Flying Frog

Frogwings began as an Allman Brothers/Aquarium Rescue Unit side project in 1997, with Edwin McCain as the lead singer. The band ran off five gigs in seven days in late May 1997, and the jazz/rock/calypso/metal fusion began. Founding members Butch Trucks [drums] and Jimmy Herring [guitar] were joined by the Burbridge brothers, Kofi [flute] and Oteil [bass], as well as Butch's nephew Derek [guitar/, and band and percussion-mate Marc Quinones. The successful May run was followed by a two-week trip up and down the East coast in December, and this run cemented Frogwings as a permanent part of the Allman Brothers Band sideshow.

Some nice reviews here and here
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Destroy all kings

Maybe the best doom/stoner rock release of this year. Don't joke with these guys - they have heavy experienced faces


2 track demo 7 inch
(Huge thanx to a good friend of mine - Pipa Denis for keeping an eye open for this one)


Maegashira is probably one of the best bands from New Jersey. Plays Plychedelic Doom/Sludge with its own atmospherical spirit.

support this guys. They're totally into their own music !!!

Band Site
Spare Change Recs.

Maegashira - Drones (probably compilation of early demos)
The 1,209,600 Seconds Sessions
The Stark Arctic
Splt with Sowbelly & OSSM
The Trilateral Commission
Split with John Wilkes Booth & 12 Eyes

P.I.C. of Destiny

-pre Ufo Gestapo
Sick, disty and ugly sludge. the way it should be. Comes in DVD box with Cool artwork.

If you want a copy try this label (It still quiet to me)
or contact guys from UG. Can't waith the 3rd fullength from them (It comes on Streak as always)))
Partners in Crime

Filthiest of the Filthy Filth

"...Piss-soaked doom fucking doom. If Anal Cunt plays at 78 rpm, Dread crank it out at 16...and slower. Crusty spoiled buttermilk vocals plugged into a blood splattered locker-room beatdown with 900 lb guitars and drums. Crushing and cruel in it's remoteness and hatred..." ---Mike IX/EyeHateGod/Arson Anthem/Outlaw Order 00%

thanks to this blog http://504nola.blogspot.com
Menace to Soberity shop
Menace to Soberity web
Jump into the dust bath

Heart Attack In My Head

To Continue this UK evening I'd like to post another great band from the same island.
R'n'r psychonauts at their's best & freshiest up to date album.

WD Site=Store
I Want Your Blood

Light days in the UK

Needs no introduction. No comments. Just fuckin' r'n'r/stoner/garage right from the UK.
Following three EPs here comes the fulllength version of insanity.
I'm happy & dancing like a child while listening to this. Wish you feel as I do.

Don't know how long it can live here, cos the album will be out on 7th Feb 2011.
Please support this awesome band if you can!

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What Good's A Rock Without A Roll ?


Heavy days in UK

Heavy split. Comes on Blue vinyl
Dietpills - Noiserock/Sludge from the UK with nice girl Duane singing. they also have grat 7'' on Force Fed Records and a tape (the new versions that will make up their next LP)
DITW -ex Moloch. great a little bit atmospheric sludge/doom...Heavy riffs for heavy times. Good enough to cath 'em live.


Beards, Beards, Beards

This is sweet as fuck bearded rock...
After listening to this you can safely punch anybody who doesn't have any hair on the face.

Listen to the Beards
Buy some nice stuff

Try also this good Bearded Clutchy kengarooo drunk rock Gay Paris

Phantom Glue EP

Great band with the good music & sounding.
If you lock Karp, Jesus Lizard and High on fire in the same jailbox you'll have this nice newborn baby called Phantom Glue
Members of The Proselyte, 27, Hydronaut, The Huguenots

Free some prisoners
Steal this

Rock yerr day..

Coming togather with te new/old wave of Swedish (not Sweded) hard rocking amigos. Read such epic bands as : Horisont, Magnolia, Troubled Horse, Graveyard, Crystal Caravan, November, Abramis Brama, GUDARS SKYMNING...

Good resource to buy some good Swedish music