Greenmachine - 2016 - For The Night And Blood EP (Review)

The fabulous comeback of mighty GREENMACHINE !
Four smashing songs in 20 minutes.
High-octane, badass crust/sludge at it's best !
It's well played. It has great sound and huge live energy.
Someone can call it Motor-esque/Discharge-like or EHG-spirit.
I have few words for such critics: "F*ck you - it's Greenmachine !"
More tactfully will assume that the guys were into local cult japcore bands like: G.I.S.M., Lip Cream, Disclose, Vivisick and maybe some old hard rock oldies as Bow Wow and Black Sabbath (for sure) 
Greenmachine has being on hiatus twice. The last one lasts for more than 10 years.
Few years ago the band uploaded on their facebook page dozen of fresh rehearsal videos.
Some time later "For The Night And Blood" EP was born.
Looking forward to hear the full album in the nearest future and catch 'em on stage.
Greenmachine are from Kanazawa, Japan. 
Founded in 1995, named themselves after the "Green Machine" song, second track on 'Kyuss - Blues For The Red Sun' album.                    
Released three smashing albums "D.A.M.N." (1998), "The Earth Beater" (1999) on legendary Man's Ruin label (US) and "The Archives of Rotten Blues" (2004). All three have been reissued on CDs at Diwphalanx Records. The diehard fans should also have the "Wizard's Convention" DVD with such mammoths from the land of the rising sun: Church of Misery, Eternal Elysium, Boris, Greenmachine


Greenmachine have released tons of new tasty merch including caps, t-shirts etc. 
Feel free to support the band an label(s).