Robust Top 2013

We wish you to have a Robust 2014 !

Here's the top of the most memorable releases from the Robustcrew.


(Ethereal Riffian, Wolverine Blues)
1. Naam - Vow
2. Clutch - Earth Rocker
3. Steve Hunter - Manhattan Blues Project
4. Killer Moon - Tunnel Vision
5. Monkey3 - The 5th Sun
6. Left Lane Cruiser - Rock Them Back To Hell
7. Weedpecker - Weedpecker
8. Estas Tonne - Internal Flight
9. Sasquatch - IV
10. Bluesbreaker - Arcanum
11. Samsara Blues Experiment - Waiting for the Flood
12. Causa Sui - Euporie Tide
13. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Mind Control
14. The Grand Astoria - Punkadelica Supreme
15. Palm Desert - Rotten Village Sessions


 (Shiva the Destructor)

10. Mountain Witch - Cold River
Very atmospheric album here. Every track is blasting you deeper and deeper to the times when Sabbath ruled the world. If you are into such stuff – go listen to this one. 

9. Monster Truck – Furiosity
The groove is strong with this one. Listen to this and start instantly imagine yourself driving that ye olde Caddy with some serious booze in the trunk. Yep, this is what this album is for.

8. Dozer – Vultures
It just rocks. I don’t know why – is just does, end of story. If you missed this album – go get it and you’ll see what I mean.

7. The Machine &S ungrazer Split
Double dose of rough fuzz and groove – that is what you get here. Hold on to something steady while you listen to this.

6. Vista Chino – Peace
It all started with Kyuss for me, so I can’t leave this one behind my 2013 Top -10. Yes, this is not that Kyuss anymore and the album is not as good as for example Welcome to Sky Valley, but anyway – I enjoyed it.

5. YuriGagarin — YuriGagarin
This one was a huge surprise for me. And I love good surprises. Hit that play button, dissolve yourself into atoms and start that space saga of your own.

4. Monkey3 - The 50th Sun
I’ve always enjoyed this band. Now I love ‘em. Wickedly cosmic experience guaranteed. And some serious grooves also.

3. Monster Magnet – Last Patrol
There are bands that can surprise you in a good way. And there are bands that simply deliver what you
expect. This is the case. MM just nailed it and it is awesome. 

2. CausaSui - EuporieTide
Previous album just didn’t get me. But this one surely did! The masters of summer came here again with all those slow red sunsets, lovely summer breeze and the sound of waves rolling endlessly.

1. Earthless - FromTheAges

 Bilous Sanya




1. Bomg - Polynseeds
2. Sea Of Bones - The Earth Wants Us Dead
3. The Disease Concept - Your Destroyer
4. Lizzard Wizzard - Lizzard Wizzard
5. Church Of Misery - Thy Kingdom Scum

Iron Dima



10. Jesu - Every Day I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came
9. Long Distance Calling - The Flood Inside
8. Monolithe - IV
7. Cult of Luna - Vertikal
6. Clagg - Gather Your Beasts
5. Cough / Windhand - Reflection of the Negative
4. Windhand - Soma
3. Mouth of the Architect - Dawning
2. Ancient Vvisdom - Deathlike
1. Pyramido - Saga




Absolute fresh mix of swing, rock, avant and spoken word sketches.
No comments, fellas. This is Melvins in it's solid form.
3. HighKicks - 2013 - HighKicks
Best garage album I've heard in years.
4. Arabs in Aspic - 2013 - Pictures in a dream
Perfect prog/stoner rock from Norway. This album is timeless.
5. Dirty Streets - 2013 - Blades of Grass
They got the sound and the style. DS keeps that garage spark since "Portrait of a Man"
6. Magnolia - 2013 - Tank Sjalv (Transubstans)
Probably the best album with swedish lyrics.
7. Old Man's Will - 2013 - Old Man's Will (Transubstans)
Really catchy stuff outta here.
8. Arabrot - 2013 - Arabrot
Industrial/Dark noiserock from Norway at its best.
9. LLEROY  - 2013 - Soma
Great Italian noiserock. It really kicks ass.
10. Hey Colossus - 2013 - Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo
The 8th and the best album in discography by the 8 piece band from the UK's secret noisy society.
11. Bad Guys - 2013 - Bad Guys (Riot Season)
Four men out of hell on a horse !
12. Black Sabbath - 2013 - 13
Thank you, Grandfathers for this re-union !
13. Bomg - 2013 - Polynseeds / 11PARANOIAS - 2013 - Superunnatural - EP (Ritual Prods.)
Two bands on one step. They've configured and recorded the rehearsal room. The sound is fantastic.
14. Monolith Cult  - 2013 - Run From the Light (Future Noise)
Doom album of the year.
15. Antigama - 2013 - Meteor
Blasting grindcore from Poland. Reminds Brutal Truth stuff at their mid. era.
16. Malignant Tumour - 2013 - Overdose & Overdrive
Motor Crust from Czech Republic. They're simply the best in the genre. 
17. Boredom - 2013 - Uber Alles!
Robust Crustcore from Austria. Slays.
18. Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine - 2013 - White People And The Damage Don
Best Punx/showman still doing it well.
19. Distress - 2013 - Life- Death....Rebirth
Finest Russian D-Beat atack. Great sound on this record.
20. Wolverine Blues - 2013 - Convict
Robust Stoner/Metal band from Kiev. Looking forward for new stuff to come.
21. Clutch - 2013 - Earth Rocker
It's like reading new book from your favourite writer or watching a film by your fave director. There's nothing new under the sun, but you still  eating all the details like a child. It applies to all: sound, music, massive merch section.
22. Corrections House - 2013 - Last City Zero
Industrial/noise/spoken word from the famous guys. It's gonna be interesting to ctch 'em on stge.
23. The Disease Concept - 2013 - Your Destroyer
Allstar bastard crew with the ugliest album for sure.
24. The Brimstone Days - 2013 - The Healer (Transubstans)
More bluesy, but not less danceable than the previous albums. This album and 7 weeks-long tour were born as a result of invitation to Robustfet. And the very performance was excellent. We should invite Brimstone crew for more.
25. Mother Mars - 2013 - Steam Machine Museum
Heavy Psychedelic Stoned Jams from Australia.