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Kill it Kid vs. Revivalists Pt.2

Kill It Kid - 2011 - Feet Fall Heavy

Dirty & Heavy Indie/Blues/Awesomeness from UK.
Cool Lyrics & Vocal work. as always.

The Revivalists are currently writing a new album that is planned to be out in early 2012 
Few positive shots from these positive fellas

If yousuddenluy missed the 1st volume of the post :


hot badass videos for cold sunday

Fister - Deaf Wish 

From our upcoming single sided 12" The Infernal Paramount
Due out in early 2012 on Pissfork Anticulture

Perhaps Contraption: Cousin / Grandma

Cresy Video from these British avant psychonauts.

Domino media news

Few words about Domino Media :
     Domino Media Agency is an independent company specialized in the musical promotion, communication, PR and marketing development.
     DMA proposes complete and global solutions adapted to needs and budgets of her customers to increase their activity and media-related influences.
     Our approach : work only with very well-motivated, ambitious and skilled people. To sum up, we are looking for killers.
     We invite you to contact us to analyze your needs and propose you a solution corresponding to your expectations and budgets.

Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel - 2011 - Soundtrack from the Motion Picture

     Highly Recommended French band. They're high on oldschool western movies, powerful stonerrock of the mid 90's era and good dose of the garage/grunge rock in some parts. And Remember : if you came to LDDSM concert and don't see a guy dressed as a sheriff on the stage - it's a false band !)))

I'm also looking forward to hear this split on LP
And don't miss 'em on the Desertfest 2012

LOS DISIDENTES DEL SUCIO MOTEL / FLASHFALCON "East Side Story " limited split vinyl LP

 dig 2 tracks from this split here :


You can also buy some stuff from the band here :

The Locomotive Sound Corporation

 Somewhere between NiN & Nick Cave's Badseeds.
Pretty Interesting stuff.

http://locomotivesoundcorp.bandcamp.com (dl is for free)

Hooka Hey - 2011 - Little Things EP

Blues/Indie Rock from Paris. Gifted and talanted. They got the soul.
Just watch and listen and enjoy...


In my stoned opinion all of the bands from the Domino's wing are worth listening. Hope you'll find lots of interesting things there :


They gave me more than I ever expected.......

Before I've started writing anything, I'd like to give you a warning. The CD which I will review here is highly addictive and if you're afraid of listening to the same CDs over and over again - you'd better stay away from this, and close your ears every time you hear 1000mods' riffs anywhere. For those of you who don't have such fears - I'll continue.

The debut LP record by the Greece stoner-rockers (or jam rockers, or just excellent rockers) 1000mods is called "Super Van Vacation", and that's the name behind one of the best records of 2011 in my opinion. Here's a couple of things you should know about this record:

- It was produced by Billy Anderson (Sleep, Acid King, Weedeater...the list is impressive)
- It's played in drop C guitar tuning - the best damn tuning, to create a massive, heavy wall of sound
- It's conventionally divided into 2 parts - straightforward rock and jam oriented songs (a little bit more than 65 minutes of speaker destruction)

A couple of words about the atmosphere of the record. Well, it might be just my opinion, but it feels to me mostly like a desert. Silent, burning, stormy, wild, merciless, slow, cold - these characteristics describe it's condition at different times, as well as the music of the band in different moments.
1000mods is a truck full amps and testosterone which is crossing this desert. And I am more than confident that they will cross it in spite of everything.  

Speaking about the music itself. Musicians use the kind of approach I very much like myself - they take the traditional components of the genre and try to expand it - in their case compositionally and with help of two guitars (there are much more opportunities to express the different shades of music in such a way). The opening track "Road to Burn" starts with one of the most addictive riffs of 2011. This tune if full of bad-ass slow rock. The tempo doesn't seem to change throughout the song making you shake your head for almost 9 minutes. The next two tracks ("7 Flies", "El Rollito", "Set You Free") aren't slow at all.  Time to remind that classic stoner-rock (think of Dozer, Atomic Bithcwax or  Kyuss with a flavor of Alabama Thunderpussy). Above all I like the moment in El Rollito when solo-guitar's melody unites with singer's voice - awesome!

The following track "Vidage" sounds like an instant classic. Open's with sweet Kyuss-like melody and ends with a guitar duel-jam. As of the next opus - "Navy In Alice", the part which starts on 2:46 is the deal! Delay flavored guitar soloing is going to take you far away until the last note fades out. The rest of the album mostly refers to the part of the album which I called more jam oriented ("Track Me", "Abell", "Super Van Vacation"), except for the mid-tempo rocker "Johnys".

Resume: 5/5. Bravo! This is a record I'm proud owning, and this is an album which I will recommend among the top-5 stoner-rock albums of 2011. What I strongly advise you is to buy band's CDs, go to their shows, and support them in any way possible. They're working really hard to provide you with the best music they can offer, and they deserve to be heard. By the way, judging form YouTube videos their shows really slay so don't miss them playing!


G.U. Medicine

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Please Welcome : 
G.U. Medicine
Probably one of the best rockin' bands from the smokin' fat island called UK.
 They like Jagermeister and Jager bites back!

Nobody can't say better than GUM's facebook page :

G.U. Medicine are a tight gang of hard drinkers who also play heavy rock music at high volume for fun.

Formed way back in 2003 amidst a common love of drinking and rock music, G.U. recorded their 1st L.P in 2004 released through the excellent Undergroove label. Imaginatively titled "G.U. Medicine", the album received rave reviews in the music press both in the U.K and elsewhere. Like-minded drinkers/rockers were quick to jump on the (badly driven) bandwagon and The Medicine recorded sessions for BBC Radio 1's Rock Show and Ian Camfield's XFM show.

Veterans of the road G.U. have rocked up countless U.K and European tours with the likes of The Wildhearts, Nick Oliveri and his Mondo Generator, My Ruin, Open Hand, Viking Skull, Skid Row, Year Long Disaster, The Almighty, Left Side Brain and probably some more that they've forgotten about due to the beers. Picking up fans, broken-down vans and hangovers along the way. 

In 2006 the band released their 2nd long player, "Saints of Excess" which was again hosted by the mighty Undergroove label. Again critical acclaim followed and the band recorded two videos to accompany "A Meeting With Foul Play" (Directed by Rod Thomas) and "Saints of Excess" (Filmed on tour with The Wildhearts in April/May '07). The 'Foul Play' Video won the New Blood competition on the Scuzz music channel with an amazing 48% of the viewers vote.


The band's 3rd album, "Lords of Oblivion" was recorded throughout last year with shit hot record producer and gifted lover Jason Sanderson. Imagine an immense iron bar travelling at just under the speed of light through a vast and immeasurable slab of molten granite. Now imagine the sound that that would make. You're getting close. It's due out sometime soon on the ever-awesome Undergroove label. 

(in the memory of the past drummer Pete Williams (RIP))
(Lee M Storrar (ret.) left the band after this album)


You should also check :

(dirty rock ‘n’ roll. Lee from GUM singing here)

http://gumedicine.bigcartel.com/ (Buy shirts/hoodies)
http://www.undergroove.co.uk/TS2/ts2.aspx?Cat=6&Sup=&loc= (you can buy 2nd and 3rd GUM albums for really good price!)


Sent by the band/label stuff during November 2011

Rorcal & Solar Flare - 2011

     "For this work, we locked ourselves with SOLAR FLARE for 3 days in a humid basement (our practice room actually) to write and record a collaborative track sounding as heavy as it could be with 2 basses, 3 guitars and supported by drums and vocals from the Mordor. All has been mastered again by Raph Bovey who produced HLGBLS, and we might be even close to make an Uruk-hai cry for mercy.
As concept and guideline, we found inspiration in the poem “La Ronde sous la Cloche”, taken from the book “Gaspard de la Nuit” and written by the french poet Aloysius Bertrand… although the legend says that this book was probably written by the devil himself. His text drags you into a world between nightmare, hallucination and darkness which we tried to reproduce musicaly."

The Reptilians - 2010 - Mentalist

"Greetings, my name is Viktor Wilt and I am writing to you today in regard to the Idaho-based band The Reptilians. The band is currently in the studio tracking the music for two new full-length releases. Based on the type of bands you feature on your website I think the band's most recent album, The Mentalist, may be of enjoyment to your staff. The album can be downloaded free of charge at the following page on the band's official website. The audio is available in 320kb mp3 or FLAC format. The .zip file includes a band bio, selected press and a 37 page .pdf booklet of artwork for the album."


"If you believe in Karma then you have to believe that Violence is something innate in every human or inhuman being. Karma in the old and now Indian religions is the concept of "action" understood which creates the entire cycle of cause and effect. Violence from the other hand is inside in each one of us, some people can control and others cannot, but in every occasion it is a part of human nature. Living in the modern world, all of us can see violence in our eyes, in the streets and everywhere. The combination of Karma Violens describes the action of Violence, because every action in these brutal days creates a violent respond.

Karma Violens created their first lines in music in September 2002. The music is an amalgam of Extreme Metal (death, thrash, black), combined with Hardcore music lines and idiosyncrasy. The music of Karma Violens is not categorized and avoids every music label except the word "Metal" and that's the way the band wants to keep it." 

Mixed and mastered at Lambesis studios in California, USA "owned by Tim
Lambesis (As I Lay Dying)" by Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying, Zao, Winds
of Plague, Sworn Enemy).
Recorded at the Devasoundz studios engineered and produced by Fotis
Benardo (Septic Flesh) and Karma Violens.

Burn Everything - 2011 - Last Run Through The Ruins EP

And this is really good shit from  Rochester, NY(USA). Kick ass apple core (can I say so ?)))
All the Dillinger Escape Plan, Coalesce, Burnt By the Sun fans should immediately take up each other's arms and start running a violent-kicking roundelay. Recommended as hug!
Hey guys ! Did you tried to knock into Relapse doors ?

The Moss has changed it's name to Fellwoods...

The Moss from Portland, Oregon is changing its name.  We have run into too much crossover with other bands using the Moss name, most notably the sludge doom  Moss from UK.  It’s been an arduous process, but we have chosen Fellwoods as the new name.   We will phase out ‘The Moss’ slowly, with plenty of notice to all concerned parties.  Thanks everyone for your support, and we look forward to the future with a new moniker.  Look for news about CD and Vinyl releases of our Wulfram album, as well as a whole new batch of songs awaiting recording. Thanks, Fellwoods (formerly, The Moss)

Cosmonauts Day - 2011 - Paths of the Restless

 Great band with a cool conceptual album from Moscow, Russia. It's a one breath journey divided into 8 volumes. I can compare 'em with Pelican, Isis by the atmosphere. Fabulous work done!
Support the band. Buy a CD!

"From the depths of Russian underground scene comes absolutely epic spaced out sludge outfit Cosmonauts Day! Intense guitar ... more riffing, crushing to the ground and below drum stabbing, wicked bass, dreamy solos and an atmoshere of a cold space - their music is a mind journey to the places you've never known."

Grand Central - 2011 - 01

Awesome boozy Sludge'n'Roll from Paris! Looks like Raging Speedhorn was re-incarnated and moved to France.

 Mountains of Blow

Great Band from LA, State of California. Playing amazing krautrock/stoner instrumental jams.             Check em out!

http://www.mountainsofblow.com/ (All albums are free to dl)

 Akûma (Mex)

It's so uncommon to hear good bands from so far. Please welcome - Akuma from Mexico. You will catch lots of styles and genres in their works. Can't explain it in a few words. Akuma sounds interesting for me anyway )))

Akûma (Mex)  -Invocations on a Storm (Lp) (Wav) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BV9PSQZC
Akûma (Mex)  -Twin (Ep) (mp3)  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1TIDOF6J

June Deville (Fra) - 2011 - The Swan Song of the Coyote

Sweets from Swizz!!! Delivering loud Garage/Stoner to remove your heavy add far from the monitor and remember the 90's Helmet days, when lots of stuff were on tapes!
Hope to write bigger review when i got a CD togather with freeze-the-time machine.

http://www.junedeville.com/ (watch a great video and dl album for free)

Aspen - 2011 - Winds of Revenge EP

Great heavy instrumental Jams.

"Aspen is the brand new project from the old Cosmic Vishnu heavy duo, exploring now that heavy rock, beefy, chunky, two-ton heavyness sound, with the addition of a third member on bass guitar. Aspen its about to release thei first EP, entitled "Winds of Revenge" through the label Lovers and Lollypops in November this year. "

Shit Happiness - 2011 - Hard Light EP

One of my favourite bands that comes from Russia. The Residents of Robustfellow blog. Instrumental Noiserock/Sludge. Highly Recommended.

"This EP is dedicated to our drummer Igor Garshin who died October 18, 2011. It's his last work"

Sahara Surfers - 2011 - Sonar Pilot

"The waiting has an end! One and a half years after Space Trip On A Paper Plane, Austrian Stoner-/Psych-Rock band Sahara Surfers released their second long player Sonar Pilot on Sound Zero Records."


PS. You Should Also check these French bastards from http://dominomediaagency.wordpress.com/ :
I hope that some good reviews from our side will follow soon...


Mars Red Sky mini Ukraine tour review

Here we go...date by date:

21.11.2011 - Mars Red Sky / Martians Do it Better / Stoned Jesus @ "Guitar Bar", Kiev, UA

One wonderful evening with three good bands...it was just epic.
thanx to all bands, especially Mars Red Sky for being brave enough coming to Ukraine for 3 shows and bringing 16 tons of fuzzzzzz!
(Special thax goes to T.Rexa (Robusteam photographer) for bringin' MRS straight to the place, Igor "Prog-Jester" (Stoned Jesus) for good excursion for french fellows for the next day, Stonezilla (Ethereal Riffian, Wolverine Blues) for help with organizing this gig and for simple friendly support)

22.11.2011 - Mars Red Sky / Snakerider @ "Lab Garage" (or "Lab Combinat"), Kiev, UA
MRS decided to make another show for the next day just to play longer & louder .
There was pretty lovely and friendly atmosphere in a hangar with the cool backyard/wood-burning stove/smoke machine...
thanx to both bands. You've warmed us with your music...

23.11.2011 -
Mars Red Sky / Somali Yacht Club / Фейерверки Ранят Небо @ "Vezha", Kalush, UA

I was told this was a good show with a good support. Thanx to Barma for organizing this gig.

Please enjoy this video footage prepared for you by Robustfellow and ER team:

Martians Do it Better

Stoned Jesus

Mars Red Sky

And here's a nearly full video footage done by Deathislife:

Martiansdoitbetter - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Stoned Jesus - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Mars Red Sky - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

Photos - 1 | 2

I hope that guys enjoyed playing in Ukraine and will come back some day with a new album/having a bigger tour/eating more horseradish/drinking more percovka...


Feels good (comfortable?) when it's dark.................


Let me introduce you to Voida - Igor's (Stoned Jesus, Snakerider) solo project. Conquering a very emotional kind of singer-songwriter genre he's being influenced by Nick Drake, Tim Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Peter Hammil, Steve Von Till, Matthew Parmenter, Brian Borcherdt, Vic Chesnutt, Elliot Smith, A Silver Mt Zion, Neil Young, etc.

This is a second long-play of Voida called "Colour Me Darkness". The first part of this album sounds like a  good kind of an autumn melancholy, while the second touches more personal vibes dragging you to the darker part of our personalities & making the album sound more gloomy.
Voice, instruments, recording, lyrics - done with all one's heart and soul.
This is a very atmospheric offering from a talented musician, which perfectly suits the weather outside your window. It will remind you of something very personal, something you maybe tried to forget once. Go ahead and listen to it if you're not afraid darkness to colour you.

- Colour Yourself -


More Good News from Finland...

Demonic Death Judge/Semtex/Frogskin

This split was really big surprise to me! Three greatest bands from the Finland's underground appearing on one piece of plastic. Limited to 500. Released by a couple of mastodont labels. (My math knowledge says to me - 100 copies per label)

1st track by DDJ that opens this book callad "Kneel" starts with Weedeater-like riff and goes straight by the same road. Second one "Beneath The Monument" reminds me old good Iron Monkey's era. And then it turns into more "melodic" stuff with a cool voice-over samples (by EHG's recipe). They're also having a new album out that have a name "Descent". You can stream it in full here. The level of this band grows like a good fertilized weed.

http://demonicdeathjudge.blogspot.com/ (You can buy new CD & Split through the band)

Semtex are cool sounding newcomers. I felt in love since thir 1-st CD-r demo! Weedy tines with sweet/angry guitars ala Bongzilla, Earthride, Hawg Jaw. Think about tatooing your butt/tits (of course if you have a free place on your skin) with next words "In Bud We Trust" ! It will be a good one if you place it next to "Cannabis saved my life" (by the neighbour band Bud Junkies)


What I really like about Frogskin that you never know what heppens next. Sometimes it goes terribly slow and heavy, sometimes fast as a crusty fuck. Arrgh...goodness. So long awaited 3 new songs since the selftitled LP in 2008. The split with cool canadian Powerviolence/Sludge/Grindcore band Mudlark should be out on 10 inch vinyl like a year or two ago but it didn't heppen. So these three raw sludgy steaks are made of a frog skin. Lick 'em and come to the deep cave trip. Standing on the one step with Finland's own Loinen, Stumm (RIP), Fleshpress.


The volume 1 in the name of this fabulous split gives us a hope that next time we can hear more exclusive tunes from some good bands from some interesting country...maybe Australia or New Zealand, Ukraine, ehh )))...why not ?))).

Full Tracklisting:


2. DEMONIC DEATH JUDGE: Beneath The Monument


4. SEMTEX: Two Minutes Of Rehab

5. SEMTEX: Outcome

6. SEMTEX: In Bud We Trust

7. SEMTEX: Sex, Drugs And Sludgecore

8. FROGSKIN: Barstool Battle Axe

9. FROGSKIN: Staring To The Sun

10. FROGSKIN: Locked/Loaded Acting Dead

Puchase this awesome split by clicking the following links :

http://bouerecords.yolasite.com/ (If you're in France)
http://www.myspace.com/cainrec , http://cainrecords.yolasite.com/, http://www.musikaze.com/odiosonoro (If you're in Spain)
http://www.atwarwithfalsenoise.com/ (If you're in UK)
http://www.shiftyrecords.com/ (If you're in USA)

dl 3 track sample (1 track from each band) Here

Evil Cosmonaut "We Have Landed"

This is gonna be a sweet stoned candy covered in a nice plasticine artwork. 9 tracks in 42 min from this Moscow's finest trio.

Pre-Order on R.A.I.G.ru
Listen to 3 tracks from the upcoming album here



Three long years have passed since Negative Reaction's "Tales of the Insomniac". Open your mind and this band will blow your brains out. Heavy-twisted Rock'n'Roll coming to da house. Downtuned Guitars seems to be done on minor notes that makes the sound non-standart for doom metal band. Ken's voice seems to be sweet as fuck and ugly as hell in the same time. This work thematically follows the previous opuses like split with Ramesses & "Endofyourerror" & "Orion Chronicles". One of my favourite bands that still doing good-quality Doom/Sludge nowadays. Let the Heaviness come !

without wasting words
...established in 1990, NEGATIVE REACTION from NY/USA, they kings of SLUDGE DOOM are back in 2011 with "Frequencies From Montauk"

"It is going to be the best NR release to date!... Sludge out and DOOM on!" KEN-E BONES

Eart Side
- day after yesterday
- dopamine
- docking bay 94
- frequencies from montauk
- shattered reflection
- thicker than blood

Space Side
- space capsule 1
- a bit of rumb
- planet sagar and the trobbits
- angels & demons
- elsie in space

these album is released as Vinyl LP+CD ...with printed innerbag and download code!

a cooperation between W.I.F.A.G.E.N.A. RECORDS and PsycheDOOMelic

Listen to "Dopamine" & "Shattered Reflection" from this album here :

http://wifagena.com/ (Die Hard Edition with Sticker & Patch)


Sent by the Band...

Cutthroat Convention

Noisy Punx/Dub from London. Try them if you dare!

Ostend Powers

Take me back to the sweet 90's when nu-metal or so called rapcore was so cool to listen to. Influenced Downset, Reveille, Slaves on Dope...to name a few. Stoned/groovy stuff from Belgium.
Band Description: Ostend Powers dominates through an onslaught of melodic vocals and groove rock guitars, reinforced by smash out beats. Our trademark sound is the melody that is laced throughout our music, taking listeners on an emotionally diverse rollercoaster ride. Even the hardest to impress are left gasping for breath by our live performances.

new video :

old one:

Official: www.ostendpowers.be
facebook: www.facebook.com/ostendpowers
myspace: www.myspace.com/ostendpowers

dl s/t album from 2010:

The Moss (Portland) - 2011 - Wulfram

My "Numero Uno" album for the last times.

Watch this horrible video :

Steam "Wulfram" in etire here :

Le Scimmie (Italy) - 2011 - Dromomania

Really, really badass sound. Heavy Fuzzed out tunes are eating my body.
Imagine Karma2Burn on Steroids, add some good noiserock influences (like Big Business, Karp, Melvins) and you'll got the score. The songs on this album alternate from soft, pleasent melodies to uncompromising instrumental stoner grooves. The video & the song Dromomania just saved my day ) Gifted & Talanted Duo.


Triangle and Rhino "Fight the Brutal Pigs"

Strange but interesting noises.
New one free to dl on mighty

Sigmun (Indonesia) - 2011 - Land of the Living Dead

The second Stoned band after the Komunal that I've heard from Indonesia. 2 good Songs.

Descriptive paragraph/bio- Loud is an Indonesian rock band formed in December 2008. Consists of Haikal Azizi (vocal/guitar),Nurachman Andhika (guitar), Mirfak Prabowo (bass) and Risyad Tabattala (drums). Mainly influenced by the two founding fathers of heavy metal, the almighty Led Zeppelin and the god of heavy riffs, Black Sabbath. Loud mentions their music as freud blues rock, the word freud comes from the infamous neurologist, Sigmund Freud, whom they admired so much for his unconscious mind and the defense mechanism theory. They believe that the music they make are coming spontaneously from their unconscious mind. They changed their name to Sigmun after some issues about the similarity of their name with an english hard rock band, which was formed in 1989. the new name of course also came from the wicked neurologist himself. Referring to their influences, most of their songs are based on riffs covered with distortion and overflowing echoes. They describe their sound as "bringing a high gain amplifier and drums into a cave". the basslines are almost progressive but raw and primitive at the same time, the drumming moves fierce and violent on high tempo and in a sudden could turn calm into a drowning bluesy beats, while the vocals sounded like chants and moans, obviously affected by Plant and Ozzy . while they altogether religiously worshiped the Zeppelin and the Sabbath, each member also have their own musical background. mirfak have always been a fan of the grunge god Nirvana, the highspeed aggression of Motorhead and anything masculine, while nurrahman is a heavy metal geek who embrace the holy father Dio , Iron Maiden and the uncanny Uriah Heep. haikal adores the psychedelic echoes and progressions of Pink Floyd, the complexions of Robert Fripp and the zestful spirit of Jack Whites screech, risyad on the other hand has always been a disciple of Johny Rotten and the likes of raw punk rock, also highly toxicated by heavy local acts such as Seringai and Koil. their interest in sigmund freud concepts of unconscious mind and their love for the whimsical world of surrealism are evidently showing in their lyrics. enjoying the exploration of absurdism and juxtaposition in their writings, Dali, Magritte and Chirico might have influenced them as much as Page and Iommi did, paintings made out of hazy poetry and heavy echoed chords. they might say that the lyrics are mainly about human nature and social life, but then again who could ever guess what's behind their unconscious mind?

Band Website : http://sigmun.wordpress.com/
Band Reverbnation : http://www.reverbnation.com/sigmun
Band Facebook : http:///www.facebook.com/sigmuns
Band Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/sigmuns
Band SoundCloud : http://soundcloud.com/sigmun
Band Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/SigmunTV
Band MySpace : http://www.myspace.com/itsloud

17 Pygmies - 2011 - I: Second Son

Making music from 1983. Sit & Relax.

Thought you might be interested in our attempt to resurrect Symphonic/Ambient/Exp/Psych/Prog Rock. Arigato for listening.

Partly symphonic prog rock, partly experimental, partly sci-fi, partly indie rock, partly space rock, partly electro-acoustic, (you get the picture) the Pygmies utilize the Brian Wilson “whatever works” aesthetic to get their musical vision(s) across.


Subterranean Disposition

Subterranean Disposition is a one man Doom/Death/Ambient recording project from Melbourne, Australia. Terry Vainoras ( Insomnius Dei, The Eternal, Cryptal Darkness, Order of Chaos ) has released online one track from the forthcoming self titled debut album, the fourteen minute epic " The most subtle of storms"


Wreck and Reference - 2011 - Black Cassette

MRL12 - dl

Bad Life - 2011 - The Day You Die

Good Noiserock
(Disembodied post-punk anthems for the forever-failing)
MRL11 - dl

It seems to be a good label with a good name