Robustfest 2016 (4th round of announcements)

Heavyweight update on Robust Planet

Music trends can grow big, even in rock/metal circles. Once you were into metalcore back in 2007, chances are high you were rooting for post-punk three years later, then digging shoegaze and are into stoner now. But there was this unqiue band, recognizable from the earliest demos, moving further away from genres' cliches with every new one. We're talking about Moscow-based Dekonstruktor trio, whose ritual doom (released under The Moon Mistress moniker) gradually turned into a carnival of noise rock, sludge metal and industrial atmosphere all thrown together into one melting pot. We'll let you take a sip from this very pot on Robustfest and be proud of this opportunity one shall not miss!


Speaking of generations and waves in Ukrainian heavy/psych underground, there's a plenty of newcomers from outside of the genre. Some of them win, some of them lose, labeling themselves as "stoner" only for the sake of it. But Ternopil's Dreadnought is a positive example of a fresh vessel riding the bong waters, earning well-deserved praise for their 2015's debut EP. Come to Robustfest and see if they're this good!

+ 3 more bands TBA