Biche - 2013 - Biche

The band comes from  Reims, France.
Actually it's a duo.
Biche is the french for a doe.
  Biche was formed in march 2012 by two ex-members of a stoner/garage band.
Musiclly it's heavy and loud metal.
Harsh vocals clearly illustrates what you see at the front cover.
Mindblowing mix of sludge, noiserock and some melodic parts.
The band says that they get some inspiraion from such acts as :
Dark Castle, Mares of Thrace, Eagle Twin...
I can also add a little bit of 16 and Unsane touch.

Good start guys.
I wish you to have more practice by playing at the rehearsals and live gigs as well.
And one day you'll find you own sound. 

Listen. Enjoy or Hate these tunes.
And be fast to catch one of 50 cool digies.