projects. They're full of Scotch and smoke.

Hope you'll make a tour to our land one day.