I Never Sleep...

The great southern present from the Mighty Nimbus/Georgian Skull/Keef/Mister Bones crew.
Al Yeti Bones sings the southern/sludgy groves as great as he always was.

thanx to http://planetfuzzrecords.blogspot.com Here you can check great doc.video from the Mighty G.C.G.


Sing Alleluja to the end of days...

"Heavy" Ney Year to every mother fucker in da haus.

Huge thanx to everyone who's into Robustfellow's community. Here's some recipe for ya to feel yourself happier during whole next year : support the blog, please. Do job (find it if you don't have it yet). Love Music. Start to play. Release something. Deliver lots of groovy moves to your girl/wife (If you don't have any - you'll surely find somebody to love on NY eve).
16 tons of inspiration to any kind person who leaves the comment to this theme.

...And now to the core. Ohaio have a strong Stoner rock scene these days. Thunderrider comes from that area. they've released a s/t CD like a year ago. Groovy tunes in the name of SWS, ATP, Orange Goblin, The Mighty Nimbus(The Georgian Skull), Mister Bones, Halfway 2 Gone.
Greatest southern trendkill. some modern hc/nu-metallic touches (it just brings more power to the core)
Make a noisy headbang party on the NY eve.
Cheers robustfellas ! See you next year. (I hope some good changes will come to our blog too. the rest is details)

Spent some virtual cash for the AWESOMENESS


16 tons from Serbia

Many of you boys and girls know this band well. Just want to re-post this solid piece of heaviness.
By the words of George - the new EP is coming next spring hopefully.

Get Tona

Oruga (Fra) - 2010 - Blitzkrieg Lady

get Blitzkrieg Lady

Staccionata (Italy) -2010 - ECCE!

Here comes the letter :

I'm one of the singer of Staccionata, an italian band ( www.myspace.com/staccionata ). We play an experimental psychedelic stoner-doom/hardcore, with some krautrock and some post-something....?
In the last days we recorded our first full lenght " ECCE! ", in the " locomotore studio " of Rome (Ufomammut and Lento recording there), and this is the link to download

Spreads like a weed

Awesome band from Wisconsin. Heavy, doomy, catchy, noisy
Recommended for listening next morning after a good dose of beer/weed/whiskey.
the song Solitarie personally made my morning.

Romero's Jeffrey Mundt spent most of the 90's behind the drum kit for a variety of bands including Bovine Records' THUG & punk legends, NAKED AGGRESSION. A long-time guitar player & songwriter, he often dabbled in fronting a band, but never pursued it seriously. Enter: a move to northern WI, a random Craigslist ad from bass player Josh Stanchik, a casual 8 month writing and recording session (with Mundt handling vocals, guitar & drums!) & Romero was born! Intent on creating a demo to locate & convince a drummer to work with them, Mundt & Stanchik were about a month from completion when... a drummer found them! Rumors of the project peaked the interest of PONEY drummer & vocalist Ben Brooks and he gleefully volunteered before even hearing a single note. Good thing he eventually liked what he heard!

ROMERO started playing live immediately. Very often. First, locally...then regionally...now, nation-wide! They have already shared the stage with the likes of Jucifer, Weedeater, Clutch, Black Label Society and other dyed-in-the-wool heavyweights.

ROMERO spreads like a weed.

Sent in by the band.

here is the band
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buy some real stuff

Sweet psychedelic jams...

Hese guys are from Ottawa, Canada. they have balls and monobrows. Plays catchy as hug instrumental stoned jams. Don't want to call any bands that sounds similar cos Monobrow has it's own face in music.

Thanx to Sam (bass) from the band for sending the link

Into Space
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